Working with the OLAP, ARN, ARAGOTH healers, continued

May 5, 2014 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
Are there any initiations or ways to attune to the Spirit Surgeons: Olap, ARN, and Aragoth. Then how can I mix their healing techniques and power with the 8th-12th chakra to heal my clients? FA.

Hi FA!

KIS = keep it simple!

The more simple that you can make your healing sessions, the better they will go. With that said, the more you use the nonphysical surgeons, the better attuned you will become with them. I think personal sessions are a good way to attune to them as well. Make sure you put aside time from your healing of others to focus on yourself too.

I often call in the OLAP and the ARN to do simultaneous work. Though I usually start with the OLAP and see what they can do first. If I feel it requires a deeper level healing than the OLAP can accomplish, I call in the ARN. Usually the ARN will come in and do some work, then they withdraw, with the OLAP on finish up.

When some healing feels completely blocked, I send in the karma healers, the ARAGOTH. These guys are heavy and can leave you quite drained, so I use these guys only when I feel its some kind of karmic blockage that has to be released.

I think just doing your healing work will have your spiritual chakra spinning up and doing what it needs to do, to help with it. I would not worry too much on activating those, as they will just come on line as you need them.

Light, Peace

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