Real Audio Reality Creating Series: Transcript (part 1)

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Hello and welcome! Your world consists of what you perceive -- internally and externally. Your world... Your reality is all that you see, feel, touch, smell, hear, and know. And, believe it or not, that reality is subject to your willpower.

This series and web site will show you how to use your willpower to understand, control, and create your world. It will show you how and why your world is a product of your thoughts, fears, wants, and needs. It will unlock the doors that bind you to an unchangeable life. It will demonstrate to you how things and situations can transform just by changing your thinking. It will help you to understand why your consciousness is the most important tool needed to create and uncreate your reality at will, and with just a thought!

The techniques contained in this series are easy and anyone can learn how to do them. You do not need to be a magician, psychic, or a genius to grasp any concept. Also, you need not possess any extraordinary abilities other than simply being human. I have gone to great lengths to present the concepts simplistically, and we've provided a thorough explanation as to why a certain thing reacts in a particular manner. I believe that a complete understanding and application of a concept requires the resolution of all hanging questions: the wheres, the whys, and the hows.

Practice makes perfect! That cliche is very true. The more that you practice the various exercises in this series and on this web site the better you will get at performing them. Like playing an instrument, you need to learn how to tune that instrument before you can manipulate it. Your consciousness and your energy are no different. You must attune yourself to yourself. Each time you use one of the exercises, you will tune into yourself a little bit more than you did before and get better at using your energy and your consciousness. Knowing yourself is one of the handiest and most advantageous tools to have. You see! Your consciousness is never out of your sight and never more than at an arm's length away!

When you become proficient with creating your reality, many doors will open for you. Your energy will gleam outward, as a star's energy does, illuminating every aspect of your life with power, energy, and wisdom. You will no longer live in a limited world -- limited by everyone else's wishes. You will live in a world that you create. This power over your own destiny is just one of the many benefits that can come from learning how to control your reality. Many more benefits will become evident, as you learn and grow and as you plunge deeper into "Hermes' Reality Creator I."

This series and web site approaches reality creating from two sides of a coin -- the physical and the metaphysical. Both sides of creating must be learned if you are to become a master at this game. However, which side you delve into first does not matter. If you prefer a more physical approcah, then stick to the more physical tools. If you prefer a more off worldly approach then go for the metaphysical tools. Then when you have had enough of that side of the coin, try the other.

This real audio series is divided into seven parts. This part being the first. The remainder of this series will deal with the fundamental areas that are needed to culitvate good reality creating. The supporting text on the website will be the study guide that you will need to begin the transformation process of becoming a master reality creator. When it applies, I will indicate a topic or topics I would want you to read, during the week, to learn the current lesson and prepare for the next.

Part 2 of this series will discuss understanding -- understanding how and why you create your world. Part 3 is Control -- how to control this thing called consciousness and bring it up to reality creating speed. Part 4 focuses on energy and how to raise your energy so that you possess the mental and creative power to exert changes in your reality. Parts 5 & 6 will cover phsyical and metaphysical specific tools that help you to create your reality. And finally part 7 is the application of your personal power along with what you have learned so far from your reality creating failures and successes.

If you have any questions on what we are covering in this series you can e-mail me or stop by IRC for our live chat on Tuesday at 21:30 gmt.

So now without further delay let's begin your trip into reality creating and remove those chains that hold you back from shaping your world into what you want and need. As a start, your first assignment is to read chapters 1 & 2 in the Hermes Reality Creator I series

Until next time..

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