Out of Body Travel Series Transcript (part 2)

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Hello and welcome to Part two of my Real Audio Out of body travel series.

In the last part of my out of body travel series, I took you through what I call preflight material. This preflight material is what you need to do to ensure a quick easy out of body adventure. Without this preflight material, you may still achieve an out of body adventure, but it will be much harder and sometimes even not possible.

Now with all that preflight stuff out of the way, let me go into the various stages of going from an awake condition to an out of body condition. Being aware of the body changes is very much a part of learning to out of body travel. These body changes signal you when you are getting close and give you clues as to what to do to reach the next stage. Let's cover these stages.

The first stage is the relaxation stage. It is here that the process begins. I have already covered this stage in part one, but let's go over it briefly again. You are lying down on your back or stomach. You are using the rhythmic breath to deepen your relaxation - keep deepening your breath and slowing it with each cycle. Let all the tension fall away as you go deeper and deeper into a sleep like condition. When you feel you are fully relaxed move on to the next stage. Please be sure you stay in this relaxation stage for at least five minutes.

The next stage of inducing the out of body trance involves what I call the vibration stage, or the stage where your body and spirit begin to separate from each other. The vibrations have also been described as feeling numb. There are two ways you can go about this part of the process. You can keep deepening your breath and letting go of your mind, like you do as you fall asleep, and watch for the point at which you start to slip into a sleeping condition. At this point, you must gently pull yourself back from falling into sleep, and it is at this point that the vibrations will start. They may start at your arms or legs but the idea is to deepen these vibrations till they cover your entire body. Also these vibrations need to be good and strong, almost to the point of being painful.

Reaching the vibration stage with the previous method may not work for you. If you find you cannot catch yourself as you fall off to sleep, then use method two. With method two, after your body is completely relaxed, you will tense your body up for two minutes; count to 120 if that helps. You don't want to move, you just want to tense up the muscles. After two minutes, completely relax for another two minutes. Then keep repeating this tension and relaxation cycle every two minutes. What you will find will happen is that, on one of those relaxation cycles, you will fall into a sleep. However, since your body and mind has been repeating this cycle, you will only be sleeping for two minutes. In two minutes your body will automatically tense up and you will wake up from this mini-sleep. When this happens you will find that all you have to do is relax and the vibrations will start. Then deepen the vibrations by slowing your rhythmic breath even more and relaxing even more. When the vibrations are good and strong you can move on to the next stage.

In this next stage you have to learn how to move your spirit without moving your physical body. If you do move your physical body, at this point, you will break the trance and the vibrations will fade away. Then you have to start over. This moving of the body is going to happen to you, but do not be discouraged. You have to learn how to move the spirit without moving the body and, in the process, you will make a mistake and have to begin again. But with each mistake comes more knowledge on how to do this. At this point in the process there is no secret technique that is going to help you here. What I can say is that it takes only 1/3 the amount of energy to move a nonphysical limb as opposed to a physical limb. If you use more than 1/3 the force, and you are not lifting a nonphysical limb out of your body, relax and begin again trying to raise your arm or leg or whatever. Moving a nonphysical limb feels almost identical to moving an actual physical limb. When you do move it, you may even think you are moving the physical one. The give away is the amount of energy you are using to move this limb. If it takes almost no energy to move it around, you can be sure you are moving the nonphysical limb and not the physical one.

The last stage in this process is getting out of the body. Once you are able to move a limb, try to gently sit up. Plant your nonphysical feet on the ground and get away from the physical body as quick as you can. More than likely, you won't get away from the body fast enough, because you will be celebrating the fact that you are out of the body. What may happen, at this point, is that your body will suck you back in. If this happens do not be discourage, in fact celebrate, because you have achieved lift off, even if it was only for a few seconds. The next time, you will scurry away from the body a bit faster and the out of body adventure will be a bit longer.

Now here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Any kind of strong emotion or feelings will break the trance. It's not that you can't feel excited about what is happening, rather any emotion at this stage, in your learning process, is enough to break you out of the trance and have you starting at the beginning again.
  • It is very normal to only get to a certain stage and then not progress any further. At each stage you have to develop that stage fully before you will move on to the next one. For example, if you are not relaxed enough at the first stage, you will not have any success with inducing the vibrations in stage two. And at stage two, if the vibrations are not strong enough, when you go to move a nonphysical limb at stage three, you will always wind up moving the physical body. So, with a bit of logic here, if you cannot pass beyond a certain stage, it is because you have not developed that stage enough. Stop trying to progress the next stage and work on that one for a while. Spend at least two weeks (that is 4 to 8 sessions) on developing each stage

Now as far as additional studying material is concerned, I would suggest you go over the chapters on out of body travel on the website. You could also check the log files for live chats we have had on the subject, to help broaden your knowledge base on what to expect. Over the years we have talked about this subject quite a bit and you may find some jems there to help you.

In the next part of the series I will discuss what to expect and not expect in a typical out of body adventure.

So untill next time...

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