Real Audio Magic Series Transcript

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Real Audio Introduction to Magick Series part 1 to 17

01 INTRO Welcome to the real audio introduction to magick series. In this series I will introduce you to the basic concepts of magick and how it creates change in your world. I'll give you some basic formulas that you can use and give you enough information so you can begin to create your own magick formula. Let's start with just what magick is.

Magick is the ability to create change using thought and action. Magick is much like reality creating except magick creates change by using what I call energy keys to assist your consciousness.

In many ways magick is the lazy-man's way of creating change in the environment. Lazy in that your thought waves are piggy backed onto some other energy source and then sent into the universe's creation mechanism. Because your thought-waves have a higher energy than usual, these thought waves are created rather quickly, sometimes even instantly.

You can achieve the same results with simple reality creating, and I do encourage you to use that tool. But sometimes you may want to put a bigger push in creating some things in your life. When life needs this push then magick is one way to go.

Keep in mind that magick like all your other reality creating is subject to karmic rebounding. That means if you create disharmony with magick it will come back and bite you in some manner. And because your thought waves were much more powerful to begin with, that karmic wave will be that much more powerful on the way back. So it is really important when using magick to be absolutely certain that what you want to create is in harmony with the universe and all those around you. If you are not sure, then refrain from using magick. Use my reality creating techniques instead, because simple reality creating has safeguards that can better stop a reality creation that is not in harmony. Magick on the other hand has no such safeguards. When you perform a magick formula correctly in most cases the change will occur, and karma will be instant.

Magick = responsibility. Keep that formula in mind all the time when doing magick.

02 KINDS OF MAGICK There are several kinds of magick: white, grey, and black. White magick is making changes that are in complete harmony with the universe and releasing energies that are constructive in nature. Black magick is creating changes that are inharmonious with the universe and are destructive in nature.

Grey magick is a term you hear lots of lately. It is a kind of magick to be watchful of. It can be constructive or destructive and in harmony or out of harmony. It is dangerous because if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing, it may just as well be black magick. I won't be covering any kinds of Black or Grey magick techniques in this series. I just mention them so that you are aware of the different kinds of magick. The formulas and energy keys are often the same between each kind of magick. What differs is the purpose and how the magick is used.

Magick is not for everyone. So don't think you have to learn magick to become a master reality creator. Magick is just another tool to help you if you so desire to use it. I would suggest that unless you are completely comfortable with using magick, don't! A master reality creator rarely needs magick to create change in the world, because a master reality creator knows how to precisely construct his or her thoughts so change will occur. But till you reach that point you may want to use magick as another way to help you manifest those things in your.

Also how deep you go into magick is another choice you will have to make at some point. On the website I have only put the most simple and safe of magical calls and symbols. I may add a few more magical techniques to go along with this series but everything I add will be safe to use and of the white magick flavor. You may endeavor to go deeper into magick by getting other books or visiting other websites. That choice is up to you.

If you do take magick further than I take you in this series, test the effect of each magical formula you may acquire or create on very small things, till you are sure of its exact effect on your environment and your own being. Treat any kind of new magick technique or formula like you would any unknown. Just because the place you got this formula says it does this or that does not necessarily mean it will have the same effect when you use this formula.

Also, guard your magical enthusiasm in the beginning. If you thrust yourself too soon too fast into Magick it is a lot like putting a weight over your head. Magick can weigh you down. If you are sensitive enough you will feel the weight of the magical energy upon your being. This analogy is much like what blocked up magical energy feels like. The energy you send out can not be processed fast enough and it starts backing up on you. This backup will eventually have all your magick backfiring on you right in your face because the energy is not going where it is supposed to. So, if you feel this pressure, than take a one or two week or more break from Magick to clear your energy field of the backed up energy. Then begin again but more slowly.

Now let's move on to the nuts and bolts of magick.

03 ENERGY KEYS At the beginning of this part I mentioned the term "energy key." An energy key can be an object, symbol, or a spoken phrase that has a history. In history I mean that this object, symbol, or phrase has been used many times, sometimes for thousands of years, for one specific purpose. Because it has been used for this specific purpose over so long a period of time, this object, symbol, or phrase has the power to tap into that particular energy very easily. It is a direct route to that energy or manifestation.

For example, the magical key OH-EL-AA-PAY when said silently or aloud unlocks healing energy that can be directed toward yourself or others in the pursuit of healing. OLAP is Enochian and means "Restore the path to God whose name is BEING." In magical terms it invokes the energy of divine balance. If you would like more information on the OLAP, go to the healing section of the website and pull up the article on the OLAP surgeons.

You see, the sound of the OLAP phrase as well as the fact that it has been used for many years this way unlocks this healing energy and allows it to flow into your being. Then once you are charged with this energy you can direct it with your will. In non-magical reality creating to invoke healing energy you would have to think about healing, feel healing energy, perhaps even visualize healing and let it flow through you. With magick the OLAP phrase unlocks the healing energy and allows it to flow through you. You do not have to concern yourself with raising the energy, just the focusing of it. This is why I call it the lazy-man's magick.

04 MAGICAL FORMULA Magical keys will work all by themselves. However magical keys work even better when placed into a formula. A magical formula is a set of specific instructions, movements, and spoken calls in some kind of order to help augment the magical operation. This entire formula becomes a focal point through which a large charge of energy can flow through you to be directed and used. For example the phrase OLAP is just moderately powerful when used by itself. However plug that key into a magical formula involving action, movement, and sound, and you have now taken that key and multiplied its power by 100 or 1000.

Magick by tradition is full of magical formulas, it is the icon which sets magick apart from all other reality creating methods. The magician says some phrase while waving his hands or even a staff or some other magical device and puff some change occurs. While this is often the fairytale side of magick it does show a good example upon which the mystery of magick is built. In the real world things just don't puff into existence by using a magical formula, however they can and do often get created very quickly.

The thing to keep in mind is that a magical formula is a specific combination of actions that augment the magical key and allow it to do its work. The formula servers two purposes, the narrowing of your own focus on what you are trying to change, there by enhancing your own innate reality creating abilities, and second by allowing the specific energy to create that change.

05 MAGICAL FORMULA EXERCISE ONE (OLAP) As a practical exercise let's take our OLAP phrase and place it into a simple magical formula that you can use to help raise healing energy and direct it with your will. This formula is very safe as it only invokes healing energies, as long as what you direct this healing energy at wishes to be healed, you should see some kind of positive results. The best person to send this healing energy at for starters is you. So let's give this a try.

Go to the east corner of the room. Hold your arms straight up into the air. Then slowly lower your arms so they are straight out. As you lower your arms to this second position say the magical key aloud or silently OH-EL-AA-PAY. Drop arms to the side, now walk to the south side of the room and repeat the sequence again. Walk to the west and repeat it again. Finally walk to the north and repeat it for the last time. Next go into the center of the room and feel the healing energy you have now raised within you. The only thing left is to send the energy off to do some healing. Mentally see this energy leave and go to whatever you want to send healing energy into. If you are healing yourself, then imagine the energy going into that part of your body that needs healing. Finally send thanks to the OLAP energies for helping you with this magical operation.

What we have done here is take a magical key and wrap it in some physical action. The physical action is the formula. The key coupled with this physical action magnifies and focuses the invoked energies.

This magical formula is simple. Not all magick formula will be simple. Some involve many magical keys and movements. Some magical formulas can be built upon other formulas, so that more complex formulas can be created.

06 MOVEMENT WITHIN MAGICAL FORMULA My example formula is not anything special, outside of being able to channel healing energy into you. This formula can certainly be improved upon, which we will do shortly. However what this formula does contain is something that many magical formulas do that I want to draw your attention to: movement to each of the four cardinal directions.

It is often part of many magical formulas to gather the energy from each direction in your magical circle. Facing each direction and working the formula gathers that particular energy for your use. There are four kinds of magical energy associated with the cardinal directions: earth energy from the north, air energy from the east, water energy from the west, and fire energy from the south. There is also a fifth energy that is used called spirit and that is usually associated with the center of these four directions. Later on in this series I will be discussing each of the magical energies. For now just keep them in mind. I want to acquaint you with the mechanics of doing magick and then later go into why's.

07 LESSER BANISHING RITUAL PENTAGRAM The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a good example of a ritual that uses the four cardinal directions to banish lower forms of energy. An energy banishing routine is necessary for any magical work. It's like putting together a hard-drive. If you put that hard-drive together just anywhere, the dirt and dust lying around is liable to make it crash. A magical formula is the same. If you do not first clear the area of lower energies you will not obtain good results from your magical rituals, they will crash. For this reason the LBRP is a must use for everyone doing any kind of magick.

I want you to go to the website magick section and look at the LBRP exercise. You can put the player on pause if need be. The core part of the LBRP is the pentagram. Don't let this figure put you off. The pentagram is a perfectly safe energy key. It is a five pointed star with each point representing one of the four cardinal energies plus the energy of spirit. The star is drawn with the point upward to indicate that the energy is used for white magick purposes. This ensures that the energy moves in harmony with the universe and not against it. The pentagram represents how the energy of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit come together, in dimensions greater than our own. So the symbol is more than just fancy. It is a direct representation of the energy in action as it moves from higher dimensions to the earth plane.

Start the LBRP by moving to the east corner of your room or magical circle and scribing the figure in the air. Where you start to draw your pentagram and the direction you move your finger as you draw it determines how that energy is used. Here in the LBRP we are starting from the earth corner of the pentagram and moving in a banishing energy direction. This action opens up an energy void that sucks out all negative energies from this corner of your magical circle. In effect you are telling the universe that you want to remove all negative and lower energies coming from the east and send them into the earth to be reprocessed. Hence we use the earth corner of the pentagram and move that energy in a banishing direction.

At the same time you scribe the figure you say Yud-Heh-Vavh-Heh. This is the Hebrew name for divine energy in the easterly direction. This energy key unlocks the protective energy of the east and sends it into you and your magical circle.

So this simple two-part process has removed all negative energies coming from the east and invoked the protective energy of the east (air) to surround you while you do your magick.

This completes one fourth of this formula. Next you move to the south and do the same thing as before except here we will say the divine name Ah-Doh-Nye. This removes all negative earth energy coming from the direction of the south and invokes the protective energy of fire.

Now you walk to the west and draw your pentagram and say the words Eh-Heh-Yeh. This removes all negative earth energies coming from the west and invokes the protective energies of water.

Finally we go to the north and banish the lower earth energies and invoke the divine energy of earth by saying Ah-Glah.

Now you are done. Next you can move on to whatever magick formula you are doing, as you have cleared your area of distractive energies. I would suggest that you practice the LBRP to get the hang of it, before adding any more magical formulas to it. And of course don't' forget to use this formula to keep your home clear of lower negative influences. Just walk around to the far magical corners of your home and scribe each figure and say each magical call. In this way you are considering your house as the center of your magical circle and the borders of that house are where your protection begins.

08 MAGICK FORMULA # 2 OLAP HEALING AND LBRP You will find that many magical formulas are built upon smaller formulas. And it is a good idea to start any magical operation with the LBRP. Let's use the OLAP healing formula as an example of compounding two magic formulas into one.

You start by performing a LBRP. Remember to go to each magical corner and draw the banishing earth pentagram while saying the appropriate invoking divine energy key. Then go to each magical corner again and invoke the OLAP energy. Move to the center of the room spend a few moments or a minute or two to feel this healing energy you have gathered and mentally send it off. Now complete the process by doing another LBRP to remove any stray energy you may have generated during your magical work.

I would venture to say that you will find the OLAP healing ritual and the LBRP the two most useful magical formulas as you learn magick. Mostly because removing negative energy and healing the self are the two most important things you can do for yourself and others.

In this exercise we coupled the LBRP to the OLAP healing formula to create a compound formula. It is still okay if you want to perform the healing ritual on its own. The healing formula is one of the few formula that does not need a clean up to work properly. However many magical formulas you will do, will require this clean up, so it is best to get into the habit of it for now.

09 WHITE LIGHT EXERCISE There is another low-level magical formula and energy-key that you need to know about before I go into more complex keys and formulas. This formula is called the White Light Exercise (WLE)

If you are a regular to my workshops and the website you will already be familiar with the WLE, as I talk about it from time to time. You will find this exercise in the magick section of the website as well. The WLE is very useful for charging your energy field with whole white divine light.

The magical keys and formula I have given you so far do not require a great deal of energy or energy balance to work. However, as you get into more complex energy keys and magical formula, it will be important to surround yourself with a balanced and charged protective energy bubble from which to do your magick from.

So let's go ahead and add another magical formula to our mix here. If you have not already done so, go to the website's magick section and pull up the WLE.

I won't go through this formula blow by blow as you can see it on that page. It is worth noting however that this formula involves more hand movements and spoken energy keys than our simple OLAP formula. You will find that the more going on within a magical formula the more intense the energy that will be produced. Basically increased action input will create an increase in energy output.

So let's now do our healing ritual with everything we have now learned. First charge your aura with a WLE. Next banish the lower energies out of your magical circle with the LBRP. Then work the OLAP healing formula to invoke the healing energies. When your healing work is complete, finish up with another LBRP and then complete the whole thing with one more WLE.

As you can see our simple healing formula has grown quite a bit. However you will see a big difference in how even our simple healing formula works as we compound it on top of these other energy formulas.

Of course the real purpose for bringing up the WLE is to help you with the more demanding energy routines. One of which we will cover next.

10 BANISHING RIUTAL OF THE HEXIGRAM Now let's move on to a new energy formula that does require an extra energy charge and energy balance, and of which will become another base formula upon which you will build increasingly more complex magical formula.

This magical formula uses a new energy key called a hexagram. The hexagram is a 6 sided figure. Unlike the pentagram which unlocks and directs earthly energy, the hexagram unlocks and directs cosmic energy: the energy of the Sun, Moon and the planets Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. For this formula you will be using the banishing form of the hexagram.

The BRH is used whenever you plan on invoking celestial energy or when you wish to completely isolate yourself from all earthly and cosmic energies. Earlier I said the WLE is important to know and it starts with this BRH formula.

You see, in order to properly maintain your energy field within a void of energy, you must first charge yourself up with energy. It is like taking a flashlight into a dark room. If the batteries are dead you are not going to find your way around. Likewise if you do not light up your energy field, the energy void that the BRH will create around you could collapse in on you.

Now don't think anything weird is going to happen, if this void collapses around you, because it won't. What will happen is that any energy you may invoke will just go nowhere, as you do not have enough light around you to direct it. So while you could raise this energy, you could not direct it because you internal battery has no power to draw on. So the WLE in this case will charge you up with enough juice so that you can exist in a magical circle devoid of all energies.

Now you may wonder why you would want to remove all energies from your magical circle. Well to put it simply, when you are doing any kind of invoking of energy with a celestial key or even an earthly key that energy and only that energy must be present if you are to wield it properly. Otherwise you may toss out all kinds of stray cosmic and earthly energy and that would just make your magick outcome uncertain.

So the formula to suck out all this celestial energy is the BRH. But of course you cannot do the BRH until you have first done a WLE to charge yourself up. Then do a LBRP to remove all the earthly energies from your magical circle. Then you can start the BRH.

If you have not done so already pull up the BRH in the magick section of the website to follow along. The BRH is made up of four paired triangle combinations (hexagrams) and the energy key Ah-Rah-Ree-Tah. Ah-Rah-Ree-Tah is an abbreviation of a Hebrew phrase which means: "One is God's Beginning, one principle is God's individuality, God's permutation is One."

In magical terms this key means that there is only one divine source regardless of what name you choose to call it. Everything is of divinity including you. This key unlocks the energy of divinity and floods your energy field with it. At the same time as you are doing this you will be scribing various sets of banishing hexagrams and sucking away any celestial energy that may be in your magical circle. The spoken key here is another way to help light up your energy field so that you can perform the magic within an energy void. It also ascertains that you are worthy of this magical operation because you are a piece of the divine spark that is everything.

As you can see each hexagram in the BRH is formed by drawing its triangle pair in different configurations in different directions. Each energy key is fine tuned for that particular direction and will create an energy void that will suck out cosmic energy in that magical corner or direction.

For practice start with a WLE, then a LBRP, and then do a BRH. After you have done your first BRH spend a few moments to sense the quiet still nature of your magical circle now that you have cleared out all influences and distractions. Finish up this routine with another LBRP and then finally a WLE.

11 MAGICAL FORMULA THREE We again are going to add the OLAP healing formula to everything we have learned. This will complete your first real magical operation. It will also reveal the format that these formulas are built upon. You should see a marked improvement in the effectiveness of the OLAP healing formula once you implement it this way, from its very simple but effective standalone formula we started with. Your entire magical healing formula should now be composed of:

1. The WLE to charge up your energy field 2. The LBRP to remove all earthly energies 3. The BRH to remove all cosmic energy 4. The core of your magical formula, what it is you want to do. In our example it is the OLAP healing formula. 5. Backing out of the magick we use another BRH, to clean up any stray cosmic energy generated by our magick. 6. Then a LBRP to clean out any stray earthly energy generated by our magick. 7. Finally a WLE to replace lost energy from the magical work and to rebalance you.

As you can see our basic healing formula has grow quite a bit. This seven step process however is the basic framework for most of your magical work. There may be some more advanced magical formula that may require more preliminary work, but for what we are covering so far this will do.

The idea is to charge up and then remove distracting influences. Then do your magick work. Then you re-clean your magical circle and rebalance yourself. There is a good reason for steps 5, 6, & 7. Not all your magical formulas will be our simple healing routine. Some of your magical operations may involve invoking certain energies within your magical circle that you will then direct with your will. After you are done wielding the magick you must remove the remaining invoked energy, otherwise it could create some havoc in your room or unbalance the energy there.

Remember! Your thoughts create! When you are in your magical circle your thoughts are focused on your intent. After you come out of the circle your thoughts may be focused on other things. If any stray energy is hanging around, these stray thoughts may piggy back to this energy and go and create. What is worse is this can happen to anyone that walks into your magical space. So to eliminate this unwanted reality creating from happening, you should always back out of your magical formula the way you got in.

12 PENTAGRAMS AND HEXIGRAMS EXPLAINED Next we are going to move on to explain a bit about the invoking energy keys of the pentagram and the hexagram. Till this point we have only used the banishing flavor of these energy keys.

To invoke energy means to raise it. You have already invoked energy before, as our OLAP formula is an energy invoking key. However the invoking pentagrams and the hexagrams present you with a way to raise various kinds of energies in their pure form. This may be needed if you want to bring about some specific change that you cannot find an energy key for, or because you just want to construct your own magical formulas.

For example you could follow our basic 7-step magical operation, and at step 4, substitute the OLAP healing formula with an invoking hexagram of Jupiter and an invoking pentagram of Earth. This action would raise the energy of prosperity and opportunity and the manifestation energy of earth. Then you direct this energy to yourself or at whatever you want to prosper.

We used the invoking hexagram of Jupiter because that planetary energy corresponds with that kind of energy. We used the invoking pentagram of Earth because Earth energy is the energy of manifestation on the physical plane. So if you are following me here, we raise the energy of prosperity and the manifestation power of the earth to cause an increase in prosperity on the earth plane.

This example should make it clear the importance of understanding just what each invoking or banishing energy key is going to do. On the website in the magick section you will find a brief explanation of the various pentagrams and hexagrams and what energy they invoke or banish. However I would urge you to study these keys more closely from other sources and texts on magick. This series is just meant as an introduction to magick and its use. I do not pretend to say that this is all you need to know about these things.

My hope with this series is to give you the basic understanding of what magick is and its basic keys so that when you do come across some magical formula you will have some idea of what it does. It is not enough to just follow a formula blindly that you may find someplace. Karma does not care if you do not know what you are doing. So it is always good to take apart any magical formula you find to figure out what is going on before you try to use it.

13 ROSE CROSS EXERCISE There is another low-level magical ritual and energy-key that you should know about. This formula is called the Rose Cross Exercise (RCE)

If you are a regular to my workshops and the website you will already be familiar with the RCE, as I talk about it from time to time. You will find the RCE in the magick section of the website as well. The RCE is very useful for protecting yourself from negative and destructive energies and entities. It is also a great routine that can be used all by itself, without any other magical formula needed. However you may also add the RCE into your magical steps if you like. You would add the RCE before the WLE, and again at the end of your magick work

The RCE is fairly simple. You scribe a cross in the air while saying the magical keys:

Ah-Tah, Mahl-koot, Vih-G'boo-Rah, Vih-G'Doo-Lah, Lih Oh Lahm, Ah-men.

If you are using the RCE as part of a magical formula then it is important to do the RCE in each of the four cardinal directions. This will charge each corner of your magical circle with protective energy from all four elemental energies: earth, air, fire, water.

The English meaning of the key is "Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, ahmen." In magical terms it means, you invoke the energy of protection over yourself and your reality and that you exist in a perfect state of grace under the divine will of the universe.

You can also use the RCE to protect objects, things, and other people from harm. Keep in mind that when used on its own, without the WLE to charge you up, there will be an energy drain from you, each time you use the RCE. For this reason try not to use the RCE too often or you may find yourself energy short at the end of the day.

14 MAGICAL FORMULA FOUR I would suggest that you use the RCE before every magick ritual. I realize it adds another step to the process; however some of the invoking pentagrams and hexagrams can generate a great charge within you. The RCE can help to make sure that this charge does not off balance you during the magical operation.

  1. The RCE to help balance and support you in invoking magick.
  2. The WLE to charge up your energy field.
  3. The LBRP to remove all earthly energies.
  4. The BRH to remove all cosmic energy.
  5. The core of your magical formula, what it is you want to do. In our example it is the OLAP healing formula.
  6. Backing out of the magick we use another BRH, to clean up any stray cosmic energy generated by our magick.
  7. Then a LBRP to clean out any stray earthly energy generated by our magick.
  8. Finally a WLE to replace lost energy from the magical work and to rebalance you.
  9. The RCE to help restore balance and remove any remaining influences that may have stuck themselves to your energy field.

I bet you did not think things would get so complex. Well like I said earlier this is real world magick and not the kind you see in the movies. This nine step magick process is good enough to use for all banishing and invoking energy work. It has the routines you need to protect and charge up your energy field and clear out the garbage from your magical circle.

15 MAGICAL ELEMENTS & QUALITY I talked about the energy keys of the hexagram and pentagram and I briefly talked about the magical elements. Let's cover the magical elements more deeply because it is with these magical energies that change occurs.

The magical elements by tradition are categorized as being hot or cold, wet or dry. To the average person this may seem to relate to the elements quality. For example the element of earth is considered to be cold and dry. You can easily fathom that a handful of sand is dry and cold, as opposed to the element of air which is hot and wet. Air contains much moisture and is a gas. However this is not exactly what is meant by these qualities.

cold When an element is considered cold it means it is a dense element. The energy is as compact as it can get and thus it vibrates at a slow rate. Slow vibrating elements have much physical power behind them but it takes a great deal of initial energy to get them moving in the first place. Kind of like rolling a bowling ball, it takes great effort to move it down the ally but once you do, it moves real fast and can have a great impact on physical objects.

hot When an element is considered hot it means it is a non-localized element. The energy is spread out over a wide area and thus it vibrates at a very fast rate. Fast vibrating elements can create change quickly but that change is very susceptible to further change from other elements. Unlike cold elements which have a great deal of momentum once you get them going, hot elements have almost no momentum and require constant small injections of energy to keep them moving. Hot elements require very little energy however to make changes. For example by gently blowing on a leaf you can make it move, but as soon as you cease blowing on the leave it returns to its previous state. It takes very little energy to make the leaf move but of course its effect only lasts as long as you apply the energy,

dry When an element is considered dry it means the element does not bind easily to itself or that it can easily be separated from itself. For example if you put a stick into a flame the flame will easily jump on to the stick and begin to consume it. Sand can be arranged in almost any kind of shape if laid out on a table. This makes a dry element great for molding, changing, and shape-shifting.

wet When an element is considered wet it means the element clings or is bounded to itself. For example if you take some water and pure it on a table, the water will bead up or cling together. Wet elements are great for holding things together or for acting as a kind of buffer energy. Wet energy can change freely but that change does not last; it will if left alone go back to its natural state. For example, compress air into a tank and it will stay that way till you let it out of its container. Then it will dissipate back to its regular non-concentrated state.

As you can see, the energy qualities of wet & dry and cold & hot are almost opposite each other. Various combinations of these energies can cause just about any change you want on the physical and the nonphysical planes. To make this energy simpler to manage alchemists have taken these qualities and put them into four categories of energy: earth, air, fire, water.

16 MAGICAL ELEMENTS EARTH, WATER, AIR FIRE earth Earth energy is cold and dry in magical quality. It is dense and it is easily molded or shaped. These qualities make earth energy great for manifestation or dematerialization of physical things and various other energies, especially when dealing with the earth plane, which is the densest plane of existence. Earth energy is also very well suited to banishing things. The dense nature of an earth energy as it is being banished will sweep away other dense energy particles, most of which are the negative and dark energy that can collect if left to its own devices.

water Water energy is cold and wet. Emotions and feelings are often associated with the element of water because they tend to keep going once you get them rolling, yet they bind easily to anything you focus on making water energy great for evening out or binding other energies together. Water energy is also a very changeable energy. You have heard the term that love can become hate real fast under the right conditions. Well this is a good example of water energy. Love must be nurtured and tended on a daily basis or it will change quickly to something else, yet it is hard to stop this emotion once you get it going. For this reason water energy is very good for working with emotional states of being, cleaning or clearing the personality of built up negative energy.

air Air energy is hot and wet. It is an easy energy to spread out over a wide area, so air energy can be used for those things that have to cover large areas. It also tends to stick nicely to whatever you bind it to, so reapplication is usually not needed with air energy. On the down side the concentration of this element is very sparse, so it will take a great deal of energy to get it going to do anything on a large scale. Air energy is best used on a small scale to avoid diluting the energy it possesses. Communication is something that air energy is often associated with, either mental, verbal, or even electromechanical. A dash of air energy can often help to open up a communication barrier between two people. However used purely in this manner it could have unpredictable results, so it is often wise to add a pinch of some other energy when using air energy, like earth energy to help manifest communication of two people or water energy to help the movement of feelings between two people.

fire Fire energy is hot and dry. Fire energy is important today for the evolving soul because this energy is great for transforming the lower areas of the self to its higher component. Its hot quality makes fire energy easy to cover large areas and its dry quality makes it easy to spread, which means it can almost self multiply itself over vast distances. As you can see this kind of energy has the ability to transform the entire planet to a higher plane. However despite its wide area transformation abilities, it is on the smaller scale that this element works best, as it is most concentrated at this level. Fire energy must be used cautiously as it can cause transformation to happen quickly. For individuals this process can be unpleasant as the deeper areas of the self are burned away at a rate that the person cannot handle. On a more mundane note fire energy is great for transforming any situation or thing to its higher more spiritual component.

17 RECAP So what have we covered in this series? Well I've given you an idea of what real magick is and what it can do. I've also shown you how to construct your own magick formula as well as given you some basic formulas to follow. I also discussed Pentagrams and Hexagrams and how to use them, and finally I've covered each of the magical elements.

So where do you go from here? Well first you begin practicing the sample magick formula I have given you in this series. Then I want you to construct your own magick formula from scratch using everything I have shown you here. Use it on some aspect of your life that you may want to change. Of course you will do a meditation or give that action some thought before you go and wield that magick, as you would not want to generate negative karma from actions that are not in complete harmony with the universe.

Then after you have used the sample formula and constructed one or two on your own you may want to look at other magical formula that other people have created or have been handed down over the years. You will of course examine every symbol, call and wording in this formula before wielding it as to make sure you know exactly what it is going to do.

The use of Magick is a great power and a great responsibility. Magick can be a nice tool to help augment your reality creating. When used properly it can change your life quickly and easily and lead you on the path to higher knowing. My hope with this series is to clear away the garbage and often the doubletalk you hear about magick. Some of this doubletalk can be dangerous if you are not careful. This series should have given you the basic understanding of magick so that you don't get the wool pulled over your eyes by unscrupulous magicians or people who would have you abuse your powers of manifestation. I also urge you only to get involved with white magick and be very careful of grey magick. Don't let someone talk you into using any kind of magick system that is not in harmony with all that is. Magick that is not in harmony with all that is will have you taking on huge amounts of karma that, quite honestly, you will probably not be able to get rid of in this lifetime.

So now with all that said, I bring this series to a close and wish you luck in your magical endeavors.

Recommended additional reading: Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig