What Color Robe are you?

Hermes' Blog: July 14, 2008

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So what color is your robe? And your next question is "What are you talking about?"

Through my many dealings with spiritual students over the years there has been some consistent trends. One of them was the Robe experiences. At some point a student would, in a OBE, dream, or meditation, see themselves surrounded by robed figures, sometimes holding a candle, in what would seem like a ceremony. It is some kind of ceremony, of course, a welcome home ceremony for those spiritual students finding their way back into the spiritual fold. What I found early on that made this experience so unique was that the color of the robes that were reported were not all the same. Eventually a pattern came out and I was able to determine the different Spiritual Orders from the colors seen. Kind of like a spiritual fraternity. I was reminded of these Robes when I got an email asking me about the Robe experience a reader of the website had. This prompted me to write this blog on this phenomena, as others would surely have had this experience or may in the future. So below is a brief list of each color Robe Order and what they stand for. Knowing your spiritual order can tell you allot about yourself.

  • Red Robes: If you belong to the Red Robe Order you can bet you are a person of Authority or status. If not today then in the past you have had many lives as kings, statesmen, rulers and leaders. The Red Robe Order breeds leaders and those that like to stand out. Fireman and Policemen are often current occupations of Red Robe people, as it gives them the control they demand and allows them to live life on the edge. If they cannot be a leader in this life, then they will be a leader in their occupation and usually those occupations are the more courageous high profile ones where they can step in and lend a hand to others. You may find some of these people today as politicians but often the current political atmosphere goes against their high ideals and they opt to look for other places where they can express their leadership natures that do not conflict with their spiritual beliefs. The gift of the Red Robe Order is being able to unite a group of people toward a common goal and display great acts of courage when needed. On an inner level the Red Order helps countries and world leaders to get along and work together. They work toward the betterment of mankind but on a global level and with the world economy.
  • Green Robes: If you belong to the Green Robe Order you have had many past lives as priests, monks, scribes, and religious leaders. Your idea of spiritual is a bit more organized than the other Color Orders. Still when the age of enlightenment falls upon you, you may opt to express your new spiritual self by starting a small spiritual group or join one of the many more organized spiritual orders like the Rosicrucian or the Free Masons. You like ceremony and can appreciate the Godly Consciousness in everything. You always see things as a result of a higher power and often work in concert with these higher powers to make things happen in your life. The gift of the Green Robe order is organization. Green Robe people have a gift for organizing and ordering things on a grand scale. They like structure and often spend lots of time documenting this structure in the forms of rules or guidelines. On an inner level the Green Order is the nonphysical structure behind major world organizations, especially of a religious nature. They strive to bring the perfection of the Universe into mundane organizations and help to move these organizations forward if they become stagnate and do not meet the needs of the people any longer.
  • Gray Robes: If you are a Gray Robe person than justice and balance are your main focus. The Gray Order's main thrust is on karma and justice. They often work spiritually on maintaining the balance between good and evil on the inner planes. If you belong to the Gray Robes, you do not see only black and white but the many shades in between these as well. You are a being of discernment and often can sniff out the truth even when it is covered by 20 feet of rubble. You enjoy mysteries and challenges that defy logic and rational thought. The gift of the Gray Order is nonlinear thinking. You are great at looking at things that are not often in the right order and putting them in logical sequence. You may be a puzzle master or enjoy doing puzzles. You can see beyond space and time to a larger more perfect order of things that lie behind what can be seen physically. Gray Order people make good judges and enjoy positions on boards where a collaborated effort or decision making process takes place. You like gathering facts and getting to the root of things.
  • Brown Robes: This order deals with the earth, nurturing it, building things on a physical level. It is the most mundane of the robe orders. Brown Robe people are very at home with cleaning the house, doing the wash, building structures, taking care of family, being a good provider. They love repetitive tasks and look to become experts at these sorts of things. The gift of the Brown Robe Order is the ability to be carrying out some mundane task but also have the mind exist on a higher plane of existence doing other things. They are great multitaskers but not of the physical plane, instead of the spiritual planes. They find physical reality too demanding at times and like to retreat to their inner worlds. It is their strength to fall back to the simple things when life gets too stressful and just take stock and gather strength for another day. On an inner level the Brown Robe Order assists the elemental world and the fairy community, which help maintain the earth on an etheric level. They often have a kinship to simple spirits and love being outdoors and with nature.
  • Black Robes: Many Magicians and Witches belong to this order. If you are not a magician or witch in this lifetime you can bet that you have had many past lives with this focus. These guys are the magicians and creators of the inner planes. They love magick and creating on any plane, but they love to create the most in extremely creative environments, like in the nonphysical where thought just manifest instantly into existence. On the physical plane Black Robe people have to work hard to bring their incredible magical power into the physical plane, which demands a whole new level of focus and reality. They do love this challenge as well but find it tiring when their cherished manifestations do not easily manifest. These people love to mix herbs and potions. They could be chemists or even mathematicians that love to mix various elements to create something new. The gift of the Black Robe Order is of a highly structured mind that can easily manifest thought into creation. They are also very good with complex combinations that others would find daunting. On an inner level the Black Robe order maintains and creates nonphysical realities, which often become the blueprint for some new physical manifestation.
  • White Robes (or Gold or White & Gold): The White Robe Order is also called the Order of the White Brotherhood. It is made up of ascended masters and spiritual teachers. If you belong to this order you are being cultivated to become a spiritual teacher when you ascend. Not everyone that ascends goes on to join the White Brotherhood. The White Brotherhood is mainly associated with the cultivation and growth of physical consciousness. If you choose to assist in the growth of others then you may find yourself in the White Robe Order. After ascension you normally have two choices and that is to move away from the earth systems into higher more complicated realities, or stay and assist the human race in its evolution as an ascended being. The gift of the White Robe Order is the transmission of knowledge to others. The mind is widened so that it can absorb a more dynamic range of experiences that can be used to help a variety of other people from all walks of life. If you belong to the White Order you undoubtedly are engaged in sharing your spiritual ideas with others. White Robe people can come from all walks of life, as they tend to be masters of everything, but what they have in common is the inner drive to share their knowledge with others. Of course on an inner level the White Brotherhood work toward the overall spiritual development of mankind and the earth's eventual ascension into a higher plane of existence.

Some final notes on the Robes. The Robe Orders are not all cut and dry. I have complied this list over the years from trends in students that I have seen. You may find that you have qualities from more than one Order, even though it is not your current Order and that is fine. Being in one of these Orders today does not mean you did not belong to other Orders along the way. Also you can switch Orders over the years as well. You could belong to one Order at the start of your spiritual growth and then at some point you see yourself in another ceremony surround by an Order of another color. It is normal to shift Orders from time to time as you grow and evolve. Many students destined to become a member of the White Brotherhood will start in the other Orders and then when most of their training is complete find themselves in a White Robe ceremony welcoming them into the White Brotherhood. No Order is better than another, they are just represent like minded people coming together for a common purpose. There may be other color Orders but these are the ones that crossed my path. If you find yourself in some ceremony with a color Order that is not shown here, drop me a note about it and about yourself so I can perhaps update my list.

Light, Peace

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