Working with the OLAP, ARN, ARAGOTH healers

April 3, 2014 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
Regarding the OLAP, ARN, and ARAGOTH surgeons. One, can we do distance healing with these surgeons or do we need the physical presence of person and healer? If Yes, how do you do a distance healing? Just visualizing, or perhaps something more. Two, do we need repeated sessions for this healing work, or is the work done in just one session of say 45 minutes or an hour? For someone who has some severe challenge illness or otherwise do we need long terms treatments, like for few weeks at a time. Three, how did you get to know about these surgeons? I checked on Google and except for your website no one has information on this. Just curious to know how did you get this? Four, Can anyone do this healing? I mean someone who has no healing background, can they also call in the surgeons, or do we need some parameters to qualify to call them in? RK

Hi RK!
Yes you can do long distance healing work with the surgeons. Of course there is no substitute for a in person healing, but you can achieve good results by remote. I would suggest a meditative state when you do the healing work. See yourself there with the patient and then do the healing work as if you were there.

I prefer smaller but more frequent healing work over longer and less frequent work. However, when healing other people you should not try to do more than one healing a day on them. After healing work the patient will still heal from the energy you applied and the surgeons will often work on them afterward as well. I find a typical healing session with the nonphysical surgeons lasts about 40 min to an hour. When it goes longer than that, you will need much more time to recuperate afterward.

Long term illnesses are best done one session a week or one session every two weeks. These deep seated healings can take time to heal.

I came in contact with these healers during my reality creator training in out of body states. They were introduced to me to help me heal myself and others. Later on they expressed interest in helping others do the same, so I included them in my articles and books. I think these healers are really a Reality Creator exclusive. However they have a great desire to help others and pass on their healing knowledge to humanity.

I believe that it is built into everyone to do self healing work. I think everyone should on some level practice some form of self healing. Whether a person takes these gifts and shares them with others is an individual thing. But I think everyone possesses these abilities, just not everyone uses them.

Dear Hermes:
I am a recent Reiki Master. I believe energy healing is one of my soul missions, as it is becoming apparent from many signs given me by Spirit. I recently asked (in meditation) for an appropriate system to be given to me where I could channel higher beings to do advanced healing and lo and behold I randomly stumbled upon this page a few days later. Where is the most appropriate place to start to learn how to work with these beings and to establish a relationship/communication, so they may decide if they'd like to work with me?

Hi B!
I find starting with healing yourself is the best way to establish a connection to these healers. Once you got your personal connection built up, then you can move on to healing others, if you so desire. Put aside some time each day or week to self healing. Call in the healers in your mind and heart and listen and feel what happens. If there is something you need healed, ask them to look at it and again see what happens.

I always recommend writing down these experiences, especially in the beginning, as the mind tends to discount the validity of the experience after some time passes. Writing these things down helps to keep the energy of the moment fresh and you can read it again later to gain a new perspective on what happened.

Light, Peace

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