National, Group, and Personal Karma

April 3, 2009 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
I want to learn more about karma. I was wondering about people who shouldn't be forgiven. Say if God forgives a guy who has died, and he spent his whole life hurting and killing people, what does the universe do with him? And specifically, where do evil dictators go? Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein were a couple of the worst in history, and both are responsible for millions of deaths. Also, I was asked about the karma involved when a nation, like the U.S. for example, commits war crimes like tortures at Guantonimo Bay. Specifically, will we suffer for it even if we had nothing to do about it? I said no, the people who torture will bear the karma since they did it. But I wasn't sure about the whole thing, since they were ordered to do it by their superiors. So, when people commit crimes like these, do they spend a long time suffering for it? Do they even have souls any more? Thanks a lot. S

Hi S!

Karma is not a simple issue. It can get confusing real fast especially when dealing with karma of a nation or group of people.

Karma is tied to the individual for the most part. It can masquerade as part of a nation for example too, but it still is tied to the individual. Every action or thought you make creates either positive or negative karma. Karma put simply is a magnetic like force drawing similar experiences toward you. So if you spend your time helping others then the universe will send others to help you. This is an example of positive karma.

Negative karma is the kind you always hear about and is what traditionally is associated with the word karma. If you actions or thoughts hinder or hurt other people than the universe sends like experiences back to you. It is the old system of an "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". Up until several thousand years ago it was the primary way karma was repaid.

Since then the earth has been blanketed in the energy of grace (forgiveness) more than the energy of karma. This energy allows for karma to be paid back in kind deeds of service. So if you wrong an individual, that wrong does not have to come back to you in the form of negative karmic reaction, if you are engaged in some way of positively paying it back. So for people who have lived horrible lives creating lots of bad karma, they have a choice as to how to pay this back. They could devote themselves to some physical life devoted to service and love or they could do nothing and then the karmic energy would capture them in the next life and create a very hard situation for them. Either way this energy must be equalized before you can move on or ascend off the planet. If this energy is not equalized, this karmic energy will just keep pulling you back into physical incarnation.

When like minded people group together their karma can become shared. Not shared in that "this karma is now yours" kind of way, but that each person has similar karma that has to be equalized, so they are brought together as a group. This can manifest as large as nation or as small as a book club, for example. There is no real group karma, but each one in the group is working on similar things in their lives and this can pull experiences toward them that will interact on a group level with everyone. Of course not everyone in the group has to share in each kind of karma. There will always be those in the group that are not part of that karmic energy but are there to help those that do possess those karmic elements to work it out. Many spiritual people have incarnated into the plant at this time and into various nations to do just this.

So national karma can be a shared karma but it is not tied to the individual directly. If a nation does something bad it does not mean everyone that is in that nation shares in this karma. It just means that on a whole the nation shares in this "kind" of negative karma that must be worked out on a personal level. The nation is reflecting the karmic energy that is being worked out on an individual level. Whether or not you are part of that particular karmic energy depends on your individual life and what you are doing in it.

Light, Peace

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