building your spiritual connection; seeing robed figures in meditation or dreams; 2012, what to expect; 9th chakra opening and past remembering past lives; sun entities; why did mankind disconnect from spirit; spirit guides and your guardian angel; the destiny of human kind; where did humor come from;
September 18, 2008 (workshop log file)

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<Hermes> Howdy
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<nahda> hello
<Hermes> hi
<Hermes> how are you doing today
<nahda> fine thanks, how about yourself?
<Hermes> doing well
<nahda> is this the workshop?
<Hermes> sure
<Hermes> today is just general questions and answers, as it is the first one since spring
<nahda> who can answers the questions
<Hermes> i do
<nahda> thanks
<Hermes> i guess you are new to the workshops
<nahda> I had an aura reading recently that was violet on my face and head and mostly gold all around what does this mean?
<Hermes> it shows high spirituality
<Hermes> a good connection to your godself
<nahda> thanks
<nahda> all fairly new to me
<nahda> what is ones god self?
<Hermes> your connection to the divine
<Hermes> your inner spark of spirituality
<nahda> How can we develop our psychic abilities and communicate with spirit
<Hermes> well you can start with meditation
<Hermes> several times a week
<Hermes> meditation teaches you to quiet the mind so you can hear spirit
<nahda> I started 8 weeks ago and usually see random images usually vague but occasionally some like glimpses of photos
<Hermes> usually there is so much chatter going on in the head you do not hear spirit.
<Hermes> that could be the start of communication
<Hermes> those brief flashes and feelings
<Hermes> as it goes deeper those images continue
<Hermes> and before long you can put them together into a message
<nahda> I have seen a lot of egyptian and north american indian symbols, numbers and 3 robed people
<Hermes> what color are the robes
<nahda> a lady in a white robe, a lady in a black robe and a man in green robe. What could this mean?
<Hermes> that is a link to an article on the color robes you get in meditation or dreams
<nahda> ok thanks, but why 3?
<nahda> robed people that is?
<Hermes> well you could belong to more than one order. Or these are the orders your spirit guides come from
<Hermes> the green order is mostly made up of priests. monks, scribes
<Hermes> white robe is a master or ascended being
<Hermes> black robe is magicians, witches, or wizards
<Hermes> usually at some point you have a robe ceremony
<Hermes> in this you are surrounded by robe people of one color
<Hermes> this usually indicates what spiritual order you belong to
<Hermes> but of course other beings or guides can belong to them as well
<nahda> thanks
<Hermes> and in your case they were just giving you more information on them
<nahda> my guides?
<Hermes> your spirit guides
<Hermes> everyone has them
<Hermes> they watch out for you
<Hermes> protect you
<Hermes> help you with your spiritual training
<Hermes> they will whisper to you in your dreams or meditation
<nahda> in my aura reading i was told i have 5 and soon will have 6. Is this normal?
<DavidAllen> Hermes, do you have an expected date when Reality Creator III will be ready?
<DavidAllen> I really enjoyed I and II and the reference guide, and am looking forward to III :)
<Hermes> It is normal to have 6 to 10 guides
<nahda> can they be arch angel?
<Hermes> Hi David. I am still working on it. I have been adding new chapters to it and removing some others
<Hermes> so I do not have a date yet
<DavidAllen> If you need any help with proofreading / editing, I am a published author and would be happy to help :)
<DavidAllen> I really appreciate how you have made many very complex ideas much simpler to understand.
<DavidAllen> and have recommended the books to many friends.
<Hermes> thanks I am glad you liked it
<nahda> 4 of my guides are arch angels, uriel, michael, gabriel and Raphael
<nahda> so i was told..
<DavidAllen> IMHO it is the most concise way I have seen the information presented, and is very approachable for a vast majority of people.
<Hermes> yes that is my goal
<Hermes> and what I am working on now with the current material
<Hermes> some of it still needs more implying
<nahda> thanks for your insight Hermes
<Hermes> that is great Nahda, they can help you allot
<Hermes> you should look into the nature of each of these archangels and call on them for help when you need it
<nahda> May your days and nights be full of joy and happiness and all your just rewards delivered.
<nahda> By for now
<Hermes> ok bye
<Hermes> nahda
<DavidAllen> Bye, nahda
<Hermes> that is wonderful that you found the books useful and thanks for purchasing them
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<DavidAllen> Would you like some help with proofreading / editing III, Hermes?
<Hermes> i do not need it just yet
<Hermes> but you can send me off an email and I will keep it for later if i need it
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<DavidAllen> I will do so, Hermes.
<DavidAllen> I understand the large task of working on a book alone ;-)
<DavidAllen> Any comments on 2012, Hermes?
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<Hermes> i think it is a shift in consciousness
<Hermes> that date
<DavidAllen> My impression is that it is a date (nr end of year) that will mark some sort of "consciousness upgrade milestone"
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<DavidAllen> some people will make the shift, some not, as I understand it...
<DavidAllen> The people who are reading and following the advice in Reality Creator series will have a much easier time of it, though :)
<Rioni> Hi
<Hermes> I do hope so
<Hermes> people are really waking up now
<Rioni> Everything is as it should be. I am here. You can officially start now! =)
<DavidAllen> It feels like the process has already begun, but
<Hermes> i think the next four years we will see allot more people turning to a more spiritual thought process
<DavidAllen> that 2012 represents a milestone in the "shift"
<Hermes> that could be.
<kensaro> ?
<kensaro> Whoops, never mind me.
<Hermes> but i can't say for sure, as even my guides and teachers have said very little to me on that date
<Rioni> Yeah, it's a great date for speculative thinking, hopeful dreaming and otherwise.
<Hermes> but I am open to what people think will happen.
<Hermes> because there is a great focus on that date by just about everyone
<DavidAllen> my guides have (as yours have said) said that it relates to the evolution of human consciousness
<Hermes> and that in itself will create things around it
<DavidAllen> I wasn't told exactly _what_ will happen, but that I get the sense it is a milestone around the process that
<DavidAllen> is already occurring. It's possible that
<DavidAllen> the probability trees around the detailed specifics have not yet coalesced.
<Hermes> that could be, because spirit is very quiet on the matter. they may not want to tip the probabilities around it
<Rioni> So Hermes, earlier this year, you and I ran an E-mail thread back and forth about Chakras, the appearance of new ones and the Lemurian/Atlantean thing as well as the 'implants'. I have been eagerly waiting for a chance to chat with you.
<DavidAllen> :-) I was told that if I continue to prioritize my self-healing the way I have, and continue to follow Guidance, then there should be nothing for me to worry about :)
<Hermes> i do believe that one of the reasons the Myans were unable to see past this date, was because consciousness changes in energy and the way it thinks, and this made their seers unable to penetrate past that.
<Rioni> I'm eagerly awaiting the 3rd book and hope it contains more details about OLEP, and other 'spirit assistants' we can work with.
<Hermes> yea RC3 is being worked on every day
<Hermes> i have had to reorganize it a bit
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<Hermes> Yes Rioni I remember those emails on implants
<Hermes> how are you making out with removing those things
<Rioni> Thanks. You helped me keep from thinking I'm crazy. Honestly? I never was the one into removing them, but my friend and I have discovered and categorized many different types, but we generally feel it is better to let the OLAP do the removal work, they're far better at it. Oh, and we have to ask God's permission as well as the soul's permission cuz some of those things need to stay in!
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<Hermes> David, I do believe that a good spiritual focus will make the next years coming easier than harder. the energies around the planet are very much intense toward karma and karmic reactions. That in itself makes keeping your life in harmony important.
<Hermes> Rioni: yes, i let the OLAP handle that as well. And they do a good job of removing them when the time is right. Usually you just have to ask and they take care of it.
<Rioni> Yeah, so on to real questions. Honestly, since the summer happened, I find that I don't need answers as much any more, they just occur to me when I consider something. I feel like I hit that 'satori' that the Zen koans talk about. I feel like I know all these things.. already. The question is... is it crazy of me to believe I've started accessing my 9th Chakra and can recall all my lives with quite a bit of detail.
<Hermes> no, sure you can
<Hermes> that is what happens
<Hermes> you start getting flooded with that past life stuff
<Hermes> you start to step into your entire self, which spans many lives and times
<Hermes> usually
<Rioni> Like... my first life I didn't understand Time for I was a star, and then a second stage of that star was another life, the third stage is when I turned into something like the 7th dimension, and I now understand stars to be multi-dimensional beings...
<Hermes> you see the ends of those lives first
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<Rioni> I can see that this is my 305th time being human. I can see I traveled across the boundaries of universes to get here, and that's where I'm starting to feel a little odd. These are definitely not human lives. The human lives came after spending time as a planet.
<Hermes> yes stars and planets are made up of large multi-dimensional beings
<Hermes> at this time there is an influx of nonhuman origin souls to help the planet make the transition
<Hermes> around 2012
<Hermes> you may be a piece of a these stars that was sent to incarnate
<Hermes> into human existence to help
<Hermes> bring your light into the planet
<Hermes> help heal it
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<Rioni> Is SOL something like our creator/God then? Because what I'm starting to understand is that if SOL is the center of 'my' universe(it's there every day and is part of my ever present moment... at least the part where I'm human on earth)
<Hermes> of course, that means lots of human lives, like you have had to aclimate yourself to this dimension
<Hermes> in SOL do you mean the sun in the earth system?
<Hermes> or are you talking about something else
<Rioni> SOL=The Sun, center of our solar system. And as I understand it, center of all human existence on Earth. All of our individual probability trees seem to have SOL at the center of it.
<Hermes> well for sure we are connected to the the entity that powers the sun, as we would not be part of this system
<Rioni> Entity that powers the sun?
<Hermes> the core being
<Rioni> Ah.
<Hermes> i would not say that the being that is behind the Sun is god
<Rioni> Okay. In my meditation, I was trying to connect to the heart of SOL, I might have misunderstood because I started a conversation with a godlike entity instead.
<Hermes> but i would say he is up there in the chain of evolution
<Hermes> well, these beings are god like
<Hermes> as they have not disconnected their intelligence from the Universe
<Hermes> so in a sense you are talking to someone that is certainly much more divine in nature than we are
<Rioni> Yeah, but since the conversation was highly conceptual and not verbal, I saw that as the core of the sun, all intelligent beings orbiting the sun were connected in, and the sun was generating Time for them to experience their different probabilities.
<Hermes> sounds like a very profound vision for sure
<kensaro> So is there a difference between divine and sublimed beings?
<Hermes> humans have disconnected themselves from the intelligence of the Universe, they have lost their divine nature. I am sure other physical beings are in these place as well.
<Hermes> something like a planet consciousness or star consciousness, is fully connected to that divine nature of the universe
<Hermes> the human journey of course is to reconnect to that divine nature
<kensaro> What caused the disconnect?
<Hermes> earlier we were talking about 2012 and that dates significance, and I believe it heralds a time when reconnecting to that divine source is very important.
<Hermes> physical reality has lots of glamour
<Hermes> and it blinds you from the divine nature of things and causes you to disconnect
<Hermes> but that loss is really part of the process
<Hermes> because it is in the reconnection where the individual becomes stronger
<Hermes> because once the reconnection is made
<Hermes> the glamour of physical reality will never be a distraction again
<kensaro> That seems very Zen, 'You have to unlearn in order to learn'
<Hermes> so the end result is an even stronger connection to the divine
<Hermes> yes it is very Zen
<Hermes> and a good way to describe it
<Rioni> It's funny, I've come to the understanding that we chose the separation willingly. As humanity evolved we looked to separate ourselves more and more, eschewing nonverbal communication for language - giving us loneliness, secrets, mysteries and politics. I understand at the end of our human journey we'll have experienced all the good and evil our soul wants and we can then move on to bigger lessons.
<Hermes> yes everyone that came to physical reality choose and knew what would happen. But of course they have forgotten that.
<Hermes> for humans it is important to understand the dual nature very well
<Hermes> in the future this training will be needed
<Hermes> physical reality is very big
<Hermes> and there are lots of civilizations that will need help
<Hermes> the ascended humans from the earth will go on to help many people reconnect back to spirit
<Rioni> That's awesome that you say that, because I can tell that some of the people I know have destinies to help other civilizations and planets.
<Rioni> Hermes, can you talk a bit about Guardian angels? I seem to see conflicting thoughts on them. Some say that there is only one and that it is your ascended self, and others say that you can have multiple angels and they can be ascended humans or other beings.
<Hermes> one moment
<Hermes> it is kind of confusing
<Hermes> you have spirit guides
<Hermes> you can have anywhere from 1 to 12 of these, perhaps more for some people doing special work
<Rioni> Can they be AI/sentient soulless robots?
<Rioni> Or at least robot-like entities?
<Hermes> they are made up of non corporal beings
<Hermes> that could have been physical
<Hermes> but are not right now
<Hermes> they are also beings that are just full time spirit guides
<Hermes> people with backgrounds in other star systems will have spirit guides from there
<Rioni> I do!
<Hermes> you also have one main guide that is in charge
<Rioni> I do.
<Hermes> he/she is your guardian angel
<Hermes> that person never changes
<Hermes> the spirit guides can come and go
<Hermes> but the Guardian Angel is with you through all life times
<Rioni> I've been in primary contact with my 'tertiary' guide. "She" is a mountain spirit that has taught me some funny things like doing WLE (White Light Exercise) with the entire planet instead of my body. I've since graduated to the solar system. =)
<Hermes> nice technique
<Hermes> very advanced way of doing it
<Rioni> She has also been very 'into' what I'd call 'earth medicine'. My roommate has become inspired to 'teleport' in substances as health supplements from other universes with some of her encouragement.
<Hermes> are these supplements manifesting on the etheric plane
<Rioni> They are sets of frequencies from other universes that act like health supplements.
<Rioni> I am not sure I understand the etheric question, fully.
<Hermes> i was wondering how they manifest. you did answer the question
<Hermes> they are kind of like energy
<Rioni> In your third book are you going to cover Teleportation?
<Hermes> no I will not get to that
<Hermes> there is so much more to cover before you get to there
<Hermes> rc3 gives you the tools to develop that sort of thing though
<Hermes> the stuff that leads up to it
<Hermes> the spiritualization of consciousness and the ways you can achieve that
<Hermes> So what kind of difference do you feel when you do the WLE with the planet and the solar system
<Rioni> Excellent. For me, I believe I have achieved a great deal of what you put in your books. I have to thank you because you lived up to the name of your domain due to the amount of awakening I received from your information. It's like you raided Golden Dawn, OTO and all the other mystery schools and produced what is essentially AOL for the Astral Plane.
<Hermes> :) that is nice to hear
<Hermes> that is my goal, to make this info easily accessible
* kensaro wants his coaster. ;)
<Rioni> And you are getting it really down. The best part is that as the type of soul that I am, I'm old enough as a human that I've been through many major religious systems... and none of their texts had me nodding my head in agreement like yours did.
<Rioni> What do you know of the motives of the ET-types operating around here in this solar system? Why abduction and implants?
<Hermes> there are good ET's and bad ET's
<Hermes> it really was allowed this way to make a better human being. To clearly show the difference between the good and the bad
<Hermes> implants were originally used to help heal the individual
<Hermes> but of course the bad ET's have used them for their own dark purpose of keeping humans from reaching their ascended status
<Rioni> But what is the point of that? I understand Evil is a wonderful contrast to Good, but why sabotage another race's ascension status? What do they gain?
<Hermes> man has a great destiny to help bring peace and harmony to the galaxy
<Hermes> he will reach out to the stars
<Hermes> there are forces that want that hand to be a hand of destruction
<Hermes> and not of harmony
<Hermes> so they try to trap humans into the lower energies and passions
<Rioni> Are you talking Star Trek-like destiny or more uhm... spiritual where we ascend and become teachers in spirit other places?
<Hermes> both
<kensaro> How does that tie in to your earlier acertion that we're all here by choice?
<Hermes> there will be great spiritual guides coming from the earth
<Hermes> and these guides will help the future human race with colonizing the galaxy
<Hermes> well knowing the long term destiny of the universe
<Hermes> souls wanted to be part of this plan
<Hermes> so they incarnated into human existence so they could be part of it
<Hermes> either as great spiritual guides or as physical leaders
<Rioni> Yeah, this is neat, but I have to ask, if we're bringing peace and harmony to the galaxy, is the galaxy that disharmonious?
<Hermes> knowing that this would take a very special and hard bout of incarnations over many years
<kensaro> and many got trapped in the glamour of physical being?
<Hermes> i would assume there are good physical civilizations out there and bad ones
<Hermes> and it guess it be nice to get them all to agree or united at some point
<Hermes> the idea is to spiritualize the physical plane
<Rioni> I can handle that. When do we physicalize the spiritual plane? =)
<Hermes> bring that perfection from the higher dimensions into this level
<Hermes> you want to make the spiritual plane physical
<Hermes> i do not think it works like that.
<Hermes> the idea is to bring spirit and harmony into the lower plane of matter
<Rioni> Okay, above you spurred another question. You said 'long term destiny of the universe'. Can you talk about that?
<kensaro> Why is matter considered 'lower'?
<kensaro> Isn't it all about harmony? Balance?
<Hermes> when a being incarnates in matter they are blinded by the glamour of it
<Hermes> it disconnects them from the spiritual energies
<Hermes> and they have to reconnect to those energies
<Hermes> there needs to be some way or system in place to help beings do that
<Hermes> otherwise they would get trapped in the system with no way out
<kensaro> I apologize for sounding like a four-year old, but, 'Why?' How come the physical disconnects from the spiritual? Does the opposite happen as well?
<Hermes> well just look at how hard it is for you to think about spirit from moment to moment
<Hermes> you turn the phone rings
<Hermes> you do not think of spirit in this moment
<Hermes> then something else happens and again spirit is away from your mind
<Hermes> do this enough and you get disconnected from the spiritual energy
<Hermes> it happens slowly over time
<Hermes> it does not happen right away
<Hermes> after a bit you forget there was a spirit and how to connect to it
<Hermes> so then you have to be reminded and then carefully shown and work hard to get it back
<kensaro> but does the opposite happen, does too much spirituality disconnect from the physical? or is the physical inherently inferior, and if so, by what standards?
<Hermes> sure, that is why it takes many lifetimes to get used to the physical system
<Hermes> there are many spiritual beings that are not aware of the physical system at all
<Hermes> you could say
<Hermes> that in the first human incarnations it was like a dream
<Hermes> your world in spirit was the reality and then you would dream of being physical
<Hermes> slowly those places switch
<Hermes> so reconnecting will make physical reality seem more dream like and the spiritual planes more real
<Hermes> but, having gone through the system as a physical being
<Hermes> you will be that much more connected
<Hermes> the reconnection will be easier if it needs to be made
<Rioni> I like to say that being physical isn't 'inferior' but it is 'different' and that it enforces causality upon the soul and the soul choices and we only experience the universe in three dimensions in order to understand and learn in the physical realm. Participating in physical realm activities with awareness beyond the third dimension is like playing a video game with all the cheat codes on.
<kensaro> I still dream of being physical, their all somewhat disassociate, there's a very low level of cause and effect.
<Hermes> the experience in physical reality is very unique. You realize this when you start reconnecting and getting glimpses of yourself outside of 3 dimensions, like Rioni said just said.
<Hermes> i think what makes physical reality most unique is the fact that it is full of such a diverse kind of consciousness: animal, mineral, plant, insect
<Hermes> you do not find such a concentration of diversity anywhere else.
<Hermes> i suppose here we are trying to understand human destiny
<Hermes> and this is not easy
<Rioni> Indeed. I have met crystals that have dreams of being physical, they taught me to appreciate movement. In fact, I never would have started meeting Crystals until I read your book.
<Hermes> yes crystals are amazing beings
<Hermes> they live without ever moving
<Hermes> yet they can send their mind anywhere
<Hermes> all these wonderful diverse forms of life in one place
<Hermes> we humans take this for granted
<Hermes> but it is not really like that in the nonphysical planes
<Hermes> they are more specialized in the nonphysical
<Hermes> you have a plane with all one type of consciousness
<Rioni> Why do so few nonphysical beings lack a sense of humor, yet one of my spirit guides loves following me into the bathroom to 'hear me pee'?
<Rioni> Oops! I mean Why do so MANY...
<Hermes> i think humor is new to the universe, which may seem strange
<Hermes> but i think humans have lots of that in them
<Hermes> because of their evolution
<Hermes> more than other beings do
<kensaro> kz
<kensaro> Oops, my bad.
<DavidAllen> <grin> I think that God has a great sense of humor, especially when working with humans ;-)
<Hermes> oh yea
<Hermes> that is for sure
<Hermes> i will agree with that
<DavidAllen> Like Rioni, I don't know why it is taking so long to manifest for the rest of the universe (humor)
<Hermes> it could simply be we do not understand a high level beings form of humor
<Rioni> Interesting. Humor stems from philosophy since it is simply a different way of looking at things... so would you say that the universe had been without philosophy too?
<Rioni> Is humor a human trait or is it more that it is a universal trait recently evolved?
<Hermes> well i think philosophy may be something that you need a time and space medium to fully appreciate
<kensaro> Humor fundamentally requires introspection imho.
<Hermes> well i think humans know how to laugh for sure
<Hermes> my spirit guides also know a good laugh
<DavidAllen> It requires an understanding, and a comedic appreciation of, irony / dichotomy, and the expected versus unexpected.
<DavidAllen> It seems to me that not all (especially nonphysical) entities may have a context to understand and appreciate that....
<Hermes> true, it could be something that the human experience is good at developing
<DavidAllen> fart jokes just simply aren't funny to nonphysical entities -- they lack a personal perspective in which to experience it :)
<Hermes> :)
<Rioni> It's nice to see you smile, Hermes!
<Hermes> ah yea
<Hermes> i probably do not do that enough,though i do enjoy laughter very much
<Hermes> i think it is a great healing tool as well
<Hermes> put yourself in a room with a bunch of funny videos and you will feel better in no time
<Rioni> Yeah, stoicism doesn't seem to work yet everyone seems to try to make it work!
<kensaro> It only works if you do it Right ;)
<Rioni> So Hermes, I don't know how long you plan to run this, but I know I enjoy hanging out with you. How often do you plan on doing these workshops?
<kensaro> Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I fear it's time for me to head to bed.
<Rioni> You shouldn't be afraid of your bedtime.
<Hermes> i will be here every other week
<kensaro> Being in Europe has this disadvantage of time zones.
<Hermes> next week Iris will be here
<Hermes> with a travel meditation to Hod
<Hermes> she will talk about that
<Hermes> and I will be back the following week
<Rioni> Who is Iris?
<Hermes> it was a good chat today
<Hermes> and I do think I will wind it down as well
<Hermes> i usually take them to about this time
<Rioni> Well, that sounds great. I could feel the energy waning. This was exciting. You've been at the center of many adventures for me this summer and now I get to chat with you!
<Hermes> She is another teacher and a very good one
<Hermes> she helps me out
<Hermes> as it is hard for me to do them every week
<Hermes> glad to have all of you here today
<Hermes> it really was great
<Hermes> and it will be nice to see you back here in week or so
<Rioni> I should be back! Thanks!
<Hermes> have a great week
<Rioni> I appreciate your time and your energy in this, and your work.
<Rioni> You have a great weekend!
<Hermes> glad to be here to help
<Hermes> you 2
<DavidAllen> Hermes, great chat. Thanks so much for all the good you are doing for the world. :) :D
<kensaro> Thank you for your time and insights.
<DavidAllen> You have my eternal gratitude.
<Hermes> :)
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