Out of Body Travel Series Transcript (part 1)

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Hello and welcome to Part one of my Real Audio Out of body travel series. In this part we will cover the ground work necessary to ensure your success in this skill.

Out of body travel is a skill that is becoming more obtainable as the energy of the planet raises upward. This skill is not always easy to reach. It takes a bit of time and practice as well as a bit of luck and determination. The skill is purposefully difficult so that only those people that are ready for the expansion of consciousness that results from out of body travel may obtain it. This difficulty does not mean you can't learn to out of body travel, what it means is that you must really want to do this and have an inner calling of a sorts for it. Those that don't have this inner calling will usually give up or not be persistent enough to manifest the skill.

Certain things need to be set up to enable you the best chance at succeeding.

First you need to do some kind of energy exercise 2 or 3 times a day to build up the energy necessary to obtain lift off. I suggest the middle pillar exercise or some kind of chakra exercise.

Second, you need to set up a schedule of when you will try to out of body travel. This schedule should be something like one or two times a week at a specific time and at a specific place. This scheduling does a few things. It sets up a routine in your unconscious mind and tells the unconscious mind that something special is going on. It alerts your nonphysical spirit guides that this is the time and place for it to happen and that they should be around at that time. The schedule also keeps you from burning away all that energy you are building up from your chakra exercises. Try to make your schedule no more than twice or three times a week and not on consecutive days. You need a recharge period between attempts.

Next you need to change your breathing for the out of body attempt. What you need is the rhythmic breath. This breathing changes the way the energy in your body is used and gives you more of that energy for the out of body event. Practice the rhythmic breath during the day when you can, so that it will more or less be automatic when you go for your out of body attempt.

Finally what I suggest doing is asking in some short nice ceremony for help from the Archangel Sandalphon. He's the guy that ultimately will give you the out of body push you need to get out. While you may never see this being, know that if you get out of your body, he was there in the background helping you. And don't forget to thank him once you do achieve your first out of body event.

Now a typical out of body session should go like this:

  • You lay down on your back or stomach in your chosen spot.
  • You ask that your spirit guide be around to help you.Y
  • You do a middle pillar exercise to get the energy going.
  • You then begin your rhythmic breathing and begin to relax.
  • You focus on staying alert while you body drifts off to sleep. Keep doing this till you fall off to sleep or for at least 15 minutes.

Now this is as far as I want you to go for this first part of our out of body lesson. If you can do this for a month, then by next month you will be ready for the next phase of the operation.

I would suggest some reading to go along with this part. I kept this first part a bit brief because you need to do this further reading to be successful. The reading also helps to unlock some other energies that you will need for the adventure.

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  • The middle Pillar exercise
  • The rhythmic breath

So, okay, now you have your start. Good luck and have fun.

Until next time...

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