looking into a mirror and using it; the monad and the human self, how old are you?; reality before physical universe; the evolution of the human being into a super being; evolution and change; your guardian angel taking control of your body in times of crisis; working with the OLAP healers; healing others; accessing the tree of life in your meditations; selenite, tektite, and Moldavite -- some helpful stones to sooth and develop clear vision; using nonphysical tools to help with physical reality;
October 15, 2009 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thus Oct 15 15:34:26 2009
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Hermes
<CesaR1> Hi Hermes
<hermes> hi everyone, be back in one moment making a tea
<electra28> hi Cesar
<electra28> hi Attuned
<electra28> and Hi Hermes
<hermes> ok i am here
<CesaR1> great
<CesaR1> Hermes why are mirrors so powerful
<hermes> in what way is it powerful, for you?
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel bengal
<hermes> how are you using the mirror?
<CesaR1> i don't know i just dislike people watching me from my mirror, i get the sense of feeling when I'm being attacked to reflect that negative energy like mirror
<bengal> hi attuned, hermes, cesar , electra : )
<CesaR1> for nothing really just look at myself lol
<CesaR1> Hi Bengal
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<hermes> so this is not a physical mirror you are talking about
<hermes> is it mirrors in general
<CesaR1> yea a physical mirror
<hermes> So you don't like people looking at you through a mirror
<CesaR1> yea lol
<hermes> or are you talking about those one way glasses that people use in department stores
<CesaR1> as far as i know you can see through reflect mirrors. see other or even see events like TV
<CesaR1> others*
<hermes> mirrors can be used for skrying or for focusing your psychic visions
<hermes> but most people don't use mirrors like that
<CesaR1> skrying?
<hermes> yea seeing spirits, contacting them and asking them for help
<CesaR1> o ok
<hermes> or seeing into the future or past
<hermes> you may be using mirrors like that
<hermes> without realizing it
<hermes> but most people do not know how to do that
<bengal> how we can do that
<CesaR1> clairvoyance
<hermes> The mirror just becomes a focus point, really. It's not the mirror itself that makes you have these visions
<hermes> you would stare into the mirror
<hermes> and try to see beyond the reflections in the mirror
<hermes> mystics often use crystal balls for this sort of thing, real mystics, not the ones pretending in fairs.
<hermes> but a mirror works too
<hermes> its shinny and offers a way to capture your attention
<hermes> glass is also made of quartz
<hermes> and quartz is a very good mineral for high vibrations
<electra28> I had some very good results with crystal balls just for focusing
<electra28> and also black obsidian mirror
<electra28> that works if you have a problem you want to solve but it reflects everything back at you so can be quite hard going
<CesaR1> nice i should buy a crystal ball
<electra28> yes - a great investment
<CesaR1> i only use my mirror to comb my hair
<electra28> you might find one that you like just comes to you
<electra28> I saw my first aura in a mirror
<CesaR1> what color
<electra28> so things can happen in a mirror when you least expect them to
<electra28> it was just the first aura that surrounds the body
<electra28> so kind of colorless
<electra28> not the big colored one that is outside of that
<hermes> out of body traveling into a mirror is lots of fun as well. YOu never know where you will wind up.
<electra28> I did not believe what I was seeing and then later I saw it without the mirror
<electra28> I have never seen that
<electra28> heard of that I mean - how do you do that
<hermes> i think i did my beginning work in seeing aura in the mirror
<hermes> it was a good device to use for that
<hermes> I also use a mirror for self improvement
<hermes> i will stand in front of the mirror and as i look into it, reshape what is see into what I want to create
<electra28> that technique can also be used as a form of healing I believe
<bengal> hermes what is reverse osmoses water
<bengal> osmoses*
<hermes> RO water is not good for the body at all
<hermes> it is really just about the same as distilled water
<hermes> All the minerals are removed from the water
<hermes> its pure water.
<hermes> good for washing the hands, cleaning, and for laboratory work where you need pure water
<hermes> but bad for the body
<hermes> it strips the body of all the nutrients over time
<hermes> As the water is devoid of these nutrients it absorbs them from the body as it passes through you
<hermes> taking your vitamins and minerals with it
<bengal> i understand know
<CesaR1> how do we know when our chakras are fully open
<bengal> i heard that it is also good to buy different water
<bengal> because, if you drink from one source, that water is rich only with some minerals not others
<CesaR1> every now and then i use my power to purify the water i'm drinking
<bengal> i do that with food too
<hermes> we have well water here so I just use that
<hermes> but if you were on city water then i guess some different water sources would be good for you
<hermes> as that water tends to be a bit sterile
<bengal> yes
<bengal> we drink here shopping water
<hermes> in theory with the charka, if everything is open and working well you should be in perfect health
<CesaR1> ok great
<hermes> for the most part the spiritual chakra need to open, but the lower chakra for most people should be working.
<hermes> if one of the lower chakra are not working then you could have some issues
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel loki77
<CesaR1> Hi Loki
<hermes> as the spiritual chakra open up and start working you get an expansion of consciousness going on.
<loki77> hi
<bengal> hi
<loki77> hi
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<CesaR1> does The Creator create Gods or does one have to work to get their as far as Elemental Gods, or perhaps Angels
<hermes> well a god is really a relative term
<hermes> there are many levels of consciousness
<hermes> some more advanced than others
<hermes> some consciousness was always advanced
<hermes> some started small and then became more as they grew and evolved
<hermes> humans are on an evolutionary track where you go from little knowledge to more knowledge
<hermes> there are beings that possess all knowledge and awareness and never change
<bengal> R we than new souls
<hermes> new, in terms that human consciousness is different than what the universe played with before
<hermes> but there is a part of you that is as old as the universe itself
<hermes> you are not new in that respect
<hermes> no souls are created
<hermes> all souls exist and are
<bengal> can you explain little bit more
<hermes> a human being is a small piece of a super being known as a Monad
<hermes> the monad is a great creator being of tremendous knowledge
<hermes> the Monad in wanting to experience every level of reality, because its curious
<hermes> takes a small part of itself and divides it up into 144 individual parts
<hermes> you are one of these parts.
<hermes> you contain a piece of the total knowledge of this Monad
<hermes> as you reconnect with your divinity you gain awareness into these other parts of the Monad
<CesaR1> i was thinking a while back if monads make up a bigger entity
<hermes> and you grow spiritually because you become larger than you were before
<bengal> and other parts is "me" also
<bengal> ?
<hermes> yes the monad is you
<hermes> completed
<hermes> reconnected
<hermes> all back together
<hermes> so you are old and new at the same time
<hermes> the monad has always existed, even before physical reality came into being
<hermes> so you are ancient
<bengal> what was reality before earth
<hermes> but you are new because your have broken off from the entire monad in the hope os discovering more about yourself
<hermes> and when you rejoin with that monad you will be a new being
<hermes> with new knowledge and experience
<bengal> and go into some new realities?
<hermes> the nonphysical reality existed long before physical reality
<hermes> you could say it is like dreams
<hermes> where you have all these dreams that you can step into at any time you want
<hermes> nonphysical reality is allot like that
<hermes> you can step into and out of different kinds of frameworks and experiences
<hermes> you can jump from one to the other
<CesaR1> you once spoke that humans were all ascended
<CesaR1> what's the story behind that
<hermes> its really connected to the Monad i just talked about
<hermes> you were once a tremendous being of knowledge and wisdom
<hermes> when you were a complete Monad
<hermes> You were above the lower planes of existence
<hermes> you descend then into physical reality
<hermes> to learn more about who and what you were
<hermes> you shed your divinity and knowledge
<hermes> and took human form
<hermes> in part you can call this fall of man from grace
<hermes> he fell to the lower planes
<hermes> but it really was a conscious choice
<hermes> to experience reality in a new way, to recreate yourself
<CesaR1> deep realizations
<bengal> why we than didn't remember other experiences before this ''life''
<hermes> the physical brain can only contain so much and there is the problem with interference from one lifetime to another
<bengal> if we re going toward knowledge
<hermes> it is often desirable to wipe the slate clean from lifetime to lifetime so that you can experience things without prior knowledge hindering that experience
<hermes> but as the human brain expands and grows
<hermes> there will be ways for people to have more knowledge of their past lives
<hermes> as the human race evolves physically
<hermes> another part of the human journey is to create bodies where the monad can more fully integrate into it
<hermes> right now humans are very primitive in what the body can contain, from an experience point of view
<hermes> but as evolution turns the simple human body into more advanced creatures
<hermes> more of the monad will be able to descend and be contained into the human form
<hermes> we are talking many millions of years of evolution
<bengal> is this body created, or we evolve into this body
<hermes> but this is the long term trek that humans are on
<hermes> the body is being created and is being evolved
<hermes> each generation sees it mutate into something more
<hermes> small changes over time
<hermes> and at the same time
<hermes> your consciousness grows and reconnects with the divine
<hermes> so it evolves and grows
<hermes> so the body and the spirit evolve along together
<bengal> so body is created to we evolve in it
<hermes> its both
<hermes> you create the body and you evolve it
<hermes> consciousness helps evolve the body
<hermes> your thoughts and feelings create the body
<bengal> ok
<bengal> what about animals
<hermes> they too are on an evolutionary track
<bengal> mosquitoes etc...
<hermes> but they do not have human goals
<hermes> they are not trying to achieve the same things as humans are
<hermes> animal forms are less individual like and more group mind like
<hermes> animals do not experience the separation that humans feel from the environment
<CesaR1> why are their angels that have heads of animals
<hermes> angels often take an animal form to help convey some aspect of themselves to others
<hermes> it is common. even humans do this to a degree
<hermes> people will often ask, if you were an animal what would you be?
<hermes> everyone has a different answer
<CesaR1> and in a spiritual perspective why do species go extinct
<hermes> it is a look into how you are on a differ net level
<hermes> when something is no longer needed it is removed from physical reality
<hermes> this is a reality of necessity and growth
<hermes> if something is not needed it is removed
<hermes> it is an important lesson too
<hermes> everything in the universe has purpose and meaning, and everything changes
<hermes> so as purpose and meaning change so do the things in the universe
<hermes> change is the only constant in the universe
<hermes> physical reality reflects this change in evolution
<hermes> when something is not needed it is changed into something else that is needed
<bengal> can we see entities in physical reality, teacher, spiritual friends
<hermes> you can in altered states of beings
<hermes> you just need to tune your consciousness off the physical dial to the nonphysical one
<bengal> can they use our bodies if we let them
<bengal> them*
<hermes> skrying, which we talked about earlier is one way to do it.
<hermes> there may be a reason for your guardian angel to step into your body and protect it from some danger briefly
<hermes> but that is the extent of body swapping
<hermes> the movies make you think this is so easy for one entity to take another's body
<hermes> that just does not happen
<bengal> can they use our body, something like to save us of some kind of accident
<hermes> it really can't.
<hermes> even in those multiple personality cases you are dealing with a fractured individual and not separate beings taking control
<hermes> this body stealing just does not happen
<hermes> yes they can help in times of crisis
<hermes> to take control briefly
<hermes> but that is about it
<CesaR1> Hermes my friend asks: why is it that humans came to be, or evolved so much more differently than any other species
<hermes> i did answer that
<hermes> when we talked about the Monad
<hermes> and how it desired to experience every level of reality
<hermes> so it split itself into 144 individuals to experience physical reality
<hermes> to grow and evolve like a new being again
<hermes> to become different
<hermes> to change
<CesaR1> oops sorry
<hermes> no problem
<CesaR1> didn't read that i was on the phone
<bengal> can you talk about OLAP a little bit
<bengal> it's off the subject
<bengal> write now : )
<hermes> what you want to know about the OLAP
<bengal> i'm interested
<hermes> sure, what's the question on them
<bengal> how healing treatment looks like
<CesaR1> thanks for the information, see everyone next time
<bengal> and what is happen, and how long it takes
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<bengal> bye
<bengal> cesar
<hermes> the OLAP are beings that specialize in healing
<hermes> they also happen to be the beings that were involved in developing human DNA
<hermes> so they know much about the human body
<hermes> in the last few years they have sought to help people to bring about their self healing powers
<hermes> you can contact the olap by calling on their name. OH-EL-AA-PAY
<hermes> this is like dialing them on the phone
<hermes> it makes a telepathic connection that then calls them to your side so that they can assist you with your healing
<hermes> They will help you to understand how to heal your own body
<hermes> they don't do instant cures
<hermes> they are move interested in working with you to heal yourself or others
<hermes> to teach you how to do it
<hermes> so the healing process of the OLAP takes time, effort and patience
<hermes> you have to be quiet enough to listen to them and what they say
<hermes> you have to help them to bring about the changes in your body that you want to heal
<hermes> this could be simply changing the way you eat
<hermes> or it could mean changing how you think
<hermes> and it can also mean working with your own power of inner healing to bring about changes in the body
<hermes> if you have a healing session and after it you have a desire to learn some marital arts
<hermes> well the OLAP could be telling you that this will help your condition
<hermes> it is a two way healing process
<bengal> marital arts?
<hermes> they will help as long as you are willing to help as well
<hermes> just an example, martial arts
<hermes> karate
<bengal> sport ?
<hermes> you never watched a jackie Chan movie
<hermes> or the Matrix
<bengal> of course : )
<hermes> that stuff
<hermes> its a discipline
<hermes> it helps focus the mind and body together
<hermes> that is why i used it as an example
<hermes> but the OLAP could suggest something like walking in the park
<hermes> whatever may be useful to help you to heal
<hermes> they want you to do some of the work yourself
<bengal> understand now :)
<bengal> we can here that by inner voice?
<hermes> sure, or you may just feel like it after you do a healing session with the OLAP
<hermes> usually after a session you have a pretty good idea on what you can do. the OLAP will implant suggestion into you while they are healing you.
<hermes> this will surface as insight or desire
<hermes> afterward
<bengal> i do session with OLAP, but i newer know when it is end of it
<hermes> well usually you get the sense that things are done or over
<hermes> but i would say 30 minutes would be a typical session with the OLAP
<hermes> they try not to do too much at one time. they prefer to heal the body slowly over time
<bengal> my palms start to pec
<hermes> there you go
<bengal> and i read that OLAP prefer to use my hands
<hermes> here is the url for those people reading the log file
<bengal> but i don't know is i doing that or them
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<bengal> i start to move my hands, on the body
<hermes> yes, their goal is to get you to heal yourself, so the hands and mind are too tools that they like you to develop
<bengal> is that OLAP or i
<hermes> that is the OLAP
<hermes> they are directing you to heal yourself, guiding you
<hermes> showing how to do it
<hermes> you can then do these on your own over time
<bengal> but my hands are looking for painful spots
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<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel Orph
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<bengal> so i assumed that i;I'm doing not them
<hermeslogger> Welcome to Wisdomsdoor Official chat channel electra537
<hermes> yea that is right
<hermes> the painful spots are where the energy is blocked
<bengal> should we feel strange energy?
<hermes> you have to release this energy
<bengal> on the healing spot?
<hermes> by pressing on the spot lightly
<hermes> it gets more painful
<hermes> but it releases the energy there
<hermes> that is a healing technique they are trying to show you
<bengal> i worked it : )
<hermes> there you go, very good
<hermes> you are listening to the OLAP and learning then
<bengal> : )
<bengal> i didn't know
<bengal> i was playing around
<bengal> : )
<hermes> that is how the OLAP work, it is playful
<bengal> playing*
<hermes> healing should be a playful thing
<bengal> is it the same with healing others
<bengal> yes :)
<hermes> yes, that technique can be applied to healing others as well
<hermes> though i am sure the OLAP will have other techniques to show you when healing others
<bengal> i need to hear them before go to heal others?
<hermes> no, but i would suggest you work with them first healing your own self
<bengal> of course
<hermes> and getting used to to them
<hermes> then when you feel you are ready go and help others
<bengal> is healing can be done if other don't know what i'm doing
<hermes> once you have the connection to the OLAP and you can hear them and they can direct you, they will show you want to do.
<hermes> they will teach you how to be a healer
<hermes> of course every Reiki master that reads this now will probably be screaming
<bengal> yes, but for an example
<electra537> yes, they so closed to other methods
<electra537> Reiki is a beginning, not an end in itself
<hermes> but its true, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to heal when that ability is built into every human being and can be accessed with desire and will.
<bengal> : )
<bengal> can you give me some advice
<hermes> granted i would not hang a sign out and start calling in patients, but you can heal your friends and family and start there.
<bengal> sorry if we jump from subject to subject
<bengal> yes, but they don't believe in that
<hermes> ok what advice
<hermes> i help if i can
<bengal> i meditate for a almost 9 months
<bengal> and still cannot reach malkuth
<hermes> how you know you have not already been there many times
<hermes> have you seen the violet light
<bengal> yes one time before
<hermes> have you seen yourself walking in the woods or in a green field
<bengal> no
<hermes> never ever in any meditation
<hermes> just a brief flash
<bengal> no only in dream
<bengal> i was in malkuth
<hermes> you have already been there many times, you just do not remember
<bengal> how can i remember better than
<hermes> what do you remember from your meditations that stick out
<bengal> for an example
<bengal> today was black room
<bengal> and i hear steps
<hermes> you are in tiphareth
<bengal> when i asked to show me who is there
<hermes> what else do you remember
<bengal> nothing happens
<hermes> that is the training rooms
<bengal> before that in same meditation
<hermes> you wait and then the room will morph into some environment
<bengal> i had a picture of big table with coffee on it and salt
<electra537> yea - I have had that happen
<hermes> where you will be shown something in an adventure
<bengal> but there is not tunnels
<bengal> was
<hermes> you may not see the tunnels. you may just be in the place in the tree of life you need to be
<hermes> usually you see the tunnel the first few times
<hermes> after that you can almost instantly go to where you need to be
<hermes> so did you sit down at that table
<electra537> hermes why do people see violet light before they reach Malkuth
<hermes> its just something i have noticed over the years
<hermes> there is a violet tunnel that leads from earth to malkuth
<electra537> ah, right
<hermes> and you often catch it,but see it as a light
<bengal> there is light in every meditation
<hermes> after awhile you just find yourself where you need to be in the tree of life
<bengal> i see it
<hermes> the color you see could be a clue to where you are going
<hermes> have you seen the color chart on the tree of life
<bengal> it's usually white light
<bengal> yes
<bengal> but i always wait for violet :(
<hermes> sometimes the light is a message, sometimes it is energy that you are getting
<hermes> you may get green one day, white another
<bengal> when i get in malkuth, is it going to be like pictures that i need to resolve
<bengal> or like a movie?
<hermes> it can be either or both
<hermes> at first you see glimpses of what you are doing there
<hermes> and you put these together to form some kind of slide show of what you were doing
<hermes> later as you learn to relax and let go
<hermes> it will be more like a movie
<hermes> i think you are trying too hard
<hermes> you need to just relax and let your mind flow and wander
<hermes> and see where it takes you
<hermes> i know people say clear the mind but that is just the beginning part
<hermes> after you clear the mind let it go and do its thing
<hermes> this is where you catch yourself in Malkuth or the rest of the tree of life
<hermes> let your mind wander
<hermes> see where your thoughts go, what images come to you
<hermes> that violet light is a sign that its beginning
<hermes> when you get that relax the mind more, do not tighten the grip
<hermes> if you try to focus on what you see you will lose it
<hermes> experience it
<hermes> then after the meditation you can record what you experienced
<bengal> and that is what changes me?
<hermes> your experiences in these travel meditations is what changes you.
<hermes> your coffee table you saw
<hermes> that is some experience or the start of it
<bengal> yes ?
<hermes> had you sat down and went with this
<hermes> someone could have sat down next to you
<hermes> it could have been a teacher or angel or friend
<hermes> he may have said something to you
<hermes> imparted some wisdom
<bengal> no, that it was just strong glimpse
<hermes> you have to play with what you see
<hermes> yes but then take that further
<hermes> go back into that room you saw
<hermes> see the table
<hermes> see the coffee
<hermes> see what happens next
<bengal> for example
<hermes> its like peeking into a room
<hermes> you see in for a moment
<bengal> that table was in bright room
<hermes> you have to go back in
<bengal> and other moment was in the dark room
<hermes> ok, sounds like a good beginning
<bengal> : )
<hermes> had i saw that
<hermes> i would have gone back in to both rooms
<hermes> and seen what happens in both
<hermes> does the same thing happen
<hermes> or do different people show up for example
<bengal> ill try that
<hermes> but just fyi, many times that black and white stuff is connected to the pillars of light and dark or the towers of light and dark
<hermes> bottom of page, judgment and moon locations on the tree of life
<Orph> can I ask quick question?
<hermes> hi Orph, good to see you here
<hermes> sure go ahead
<Orph> ( :
<bengal> : )
<Orph> There's a dream symbolism thing you may be able to help me out with
<Orph> not too long ago I saw a white baboon in a dream, which I connect to one of the appearances of Thoth
<Orph> the baboon was sitting in a pit in a cave
<Orph> on one of the four walls of his pit, the wall I am standing at looking down at him, there are compartments
<Orph> and in those compartments are plaques the size of playing cards, or slightly bigger
<Orph> half of them is gold, and half of them is black
<Orph> and all have an imprinting of the baboon on them
<Orph> I tried going into the pit to pick up some of the gold ones - of course ^^
<bengal> i must go now
<bengal> thanks for help Hermes
<Orph> see you later bengal ( :
<hermes> bye bengal
<bengal> bye orph see you
<bengal> bye hermes thanks again
<electra537> yea - I need to go too
<electra537> thanks for a great session
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<Orph> see you later too then ( :
<hermes> ok so you picked up the gold one
<Orph> yes, and the baboon attacks me, because he was guarding the,
<Orph> them*
<Orph> after that a few things happen, all of them confusing and I think a few dreams started to blend together, so I'll ignore the last bits
<Orph> but the gold and black plaques, and the pit and the baboon, it all seems very meaningful
<Orph> I'm struggling with the interpretation of the symbolism though
<hermes> sure, if we take it that these plaques represent knowledge
<Orph> *nods
<hermes> the message here is that you just cant take knowledge, it has to be earned
<hermes> knowledge is guarded as you have seen
<hermes> but is often a reward for doing something
<hermes> if you had offered the baboon something in return
<hermes> he would have let you take some of the knowledge
<Orph> interesting
<hermes> the baboon i guess has some personal meaning in your life
<Orph> indeed
<Orph> many events concerning knowledge were playing out around that time
<Orph> I was particularly interested in the meaning of the black and the gold
<hermes> well gold could be currency or wealth
<hermes> but not all knowledge comes from that
<hermes> the black can be equally rewarding
<hermes> but you choose gold as well, we often relate to wealth as a goal
<hermes> i would have chosen the gold ones too
<hermes> LOL
<Orph> :D
<Orph> what you said about giving the baboon a gift reminds me to be more conscious in dreams by the way
<Orph> weekends have been busy lately, last weekend though was nice. There was a mineral expo nearby
<hermes> oh i like those
<hermes> i wish they had them here in florida
<hermes> but they rarely do
<hermes> in NY i was always going to those things
<Orph> I got a hand sized selenite globe - very magician like - and some rock called tektite which had a very energetic feel to it
<hermes> yes i got both of those
<Orph> ofcourse ^^
<hermes> the selenite is great for the office, it just calms you down
<hermes> the tektite i used to put on my third eye in a bandana
<hermes> to help me with my clear vision
<hermes> minds eye vision
<Orph> hmm, interesting
<hermes> yea very helpful in developing that
<hermes> it does take getting used to though, makes you dizzy at first (the tektite)
<hermes> i wear if for a few hours at a time or when i was just by myself
<Orph> it's something I'll have to try. expending third eye and awareness is high on my "when I have time for it" list
<Orph> ( :
<hermes> yea let me know how that works
<hermes> people come to the house and say, what you stuck in the 60's!
<hermes> LOL
<Orph> lol
<Orph> having stones and stuff in the house can still be done tactful though ( :
<hermes> yes, over the years i have learned to place them here and there
<hermes> people think they are just part of the decor
<hermes> but in fact have a purpose
<Orph> yea, guardians at every window and doorway ( :
<hermes> yep
<hermes> I love them
<hermes> my silent protectors
<Orph> Catrina got a big rose quarts for just that last weekend
<hermes> that's a nice pleasant stone to have around
<hermes> very subtle but persistent
<Orph> very recognizable too
<Orph> there are many stones that I don't know what their deal is
<Orph> they're a bit of this and a bit of that
<hermes> well today they sell just about anything
<Orph> rose quarts is more straight forward ( :
<hermes> and put a label on it
<Orph> do you know Moldavite for instance?
<hermes> yes another one for the third eye
<hermes> i wore that in my bandana too
<hermes> LOL
<hermes> now that is real ET stone
<Orph> we didn't get any because of the price, but being from outer space, who knows what it will be doing ^^
<Orph> lol
<Orph> that's some bandana :D
<hermes> i wore that after i wanted a more intense experience from the tektite
<hermes> wow
<hermes> we are talking way out there stuff
<hermes> kind of like peering right into the mind of the universe
<hermes> yea don't wear that while trying to carry on a normal conversation
<hermes> LOL
<Orph> perhaps something to put under a pillow ( :
<hermes> now i will have to hunt for my piece of Moldavite
<Orph> I like those "at the other side of the universe" dreams
<hermes> no man you got to do the bandana with that when you get one
<hermes> LOL
<Orph> :D
<Orph> I'm just picturing that now
<hermes> LOL
<hermes> ahahah
<Orph> no, but it sounds cool
<Orph> these stones just sit there and don't seem like a lot of action, but they can pack a kick
<hermes> yea, their passive energies are tremendous
<hermes> they just do what they do, without any movement
<hermes> or action
<hermes> they reshape energy and even thought to a degree
<hermes> powerful beings some of them are
<Orph> I wish I could take stuff out of dreams with me.. There is a stone I found one day that was really out there ^^
<Orph> it was the most amazing blue rock that was used to open doorways between worlds
<Orph> great fun ( :
<hermes> nice
<hermes> you do have those things you know
<hermes> you can use them on the inner landscape
<hermes> and have the changes transpose to the physical plane
<Orph> how is that?
<hermes> well like your blue stone
<hermes> lets say you want to bridge some gap between two things in physical reality
<hermes> you see your blue stone creating that doorway for you
<hermes> then it creates physically in some way
<hermes> in a few minutes or hours or days
<hermes> that's how all those nonphysical tools work, that you get as gifts in dreams and meditation
<Orph> so wait
<Orph> you say I can use its energy by visualizing it?
<Orph> or something else
<hermes> yes
<hermes> just by using your visualizations you will activate it
<hermes> they are gifts of abilities you have been given
<hermes> symbols of abilities you have been given, I mean
<hermes> so you have the ability to use that amazing blue rock in your physical reality
<Orph> speaking of reality.. ( :
<hermes> even though you don't actually see and touch it physically, its there, its part of you.
<Orph> with a bit of luck I will be doing an assignment for school about Augmented Reality
<Orph> now that will be really interesting
<Orph> interesting*
<Orph> AR is the closest thing we have today to bringing physical and non physical realities together
<hermes> nice
<hermes> its nice they are thinking like this in schools
<Orph> well..
<Orph> they aren't
<Orph> I'm putting together a free minor for myself
<Orph> they lag behind a little
<Orph> but that won't stop a motivated student ( :
<hermes> well then good for you
<hermes> keep it up
<Orph> motivated*
<Orph> it's been great talking to you again ( :
<hermes> yes same here
<hermes> come back again soon
<Orph> I'll be around more often for sure
<Orph> by the way
<Orph> have you ever noticed how some people are never online when others are?
<Orph> I mean
<Orph> it's like they keep missing each other
<hermes> yea, i have noticed that
<Orph> say, we have 20 or so frequent visitors
<Orph> but some of them never meet
<hermes> this is true
<hermes> i can see that in workshops
<hermes> some weeks some people come and others different people
<Orph> right
<hermes> its strange how the universe puts those together
<Orph> it's annoying in a way ^^ cause they are all fun folks
<hermes> usually there is a good reason for it
<Orph> true
<hermes> but what that is we never know
<Orph> ah well
<Orph> I better head off to bed
<Orph> but see you soon ( :
<hermes> ok great, thanks for stopping by
<Orph> bye ( :
<hermes> bye
* Orph has quit IRC ("Bye bye")
Session Close: Thus Oct 15 18:38:21 2009

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