Dealing with Loss, Changing the Past

February 3, 2007 (letter of the month)

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Hi Hermes,
I was reading the article on Simultaenous Time because for a while now, i have been looking into the act of changing the past through meditation, astral projection, and other similar things. this is because last year I lost someone very close to me, and it was an unnatural, easily preventable death of a young person, and while I dont make this an unhealthy obsession (as in, i do still try and enjoy life and maintain friendships and work hard and such), if it is possible at all to somehow change the past as in telling my past self to say something to him or anything of the sort. I want to do it. I have contacted many other people, most who seem credible like you do, who have given me positive responses. Well anyway, i know that in your article you said that things wouldnt literally change, but there is also the whole notion of parallel universes and just so many things to consider that if it's possible at all, through any measure and amount of practice and skill required, to save a loved one and have them back I would appreciate it more than anything. i know and have heard many times before that i should accept it and move on, and i have already planned a life without him but I have to fight for it if i can, in anyway. F

Hi F.
I am sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose a loved one. You can change the past and mend your future of such a thing, but it may not mend in the way you think. For example if this person was lost and presumed dead, he could become found and then manifest in your life again. In your case it sounds like he died from some accident or something. In this case the changing the past exercise will help to manifest a new relationships similar to the old one in your life. It is not as you cannot move into a parallel world where he did not die, because you could; there are probabilities all around you. There must be continuity to your timeline. Physical reality is about following a line of events, so that cause and effect can be studied and learned. So another means would have to open up that would not break this continuity. In your case that means you can manifest another relationship with a person remarkably similar to the one that left you. Also, there is the possibility of a walk in. A walk in is when one soul and other exchange places. One desires to leave another desires to come. So they walk into another person's life. Your former friend could walk in to another person desiring such a thing. In which case you would have your past back but in a new way. Be open to change and let the universe create your world in a new way and things will work out for you. I am sure of it. Keep focused, open, and patient.

Light, Peace

Hi Hermes,
Oh and also, just out of curiousity, because I've read elsewhere about this kind of things. How would one go about traveling to another parallel reality? Is it through the same process of meditation? I'm a bit confused by what you said about that whole idea. When you say another "means would have to open up that would not break this continuity" what would be an example of that? F.

Hi F.
One way would be mistaken identity of death. They find out that it was not in fact the same person. Another would be a walk-in. Your deceased friend walks in to someone else's life and body. It is mutual thing set up by the walk out and the walk in. Then you meet that person and you realize that he is a lot like your passed on friend. People change probabilities all the time. It is as easy as walking from one room to another. You to do it automatically as you pick and choose your destiny. The timeline appears unbroken because only realities that seamlessly merge well connect to each other. For example you are driving down the road and notice an old sign you never saw before, yet you travel that road everyday and never noticed it before. This indicates a probability shift to a different reality. Each reality is always slightly different and just after the reality changes there are areas where your memory does not match. After a day or so, the memory is adjusted perfectly and these small discrepancies no longer show, until you switch to another probability. I believe anything is possible with reality creating, but I do like to put a realistic spin on it. It makes obtaining goals easier. It would be very difficult for you to jump into a probability where this event never happened. The memory has to have continuity. Your memory already recorded this death. To keep this within the structure of reality, another means of manifesting your friend would have to come about, a way where the memory of the death is still there. This is the realistic view of probability shifting. I do not mean to delude you. Anything is possible but many things are more probable. Physical reality is about choices and the consequences of those choices. If some choice defines your growth you cannot undo that choice through probability shifts. These choices place you on a completely new timeline that prevents you from going back to any probability where it did not exist. You have to learn from it and then find a way to create a new world around that choice. In your case that means you can create another relationship but not by undoing what has happened. It has to be created in another way.

Hi Hermes

Hi Hermes,
Ohh okay, I understand. And just as one last question. The way to go about this, I suppose I would do it through meditation, right? Because that is what I have been doing. Meditation, yoga, and sometimes I attempt to astral project (I've achieved it a few times). Is this what I should continue doing to fulfill these goals?

Hi F.
Use meditation, astral projection, and even my Creation Technique Keep in mind that you need to be clear on what you want to manifest but do not limit it to something too specific. If you do that, the universe may not be able to fulfill your request because you have not given it any freedom. In the case of love, focus on the qualities you want to manifest but not any specific individual. Focus on meeting this person but do not put restraints on how that meeting may happen.

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