Real Audio Reality Creating Series Transcript (part 3)

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Hello and welcome to part 3 of our Real Audio, Reality Creating series.

Control is the third topic we are covering: how to learn how to control the process called reality creating. And to do this, we have an explanation and a technique designed to help you develop a feel for how your thoughts transform into the reality you see.

Your thought energy goes out in waves and is picked up by thought receptors. These thought receptors or energy vortexes, take thoughts and transform them into a higher energy that behaves not unlike magnetic energy behaves. Except the magnetic action here is the pulling together of real physical events to manifest that which the thought represents. So, for example, a thought of "you meeting an old friend" gets absorbed by one of these vortexes and, after a bit of energy transformation, a build up of energy in physical reality mysteriously pulls events together, so that you do meet up with that old friend. This meeting may seem random or chance, but it is anything but that. You sent out that thought energy and the events manifested. There was no magic about the process at all!. In fact, it is very mechanical.

Mechanical is where we need to be to get a feel for the proper way to send off a thought so a vortex accepts it and turns it into manifested form. For, as you know, not every one of your thoughts manifests in physical reality, but on the other hand, a great deal of those thoughts do manifest. This next exercise is perfect for teaching you that fundamental feel for creating an energy wave, giving it at least has a chance to get absorbed by a vortex. This feel for an thought wave is the first step in learning how to become a master at sending out a thought and seeing it manifest, weeks, days, hours, or even minutes later.

This exercise is called the Creation Technique. It is a process by which you raise your energy and focus it into an energy ball, then endow this ball with the essence of what you want to create, then send the energy ball off to the vortex for manifestation. You may think this exercise is silly at first, but it is a very serious exercise -- it may very well be the first time you have every consciously focused a desire and sent it into a vortex to be manifested. It's one thing to do reality creating unconsciously, but it is another thing entirely to do it purposefully, like we will show you here.

First hold your hands, palms facing together, about six inches (15 cm) apart. Cup your hands slightly, as if you were holding an imaginary balloon between them. Now gently bounce your hands together like you are holding a balloon in between them. Try to feel the energy resist your hands coming closer, just like a balloon would. In time you will begin to feel this energy. Try to make this rebound action stronger by sending more energy in from the palms of your hands. Now when you got this energy ball good and strong (about 30 seconds) think about what it is you want to manifest and see it clearly in your mind. Then send this image into the energy ball. Now gently push the energy ball away, like you are pushing a balloon away. And see it in your mind enter a vortex to become a manifestation.

Now the follow up to this exercise is very important. Sometime before this event manifests, thought vibrations on the same wavelength of your manifestation will enter into your consciousness. These vibrations are checking in to see if you still want to manifest the event. These thought vibrations will show up in the form of you thinking about whatever it is you want to manifest. When this happens it is very important to think only about the exercise of you sending the thought wave into the vortex. Don't think of anything else. If you do, you can veto the event at this moment and it will never manifest.

You see the universe is checking in to see if you really want to manifest this event. If you send off a negative thought at this moment or a thought that counteracts the first one, you will cancel the creation of your event. Thinking back to the original sending of the energy ball into the vortex will send a confirmation of "yes" that you want to manifest this event. Keep this up till the event manifests. You may also want to do another energy ball routine once every few days till it manifests. Depending on how big your desired event is, it could take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months to manifest. For this reason try this creation exercise on small things first and then slowly work on bigger things, as you get better at the manifestation process.

This exercise teaches you some very important things about manifesting a want. First it tells you that some amount of energy is needed. Second it tells you that this energy must be wrapped in a picture of what you want. Third you have to support that manifestation during the incubation phase by not thinking negatively about it or doubting that you won't get it. In time, you will come to understand the magical process of manifestation comes down to:

  • Energy
  • Desire
  • Persistence
  • and faith in the process

As you can see from this exercise thinking very positively and correctly is very important. Your thoughts reach outward into these vortexes all the time and create the world you see around you. For example, thinking "I am feeling not sick today" is not the same as thinking "I am feeling well today." The first phrase sends the thought of sickness into a vortex and the second sends the thought of wellness into a vortex. In speech the two thoughts say the same thing, but not so with the vortex.

These energy vortexes respond to symbolic energy only. So you have to be very careful how you think, the words you use, and what are the meanings behind those words. You constantly send out thousands of these waves a day. Make sure you know what kind of waves you are sending out.

In the next installment of this series we will be talking about energy and how to get more of it, so that you can better control those mental waves you continually send out. To that end we have some reading material that will help you with what we discussed here today and prepare you for our next dip into the manifestation process.

  • The Creation Technique
  • Looking into the Reality Mirror; you are what you see.

So, until next time...

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