trusting your reality creating; the tarot; the Emerald Tablets; meditating on numbers for their meanings; decoding visions; difference - OBE and a travel meditation; OBE tips; vitamins for sleeping
October 30, 2008 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 30 13:06:54 2008
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<nahda> heloo
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<nahda> hi daniel
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<daniel327> Hi nahda
<nahda> hi hermes
<hermes> howdy everyone
<daniel327> Hi Hermes
<daniel327> :D
<nahda> How has your week been?
<hermes> so how are the spiritual journeys doing?
<hermes> doing well
<daniel327> the spiritual journeys are good :)
<nahda> slowing at present. Too much going on at work
<nahda> So much to do by the end of the year
<hermes> yea those pesky physical distractions can be a problem
<nahda> not much time for me...
<nahda> i plan to make so big changes at work next year!
<daniel327> I created some time, a week off from work to meditate and read and experience
<hermes> now that is a good reality creation
<hermes> the time off one
<daniel327> :d
<nahda> I have 5 weeks off over dec/jan
<daniel327> :D
<hermes> oh are you a teacher
<nahda> cant wait!
<nahda> yes
<daniel327> What kind of teacher?
<nahda> i most rewarding job
<nahda> health and personal development
<daniel327> Wow that's a nice job
<nahda> i am fortunate!
<nahda> what do you do for work D?
<daniel327> I just stopped school to focus a bit on what I truly want, it was a difficult choice but something in me wanted to do something else
<daniel327> And I want something like you do
<nahda> sounds like a wise move!
<daniel327> but don't know for sure how
<daniel327> Now I have much time to search within and focus on spirituality
<nahda> If you like people and their emotions you'll love teaching
<daniel327> But somehow I have trust but also a bit of fear because I don't know how
<daniel327> Yes I have offered a job here in the netherlands that focus on personal development and meditation and healing
<daniel327> but i can't work there full time :(
<daniel327> so I have to find something else
<nahda> must be a creation of yours!
<hermes> well perhaps when you take that job something more will grow out of it
<daniel327> yes I think so! because it popped up from now where once I made the choice to stop school
<daniel327> yes I hope so hermes
<hermes> often the path to your goal twists and turns
<hermes> the fastest road in reality creating is rarely a straight line
<hermes> so when you ask the universe for something and it plops it before you
<daniel327> It seems like I cant look further in what I want or what have yet to come
<hermes> it often will lead you to the goal, even though it may not seem so
<daniel327> Okay maybe that is the trust inside myself what i feel deep inside
<daniel327> but rationally I don't know how
<daniel327> :)
<hermes> just walk the path before you
<hermes> see where it leads
<daniel327> okay thank you it felt like a blessing when I had offered the job
<nahda> trust what the universe offers as it is what you have asked for
<hermes> yes in realty creating that is a big lesson and it is what holds people back from creating just what they want
<nahda> it is the law of attraction at work! Is it not Hermes?
<hermes> they see these things in front of them and discount them
<hermes> not realizing that they lead to where they want to go
<hermes> yes it is the law of attraction
<daniel327> Yes because people around me like my father ask allot of questions about how things are developing etc etc but I don't know how but it is a confrontation with my trust
<hermes> I always look at these things that seem to be something that you want but not exactly as a wrapped present
<hermes> you can't see inside until you open it
<nahda> you get what you you think of if you want it or not!
<daniel327> You're nahda I experienced it hehe
<daniel327> You're right
<nahda> If we think we really don't want something, those thoughts alone create exactly what it is we don't want!
<nahda> Like wise if we have a strong desire for something we truly want it will be given to us. It has to be so. Right Hermes?
<hermes> desire and intent pulls you toward what you want
<nahda> It is our thoughts that create reality!
<hermes> you just have to be brave to take the plunge into the unknown at times
<hermes> there is a saying, it is the brave that go far.
<daniel327> that's true and somehow I like the adventure most of the time
<nahda> The key is to consciously create what you want!
<daniel327> Now It is a big adventure for me, because I don't know were I am heading :)
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<hermes> hi attuned
<nahda> but you do know where you want to end up!
<daniel327> that's right
<attuned> hi
<daniel327> Hi attuned
<nahda> and where it is you are starting
<daniel327> Hermes what is this workshop about today?
<nahda> enjoy the scenery on the journey
<nahda> it is often the best part!
<hermes> just questions
<hermes> i did not set a topic
<daniel327> There you have a good point a good start is beautiful
<daniel327> okay
<hermes> seemed like everyone had questions over the last few weeks that needed to be answered, so I thought i just keep it open for now
<hermes> see how the workshop went
<nahda> I have had a great start the day by talking to you
<nahda> but now i have to go to work
<hermes> this is actually not a bad thread talking about changing your reality and having the courage to take what comes along
<nahda> have a wonderful day!
<nahda> bye
<hermes> take care nahda
<daniel327> Bye nadha and thank you
<hermes> many people do real good in creating opportunities but the drop them because they fear it will not take them to where they need to go
<hermes> a bit of trust is needed with the process
<hermes> and some intuition, helps too
<daniel327> that's true it is a great start because maybe I know how to come further in this adventure
<daniel327> it is also fear that I have that my dream is to big or not the right time to create it
<hermes> well, that is all just fear though
<hermes> it can be the right time
<hermes> if you want it to be
<hermes> ve=be^
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<hermes> and no creation is too big
<hermes> they are what they are, your creations
<hermes> they give you want you need and have asked for
<daniel327> I want it to be, but a problem may be that I don't know exactly what I want, I know I want to create time for my spiritual development and work with people
<hermes> well that could be enough
<hermes> you do not have to be very specific
<hermes> you can let the universe decide how to fine tune it
<daniel327> the intention is there very strong
<daniel327> My meditations are stronger know, and that's giving me more trust in these things but not always do I know what happen
<hermes> with reality creating you rarely get to do the creation down to the little details. So something like that mission statement should be enough to get you started
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<daniel327> Maybe the rest comes when I've made a start
<daniel327> :)
<hermes> yes, that is the point of course
<hermes> you set out to create something
<hermes> then something is put before you with that potential
<hermes> then it is up to you to open the box and see what is inside and where it goes
<hermes> now I am not saying that this opportunity you have been offered will be what you are looking for
<Jackeezie> hey everybody
<daniel327> yes you're right I just have to trust and have courage and see in each moment what is the best for me without loosing the dream
<hermes> but it may lead you to that place
<daniel327> Hi Jackeezie
<hermes> hi jackeezie
<daniel327> Yes I've seen opportunities to come were I want to be
<daniel327> I meet many people that are working with these things
<Jackeezie> Hermes what do you think about Tarot?
<hermes> the tarot is a wonderful spiritual tool
<hermes> it has great lessons in it
<hermes> and integrates well with the Tree of Life
<daniel327> I have the tarot of thoth
<hermes> that is a nice deck
<daniel327> But some say it is evil?
<Jackeezie> I really enjoy using it.
<hermes> the tarot like any tool can be used for good or evil
<hermes> it is not the tool that is bad
<daniel327> It feels good for me, but they only looked at the name Alister crowley
<hermes> as far as the superstitious people, that is just fear and not understanding what the tarot really is
<hermes> well even with Crowley, again it is how the individual used those tools
<hermes> and not the tool itself
<daniel327> It has wonderful pictures
<hermes> the tarot contains many of the human lessons that are needed
<daniel327> but their is a whole history behind it
<daniel327> do you use tarot?
<hermes> yes those pictures are often carefully thought out
<Jackeezie> When somebody expresses that fear in a "God hates Tarot" format, is that like slander or something?
<hermes> i use it often, sure
<daniel327> I have to study them, but now I just use my intuition
<hermes> RC3 will cover the tarot, and I hope to have some articles up on the web covering the tarot soon
<Jackeezie> Because saying that is different from "I hate Tarot" or "I fear Tarot"
<Jackeezie> If you know what I mean
<hermes> That is just fear in there. Some people feel the need to put God in there to give it weight
<hermes> but really, how many people really know God?
<Jackeezie> That's what I was thinking
<hermes> if i went up to most people and said, I talk to God and he talks back to me. they think i was crazy. yet they are right there to say they know what God thinks.
<hermes> just use your own intuition on these things
<Jackeezie> I think its a power trip for some. They come up with some ideas that sound good to them and put God behind it
<hermes> God is not about fear. it is about love, compassion, and expansion, and growth.
<daniel327> Hermes what do you think about the emerald tablets of thoth I just began this week to read them
<hermes> they are very insightful. but very hard to understand
<daniel327> that's true, He talked about 9 numbers were you can meditate on
<hermes> there is much symbolism there in the Emerald Tablets
<hermes> and it helps to understand some of the symbolism of the time when it was written
<hermes> what 9 numbers
<daniel327> for example
<daniel327> THREE holds the key of all hidden magic,
<daniel327> and up to nine
<daniel327> were you can meditate on
<daniel327> Of how I understand it it are energies on earth from which you can get keys
<hermes> many times Hermes used the word magic to symbolize the power of the mind to create change
<hermes> three is the divine formula
<hermes> Monad, spirit, man
<daniel327> But how can I meditate on a number? just by intention
<hermes> in christian terms that would be the Trinity
<hermes> sure
<hermes> focus on the number in meditation and see what associations it takes you too
<daniel327> because last times I meditated on thoth I saw many images, but couldn't understand it
<hermes> well it can take time to decode that stuff
<hermes> you may have to understand just what you can
<hermes> and then understand a bit more later on the next try
<daniel327> okay, I understood what I saw but not what i can learn from it or why I saw it
<daniel327> like ancient drawings
<daniel327> pyramids and halls of gold
<daniel327> golden light
<daniel327> and many tunnels
<hermes> this is when you meditated on Thoth
<daniel327> yes
<daniel327> and the moon
<daniel327> I saw a couple of times a full moon
<hermes> well thoth represents the transmission of knowledge. and it was in ancient drawings that these knowledge were often passed down
<daniel327> and someone inside a temple sitting on a throne
<daniel327> Wow that's nice to know
<hermes> gold pyramids represent success, or attainment, places of great power
<daniel327> like I had to state on the man on my throne what I came to do
<hermes> these drawings or knowledge unlock great power
<hermes> golden light can be a symbol for showing the way
<hermes> enlightenment of the soul through the unlocking of knowledge.
<hermes> the moon means you cannot always know this knowledge. consciously
<daniel327> so this happens maybe were I am not aware of? some kind of energies integrating with mine?
<hermes> some of this knowledge. can only be understood by the inner mind
<hermes> sure
<hermes> you are unlocking the knowledge. within you
<daniel327> But it is nice that I brought it up now it makes more sense
<hermes> and this is changing you
<daniel327> So it takes time before I can use these energies
<hermes> yes
<hermes> any new energy or even knowledge. has to integrate into your being
<hermes> it does not happen right away
<hermes> time and patience
<daniel327> The last weeks I have very deep meditations I have start to wright it down
<hermes> yes that does help too
<hermes> you lose lots of that stuff when you do not write it down right after
<daniel327> most of the time I only know a bit
<daniel327> But another question how do I know If I have a OBE?
<daniel327> This is also traveling
<daniel327> because I see many places
<daniel327> but I don't think it was in obe
<hermes> OBE's feel very physical like
<hermes> travel meditation is like watching a movie
<hermes> it does not have that as real feel to it
<daniel327> then it was travel
<hermes> usually a student is good at one or the other at the start
<hermes> then later they develop the other
<daniel327> okay because I stated many times for an OBE but nothing happens
<hermes> you can keep at trying for an OBE. but at least you have the travel meditation to work with for now
<hermes> that is what I tell most students. use what works for now, and work on the other as you go along
<daniel327> Sometimes It felt if I were sucked out my third eye, like all my energy was there in a sec and a portal opened before me but this is 6 months ago, and then I couldn't let go of control
<hermes> there are two places you obe from
<hermes> the brow center and the solar plexus
<hermes> so that could be an OBE there
<hermes> or the start of one
<daniel327> yes it was heavy!
<daniel327> Like I heard a sound and suddenly I saw a great tunnel like I saw it physical
<hermes> yes, that is the travel tunnels
<daniel327> and all my energy flew to my brow
<hermes> they lead many places
<daniel327> And the tunnel was moving in all kinds of colors
<hermes> yes different color tunnels lead to different places
<hermes> it is how you know where you are going
<hermes> well it is one of the ways
<daniel327> that was really nice but somehow I couldn't let myself go, I was stuck in between
<hermes> fear was holding you back most likely
<hermes> usually you get to where you were and then come back into the body. then next attempt you go further
<daniel327> I became aware of what was happening and i was really stuck, it felt physical very heavy
<daniel327> with dizziness etc
<hermes> the dizziness goes away after you travel the tunnel
<hermes> and that heavy feeling too
<daniel327> But I have a feeling like I stopped this once I was aware of what was happening
<hermes> you get that because you are too close to the physical body
<daniel327> to exited
<hermes> yea that will do it too
<hermes> any strong emotion can jettison you from the projection
<hermes> it is part of the OBE process to control the emotions
<hermes> it is part of the OBE learning process, that is
<daniel327> Okay, you just have to be calm and the observer?
<hermes> yes, that is why it takes having several of these to get it right
<hermes> OBE is a thing that requires just the right amount of ingredients to work well
<hermes> and so a bit of practice with these various elements helps you to get it right
<daniel327> You are very experienced with OBE
<hermes> i have had quite a few for sure, but I remember very well how it was to learn the skill at the start
<hermes> and I did keep great records, so that helped too
<daniel327> How did you start? and practice
<hermes> but i did have to learn this from scratch
<hermes> i never really had any OBE's until I tried consciously to develop it
<hermes> i actually was not even sure it was possible
<hermes> but i did want to find out
<hermes> and it took work and patience and reading and more reading
<daniel327> wow that's a difficult job, but you have found a way, and really wonderful explained in your book
<daniel327> but how did you practiced it
<hermes> when i had the time
<hermes> in the evenings after work
<daniel327> just lay down, and relax
<hermes> sure, I set up a time and place every week for obe practice
<hermes> and that was my time
<hermes> just like going to class
<hermes> you have to attend
<hermes> there was much crap at the time written about OBE
<hermes> but what I found the most important was some kind of consistency
<hermes> with the practice
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<daniel327> a schedule
<hermes> yes a schedule
<hermes> that helps you on an unconscious level
<hermes> and it helps your sprit guides to be there too as well
<daniel327> I will try it
<hermes> if you just say, I am going to try now, well there is not much planning there can go on
<daniel327> Yes in the end of the tunnel there stood someone waving
<hermes> but with a schedule, everyone knows when you will be trying it
<daniel327> that's a good one, I will make a schedule
<hermes> hi Orph
<Orph> hi ( :
<Orph> just popping in briefly today
<daniel327> Hi Orph
<daniel327> Say hi to Cat :)
<Orph> I will
<Orph> how is everyone? ( :
<daniel327> I am fine
<hermes> doing well here too
<daniel327> and how are you
<Orph> heh
<Orph> busy ( :
<Orph> Catrina says hi to you Daniel ( : she just went to sleep
<daniel327> Okay :D
<Orph> I read some of the logs here lately, are you still in company of many ethereal beings?
<daniel327> Orph are you talking to me? or hermes or the others :)
<Orph> yes, to you daniel ( :
<daniel327> I don't know I think they are around but not as a couple of weeks ago
<daniel327> I think I saw there world in meditation last week
<daniel327> And at night it is really hard for me to fall asleep
<daniel327> I don't know why
<daniel327> For weeks now
<daniel327> I am not sure if they are around
<daniel327> but still I can't fall asleep
<Orph> usually, I only sleep very deep if I do a lot of stuff during the day
<hermes> b-vitamins are good for sleep
<daniel327> I had never problems with falling a sleep
<hermes> if you lack some B, it can give you trouble
<daniel327> Only since they came
<hermes> Iron deficiency can give you restless leg syndrome
<daniel327> In what kind of product are vitamin B
<hermes> calcium can help you to relax
<daniel327> But sometimes when I lay down at night I feel strange inside like vibrations
<daniel327> but it doesn't feel nice
<daniel327> physical
<hermes> what kind of vibrations
<daniel327> It is difficult to describe, like my whole body is vibrating
<daniel327> and my heart goes faster
<daniel327> So that I have to put a light on and for a minute relax to calm down
<Orph> do you see anything during that time?
<daniel327> Most of the time I have my eyes closed but what i can remember is just colors
<hermes> yea you sure it is not a pre OBE condition
<hermes> you get vibrations right before an OBE
<hermes> the idea is to make these vibrations real strong
<daniel327> I don't know? It could be, but it doesn't feel nice
<daniel327> I can try it?
<hermes> no it does not feel nice at first
<hermes> as you are not used to them
<daniel327> most of the time it is in a period were I meditate very much during the day
<daniel327> so it could be right
<Orph> perhaps your body is ready to start the OBE trip while your mind isn't and needs a minute longer
<Orph> in that case, a visualization technique could jump start you ( :
<daniel327> Most of the time because it feels strange I got scared like there are beings in my room
<daniel327> yes now I have an idea of what to try or what it could be
<daniel327> That's nice
<hermes> sure, there are beings in your room, your OBE spirit guides
<Orph> also, when the body goes numb as it gets ready for sleep, but the mind is still awake, it is very common to see things around you
<hermes> sounds like you are closer than you think to reaching an OBE
<daniel327> What do you recommend that i do in this kind of situation
<Orph> yea
<hermes> deepen the vibrations
<hermes> let go and let them take over your body
<hermes> when they are good and strong
<hermes> get out of bed
<hermes> if you move your body you will break the trance
<hermes> you will have to make the vibrations stronger and deeper next time
<daniel327> also my teeth feel very strange
<daniel327> okay
<daniel327> I will try
<hermes> what you are feeling is the separation of body and spirit
<hermes> it of course will feel strange
<daniel327> and the heart beatings? are normal?
<hermes> yes your nonphysical senses are very powerful compared to the physical ones
<daniel327> that is what scares me the most and if I move then it goes down
<hermes> your ears are much more sensitive and your feelings
<hermes> so you will feel the heart pounding
<hermes> but it really isn't beating any harder than normal
<daniel327> but it seems faster?
<hermes> its not
<hermes> you could be a bit scared
<hermes> and that makes it beat a bit faster
<hermes> but as you will notice
<hermes> if you break the trance
<hermes> the heart goes back to normal
<hermes> that is because your physical senses take over
<hermes> the heart never really went any faster or louder
<hermes> it was just the shift to the nonphysical body with its super powerful senses
<daniel327> okay and the teeth feels also strange is that normal?
<hermes> sure
<daniel327> like they vibrate and sometimes it seems that I get less air
<hermes> yes that is normal
<hermes> you are detaching from the physical body when that happens, so the entire body feels strange. You are just focusing on certain things that call your attention.
<daniel327> okay now it makes sense, it happens not al the time, but in some weeks more than normal
<daniel327> like this week
<hermes> perhaps your guides are trying to give you a help this week
<hermes> seeing that you are ready
<hermes> and knowing how you have been trying to have an OBE
<daniel327> funny that we just talked about obe's and orph comes with a question and we discuss this experience, what i didn't know that it could be obe
<daniel327> that could be right because this week I was asking for it in meditation but there nothing happened
<hermes> i do talk about the vibrations in my OBE articles
<hermes> and in Reality Creator II
<daniel327> okay I will look it up, it is so nice that you can explain these things
<Orph> Oh, I had a question about falling asleep as well
<daniel327> I have reality creator II
<Orph> There is a technique I often use when I want to fall asleep fast,
<Orph> I clear my mind and induce a sensation of sinking into the bed. It’s hard to describe exactly, but it takes me out very fast
<Orph> Anyway, I had a lot of energy at the heart chakra one night, and every time I would try the technique it was like the energy bounced off around the heart
<Orph> and it just wouldn't work that time
<Orph> just wondering if you could say how come
<daniel327> I had it to a lot of energy in the heart
<hermes> well perhaps some work was being done on the heart chakra
<hermes> and your guides did not want you going off to sleep so fast
<hermes> so they blocked your technique
<Orph> it's been the most active chakra lately
<Orph> it felt like too much energy weight on one spot
<hermes> centered on the heart
<Orph> yea
<Orph> and then I thought, hey, were we not supposed to be able to OBE through a single chakra?
<Orph> but it just wouldn't work
<hermes> the chakra could be ramping up to a new frequency
<hermes> and this is throwing off your routine
<Orph> yea, something is going on ^^
<hermes> i know there were times when I wanted to OBE but my guides did not want me to OBE, they would put pressure on my spirit and hold me in
<hermes> but i am not sure if that is what you are feeling
<Orph> it just felt like the sleepy energy bounced off
<Orph> usually it flows through my body
<Orph> and I will feel heavy
<Orph> and before I know it, I wake up next morning ( :
<hermes> it is not that you are trying to have an obe right
<hermes> just going off to normal sleep
<Orph> yea, just doing it very fast
<hermes> there could be some healing work going on
<hermes> it is possible that your spirit is being ready for transport
<hermes> sometimes the OLAP will take you to a healing center for work
<daniel327> What is OLAP
<hermes> the OLAP nonphysical healers
<daniel327> Okay :)
<Orph> I will try it again tonight, and actually I'll be off right now, so all of you have a good night and a nice rest of the chat ( :
<Orph> tnx Hermes ( :
<daniel327> Good night
<Orph> and see you around Daniel
<hermes> ok Orph, let me know how you make out
<Orph> nite nite
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<daniel327> I will be off also, thank you Hermes I will follow your advice!
<hermes> ok let us know too how that works for you
<daniel327> Okay :)
<hermes> I'll be leaving as well
<daniel327> Till next time
<daniel327> Bye goodnight
<hermes> take care everyone, thanks for showing up
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<hermes> attuned and jackeezie, hope to see you back here again
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