Healing the spiritual chakra. Managing your empathic energy.

October 14, 2006 (letter of the month)

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Hi Hermes,

I was not aware of 8,9,10,11,12 chakras. As it turns out all the things that were/are happening in my life are the result of all of those chakra, not the lower 7. What scares me is that I seem to be doing things and I seem to know what I am doing, but at the same time I really don't. I know the universe so well but at the same time i find myself not being able to connect to the angels when i need help from them. My crown chakra and heart chakra are misaligned. My 8th chakra is open but is either now blocked for some reason or experiencing some other problem. I can recall dreams in depth and I astral project (but not intentionally or controllably). My 9th chakra is open or has been open for a long time without me knowing it. I read the part where you talked about "inner vision" and it was through that vision that I could "see" myself and so many things in my life but I thought I was going crazy. Also, I am an empathic, so every time I am talking to someone I become them, and a lot of times I cannot control it, which is not helpful. My 10th chakra is not working well either right now. Maybe some karmic residue that I am not aware of that I have to deal with. I read about the 11th and 12th chakra in your website that they are supposed to open up last after many years. However they have been opening for a long time now. I really don't know how to start fixing myself. I don't know what kind of meditation I should do or even how should I meditate. I do the energy exercise and a bunch of other things that you have mentioned in your website. But those don't always help. I really need help. I feel like my world is falling apart. Thank you S.

Hi S.

Thanks very much for taking the time to drop me a note and for visiting the website. Everything will be ok. It can get a little scary when the spiritual chakra start to fire up and you start having all these unusual experiences. But your inner self knows what to do. You said it yourself, you know but you do not know.

I would start with one thing to heal and work on that. If your entire spiritual chakra is out of whack then start from the lowest one that needs fixing. That would be the 8th in your case.

Once or twice a week conduct a healing meditation. If you have any quartz crystals place them around you and lie inside them. Face the points inward toward you. If you do not have crystals then just lie on the floor. You can use a towel if you have hardwood floors. The idea is to be as close to the earth as possible.

Next call in the OLAP healers. Keep saying the name OLAP over and over again until you feel they are around. Then direct them to heal you. In this case the 8th chakra. Now at this point forget what you expect to happen and just keep focused on the goal. You may feel the healers poking you and putting in energy all over your body or just in one spot. It does not matter if that spot does not correspond to the thing you are healing. There are meridian points all over the body and if they work on your foot to fix your head, know there is a connection between these two.

After 15 to 45 minutes or when you feel they are finished, thank them for their help and get up. If you used crystals then you should clear these and get them ready for the next time.

After that one part of you is healed move on to the next. Do no schedule more than one or two healings a week and be patient for the healing to work. You will most likely see results right away, but it is easy to get frustrated and try to rush the process.

For your empathic energy, wear or carry a moonstone around with you. It will help to calm the emotions and even things out. At the end of the day take the moonstone off so it can recharge while you sleep.

Light, Peace

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