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January 14, 2009 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes:
I was wondering about God and its relationship to sin and luxury. I know sin and luxury are not the same, but I feel like putting them in the same article. What do you think of sin first of all? I know in lots of religions and practices its not emphaisized or referred to at all, but in Christrianity its assumed that everyone should not sin. Of course, there is the threat of brimstone and hellfire, but I am sure that there is a real and spiritual reason why people shouldn't sin and generally avoid using that energy, I just don't know what it is yet. In general I feel that it is bad for the universe, but then I don't know why it would be created in the first place if that is so. Sometimes I feel that there are two major forces in the universe. The force that creates survival based impuleses and the like, and the force that creates peace and love and spiritual things like that. Sometimes these things are in harmony of course. But sometimes not. I don't know these things for sure, which is why I am asking you. :) On luxury, and I know that the recession is present, but I try not to allow that in my creating and thinking. Life has taught me that where there is a will there is a way, and people will still want to splurge on fancy things if they can. Or maybe not. I don't know. But seriously, I feel that by learning the positive lessons this energy has in store for us, the bad parts, like not so much money, will be carefully washed away from consciousness and people might start to value things other than money, like friendship. On a largescale level I mean. But as far as luxury goes, I'm confused. Fortune is good and creates luxury, which is not necesasarily greed. But not everybody is treated all the same. If you give a gold coin to an infant, it'll choke on it. A drug addict will sell it and spend the money on drugs, a spirtual person will meditate on it, etc. So, given that I know myself well enough to figure out how I would spend my time if I had a lot of luxury, how would I start to manifest that in my life? And what consciousness would it be ok to let into my life so that I can have some of the things I want? I pray to the holy father, and in general I feel that his focuses are satisfying the basics, like food, water, shelter, comfort etc., and that you learn to love and be without sin. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that is kind of barebones sometimes. So, I feel that it would be wise to consult another positive entity like lady luck or someone like that, so I can get the ball rolling with a little bit more momentum. Also, do you know of a good way to recalcify your teeth with healing energy? Awareness is key to healing apparently, and I recklessly spent all my healing energy on other people. Now I have a a lot of healing energy and a bunch of cavities to show for it. Anyway, that's what I got. Peace.

Hi S!

Sin is a Christian and a religious contraption designed to help humans to interpret the only one law that there is.

You cannot block the path of another back to God without blocking your own path back to God.

All the religions and laws are really just designed to interpret that one thing. You will agree that that statement is fairly broad. But that is what is at the core of right and wrong, good and evil. It is another form of the medical phrase "do no harm".

Everyone is on their own unique path back to spirit, to combine again with the divine spark within them (the monadic self). If another person interferes with that path and delays it, then there is a transgression generated that causes the individual to generate something like it within his own experience. The ancients called it karma. Karma is not an easy topic and it is not always as cut and dry as you may think. But then again our one-law phrase is not as simple either.

If you kill someone do you incur karma from that? Perhaps you do, if that person you kill does not have getting killed on his or her learning-plate or path back to God. You cause that person to have to relive the life over again. So you delay his progress back to God. This incurs karma. But what if you kill someone that wants to be killed because that is one of the ways they have chosen to learn and grow from and to bring them back to God, is karma generated there? Perhaps not. It's a sticky point and one that cannot be answered without looking at the individuals' involved and their paths back to God. To say the least it is not really something anyone can truly know.

So what do you do to understand that one-law. Well you come up with some rules (dos and donts) that fit the general meaning of that phrase that should not get you into trouble. So it certainly is not a good idea to kill another individual. So we put that on our list of things we should not do. What else do we put on that list? How about adultery? How about crossing the street when the traffic light is red? As you can see sometimes that one law will need to be interpreted differently depending on the culture and its beliefs.

There is a way to tell if you break that law. It is a mechanism called natural guilt. When you transgress that one-law natural guilt is generated. It tells you that you should not do that again. However guilt too is another concept that is not fully understood. In today's society you have natural guilt and unnatural guilt. Unnatural guilt is guilt created by the individual because they believe they have done something wrong. It is not the same as natural guilt, which is what you feel if you break that one-law. How do you tell the difference? Again, not easy to do. You have to examine your beliefs about things and try to understand guilt and how it works in your life. Then you can separate the things in your life that you created guilt for that you should not have and those things in life that generated natural guilt.

Did I help answer your question on sin? I most likely headed you in the right direction but I will make a good bet I opened up a whole mess of other questions on it. These things are best left to meditation and reflection to get to the deeper meanings of them in your own life.

Luxury! There is nothing wrong with creating wealth, happiness, love, and peace in your life. Here is a good example of unnatural guilt. You feel guilty because your financial situation is better than another's when the economy is bad. This guilt, if left unchecked, will uncreate the wealth you have gathered around you because you feel unworthy of this wealth. Bottom line is you create your world and another person creates his or her own world according to the things they know best. You are better at creating wealth than some other person is; however that other person may be better at creating love than you are? Should that person feel guilty because they are able to create love and you are not? Of course not. Everyone can create what they can create. The universe wants you to be happy and fulfilled. So whatever that takes, then go to it, as long as it does not break that one-law.

Your teeth: this will not tie in with our nice letter on sin, guilt, and luxury. Some people have very active digestive juices. When you eat these juices splash on to the teeth and mix with any sugar you have on those teeth to make a substance that just dissolves the enamel on the teeth. Some people have stronger tooth enamel and do not have this problem. What can you do? Well try not to eat sweets after eating a meal. Try not to eat too many sweets in general. Soda, very bad for teeth of this nature. I can't say enough of that one. Use baking soda toothpaste, and rinse with sea salt every night to neutralize the acid on the teeth and dissolve any sugar left there. Crunch up a vitamin C tablet in a tea and drink it. The vitamin c will go in the mouth and help fight gum disease and keep your teeth stronger against that acid in the stomach. Of course with teeth or any weakness it comes down to your belief system. I like to change my beliefs by altering my mind on the matter, "my teeth are healthy" and by doing some proactive stuff to keep them that way, like the things I outlined in the above paragraph. Then I effectively change my belief system on that matter to a very deep level.

Yes you have to watch your healing energies. It is good that you want to share them with others, but always keep some for yourself. If you yourself are not healthy how can you heal others? You can't and that is the point. Always keep yourself healthy and share whatever extra health energy you may have, if you wish, with others.

Light, Peace


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