The Reincarnation Process. Good parents with difficult children

October 25, 2007 (letter of the month)

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Dear Hermes,
I can’t believe what some of these 5 year olds get up to – Super Nanny is there to help parents deal with uncontrollable behavior. There are 5, 6, 7 year olds yelling, screaming, biting, scratching, swearing, I’ve never seen anything like it. The thing is that the parents all seem incredibly nice people and these are nice homes, not some back street where they would be more likely to see and hear the worst behaviors, so where does all that come from at such a young age? Any ideas on that? S.

Hi S!

Good people with very difficult children, where does that come from? These kinds of behaviors, especially in the very young, come from a past life. Incoming people do not clear the past properly in the in between time or do not wait long enough and reincarnate carrying this energy into the next lifetime. So you have these parents of good normal natures with children that are abhorrent.

The wealthy or well off physically often suffer from this, if they lack any spiritual/religious background. Why? Well this has to do with the reincarnation process, of which little is written. With most spiritually/religious minded people, reincarnation details are carefully worked out ahead of time by nonphysical masters and teachers. The same is true for spiritually minded parents to be. This is not the case for less ideal circumstances. Some reincarnating entities refuse the help of masters or choose to reincarnate quickly rather than wait for ideal conditions. Also, those couples or families who also lack sufficient spiritual/religious connections or care little for personal evolution do not have the mechanism in place to help guide and match offspring to them. In these cases, there is a competition to bond with a newly created or soon to be created fetus of well-off parents because, well, you know, those incoming spirits know that money and power are secured right from birth, by reincarnating into a wealthy family. As such, some wealthy people wind up with not very good matches to their offspring. The winner of these nonphysical battles is usually the one with the meanest character, as it is a battle of might to remove other bond candidates from the mix. Often these individuals want to immediately reincarnate and will not wait to clear past life trauma properly. They seek out an unsecured fetus and will initiate a bond with it to get back into physical reality as quickly as possible. These individuals come in two flavors the kind that do not care at all and just want to reincarnate as quickly as possible. These people wind up as unplanned births usually in poor living conditions. The other end is the incarnate that wants money and power at any cost and he or she will seek out an unsecured wealthy-person birth. When these incoming people get to the moment of conception there are other nonphysical people with the same idea waiting there. Firece nonphysial battles take place on who will win the right to bond with the unsecured fetus.

With secured births this battle never happens. Nonphysical entities surround the couple creating the child and prevent anyone other than the intended person from bonding with the fetus. This secures the birth to that individual and the process is much more harmonious and gentle. All births should be of this nature, but of course this is not always the case. Free will allows individuals, the parents as well as the incarnting entity, to choose the conditions of their conceptions. Again this is another reason for the birth of religion and the belief in things beyond the physical plane. It enables people to connect to those energies beyond them to control things, like rebirth, that is normally out of their control. However, still today, not everyone on the planet believes in such things and this puts a wall between them and the powers that can help. As such they may wind up with children that are not a good match to them and this just makes their lives that much more difficult.

Light, Peace

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