Out of Body Travel Series Transcript (part 3)

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Hello and welcome to part 3 of my Real Audio Out of Body Travel series.

In part 2 you learned how to leave the body. In this part I will show you what to expect when leaving the body. However, I'm not going to tell you who and what you may meet; I'll let you find that out on your own. Instead I'll show you what to expect from an operations standpoint. You may be under the impression that when you leave the body, things will be the same as they are when you are in the body. However nothing could be further from the truth.

You see! The nonphysical is a dimension where energy is much more free than on the physical plane. As such, things will behave very differently. One of the things that will behave most differently is your body, or to be more exact your nonphysical body.

Your nonphysical body can and will change to suit the various nonphysical environments you may find yourself in. It will also change to suit your various needs. What this changing breaks down to is one of three different nonphysical bodies that you can possess and use. Let me briefly cover each body.

Your first nonphysical body is like your dream body (the body you find yourself in when dreaming). It is very physical-like and dense. It is also very limited in what it can do in the nonphysical, as compared to your other nonphysical bodies. In your first nonphysical body you will be unable to walk through walls or doors. You will be unable to travel very fast - mostly walking speed. And while you can float, you will not float very high or very fast. While you are in this body you will be most like your physical self, from thinking and feeling standpoint.

Your second nonphysical body is much more fluent. Its molecular structure is much more loose and active than your first nonphysical body. You can, while in this body, walk through walls and doors; you can fly and fly very fast, almost to the speed of light itself. In this body you can travel anywhere on the globe in a matter of seconds to minutes. You can also travel to the moon; however even for the speed of light and for the amount of time you may be out of the body, a trip to the moon is too much for this nonphysical body. For those real off planet excursions you will need your third nonphysical body, which is not limited by time or space.

Your third nonphysical body is your travel body. It is also the most close to your pure spiritual essence. It has no form of its own, which means if you looked in a mirror, all you would see is an orb of light. This body is used to travel beyond the Earth and to other dimensions and planes, as well as forward and backward in time. Your second nonphysical body can travel forward or backward in time, but it is limited to several days at the most. Though do keep in mind that in the nonphysical Time is a dimension that you can travel through just as easily as you walk across a room. It is just that some of those rooms are a bit further from you, and may require a more advanced body type to reach.

In actuality you will use all three of these bodies in tandem in a typical out of body adventure. You may leave your body and find yourself in your second nonphysical body. You may then decide to journey to 10 years into the past. You would then change your body into your third nonphysical body, do the travel, then change back into your second or first nonphysical body to interact with that past moment. At first this shifting around of bodies may be confusing, but rest assured, like a fish returning to the sea, you will catch on very quickly. I only mention these bodies so that you do not get confused when on one out of body adventure you can do one thing and on another you can't. This often changing of the environment and of your abilities is quite normal for your nonphysical self, which will always adapt to suit the current task or dimension that you are occupying.

Now of course time and space are very fluid in the nonphysical. You can understand what I mean by time being fluid, in that you can cross it like you cross a room, but what about space? Well space in the nonphysical can shrink and expand. A room can look larger on one trip and smaller on another. The surroundings can also be reversed from what you are normally used to seeing. That chair and the stereo in your room may be on the other side of the room when you get out of the body. Just know that things are not as stable in the nonphysical as they are in the physical and change is the name of the game here.

Getting from one place to the next is also interesting. People will ask me, how do I go to visit my brother in Texas. Well you can do this and rather quickly. The physical like way to go, say from New York to Texas, is to change into your second nonphysical body, fly into the air, and travel at the speed of light to Texas. This trip should take 30 seconds or so. However, what you will discover very quickly is that 30 seconds of travel, even at the speed of light is quite a long time, when an average out of body adventure may only be 2 minutes long. So the quicker way to get from New York to Texas is to change into your third nonphysical body, think about your destination, and then let this baby take you there instantly. In a second or two your surroundings will change, or you may perceive moving at great speed and then wham! You are there!

Of course there are many other things that are different in the nonphysical but these things I've talked about today are the ones you need to know so that you can discover the rest on your own. I was a bit vague here on what to do because there is a book chapter on the website that goes into much greater detail about this topic. So to fill in the gaps I've left here, do try to read this chapter when you get the chance. It's the Reality Creator II section the "Nonphysical bodies" chapter.

Now I'll return you to your out of body adventure. Until next time...

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