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October 27, 2009 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
First, I wanted to thank you for your reality creator books . To put it in one word, when I read the books, I really feel home . I have 3 questions about reality creating :

1) I was wondering if there is some way to protect my energy field from decreasing too much when I'm not in my house . You know, kind of make my aura a more influence-proof . I'm asking you because when I'm home I can manage my energy, but when I have to do things outside, It's different, I feel tired very fast ( Maybe I have this crystal aura thing ? )

2)I read in your reference guide that banishing earth energy can help to unmanifest things in my life, but I'm not sure how . In the magic formula, do I have to focus on what I want to unmaifest then do the pentagram ?

3) My third question is about Solar Current . I'm currently working on a project involving other people (both a team of partners and customers ). Am I right in thinking that the more people a project involves, the more Solar Current is a key factor in its manifestation ? Moreover, is having fun an indicator that the project goes with Solar Current ? I am asking that because this project is interesting, but it feels more like working than playing . Is benefiting from Solar Current the same as benefiting from positive karma ? What is the difference between what is positive and what is constructive ? In time, is it possible to detect Solar Current well enough so projects kind of energetically carry themselves all way through completion ? If so, do you know any way other than practicing reality creating that can help me to detect Solar Current ? Sometimes I seem to feel it and it is indeed very helpful , but most of the time it's too elusive. J.

Hi J!
Shielding your energy:
Wearing black or dark clothes can help to shield your energy field from others and help you to keep more of your energy. It does not have to be all black, just wear something black. Wear or carry a small quartz crystal with you. I like the pendants but you can carry one in your pocket as well. When you get home from a particular stressful day take a shower or bath right away, before the energies from others that you carry has a chance to take hold on you. Or you can meditate that too can also work. Crystal meditation can help to fortify your energy field.

Banishing Pentagram:
Yes exactly. Just focus on what you want to banish and draw the figure. If it's something concrete you can draw the banishing pentagram on or over it. If it's something too big, then write it on a piece of paper and then draw the banishing pentagram over the paper. Feel free to experiment, it's not an exact science but a personal one.

Solar Current and the Group Mind:
Physical reality is great for manifesting things in a group. Small reality creations can become quite large when a group of people are working toward a common goal. There is a dynamic here however. The larger the group the more chance for energy to creep in that you do not desire. The idea with a group project is to select no more or less than you need and to make sure you have the right people in the group. You want focused individuals that will help contribute to the group mind in a positive way. It will never be perfect but if you are careful you can get lots of good group mind consciousness going on your project and make it manifest very quickly. The fun factor is important. The more fun you can have on a project the more it will propel itself forward. Sometimes it is hard to make work fun, but if you can be creative about it, then you can make work seem like play. Rewards and goals go a long way with people in a group when they have done something well and contribute to the fun factor.

Positive and constructive are just two terms I use interchangeable at times in the books. If something is positive it usually is constructive and if something is constructive it usually is positive. Positive is a state of mind or a focus point for the mind. It gives it direction. Being constructive is building on what you have to make more. Any creation will grow when the right energies are around it and it will do so in a way that will be in harmony to the creations around it.

Solar Current:
Solar current is an energy and a way of doing things. Science and astrology are two examples. Science is solar in nature. Astrology is lunar in nature. Both are ways to create and gather knowledge but not in the same way. One uses the conscious part of the mind and the other uses the intuitive part of the mind. Solar current is very prevalent today. I think a merging between both energies will help humanity go a long way, but that won't happen until Science and solar current has been fully explored. When you feel solar current you are tuning into the energy flow of the universe. The Universe strives to create harmony and when your actions and thoughts are in harmony with the universe you can feel the current pulling you along. The more you are able to quiet the mind the easier it will be for you to sense and lock into the flow of solar current.

Karma is the result of your actions, be it solar or lunar in nature. Karma is generated from everything you do. Karma in a traditional sense is considered negative but there is positive karma as well. If you are very healthy for example you are probably benefiting from lots of positive karma you have generated around health. So the kind of karma you experience will depend on how harmonious your reality creating is with others. If it is constructive and helpful than you will get good reality bounce back from what you have created. If it is disruptive or hurtful to others than the bounce back to your reality will be disruptive and hurtful as well.

Light, Peace

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