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October 11, 2001 (workshop log file)

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Session Start: Thu Oct 11 16:32:13 2001
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<Hermes`> hello gamble, attuned, jarrod
<|Gamble> greetings
<Jarrod> hi all :)
<Jarrod> Hey hermes yeh hermes do u know much about sigils?
<Hermes`> sure, some
<Jarrod> ah ok.. Yeh cause as u know.. I haven't had much luck with OBE .. and none at all with tree of life etc
<Hermes`> sigils are keys that open up certain energies or connect you with a certain nonphysical being
<Jarrod> so I was thinking of using sigils to get to the tree of life?
<Jarrod> hehe na could sleep :)
<Jarrod> wb :)
<Hermes`> okay you can take a sigil and focus on it and then try to go to that energy
<Jarrod> so say I wanted to use or make one to get me to Malkuth... how would I do that?
<Jarrod> I read somewhere .. that u right out the letters that are in ur sentence.. not repeating any letter twice
<Jarrod> so if it was.. " I want to be strong " it would be.. " iwantobesrg "
<Hermes`> yea that is a more modern way of making one
<Hermes`> the more powerful ones are the old ones made in traditional manner
<Jarrod> ah ok.. so once I have that..... what I just concentrate on it?
<Hermes`> yea, then go and try to make your travel
<Jarrod> so if I wanted to use one to get to Malkuth.. id just make one saying " I want to travel to Malkuth "
<Hermes`> well all you would need is the sigil of Malkuth
<Hermes`> you don't need to use the rest of the sentence
<Jarrod> ah ok.. what's the sigil of Malkuth?
<Hermes`> yea I was just looking if I could find one
<Jarrod> ok thanx :)
<Hermes`> on the website is a sigil of Sandalphon (the archangel that presides over Malkuth)
<Jarrod> thanx :)
<Hermes`> it is in the upper left hand corner of the out of body contract
<Jarrod> oh ok I c it... so what I just picture that symbol on my head as im trying to do it? or do I physical look at it and focus on it
<Jarrod> on = in
<Hermes`> you picture it in your mind
<Hermes`> and it would also help to make it on a card and hold the card or put the card in your pocket
<Jarrod> yeh.. my visualization skills aren't the best :)
<Jarrod> altho.. are getting better
<Jarrod> *smiles* soooo many question ive wanted to ask u hermes.. now my mind is blank :)
<Jarrod> must be the early morning thing..
<Hermes`> you can make your own sigils but you need a rose-cross sigil creator...
<Hermes`> you lay a piece of paper on top of it and then draw lines from one box to another
<Jarrod> oh ok... there would probably be a few sites on the net that have various sigils ? would being able to find pretty easy after searching?
<Hermes`> yea I suppose the best is to seek it out on the web. But I'll keep looking here and if I find one I can post it with this log file
<Jarrod> cool.. thanx :)
<Hermes`> I had one as I used to make them all the time
<Hermes`> however the sigil of Sandalphon should help you
<Jarrod> yeh... cause have been having heaps of trouble seeming to " go anyway " I just fall asleep.. altho I usually wake up with a feeling ive been somewhere and learnt something weird
<biggk> ahhh its jarrod here.. I got disconnected
<Hermes`> well it is possible you are going there but not remembering it
<biggk> did u say anything in the last minute.. I would of missed it
<biggk> yeh.. I had a really weird dream the other night... when I was focusing on going to " TEX "
<Hermes`> what happened?
<biggk> very vague memories.. one area I was in.. I found heaps of what I think where dead bodies.. next minute.. I was in some really cold mountains think it was snowing... then its hard now to recall what else..
<biggk> have been meaning to keep a dream journal.. just lazzyy
<biggk> just lazy
<biggk> How often do u OBE heremes?
<biggk> hey gamble :)
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<Hermes`> mostly every night. My sleep does not really exist, after years of OBE'ing my nights are often a series of OBE's
<biggk> Really!!! grrrrrr heheeh wish I could do it once. a week... hey ill settle for once a month
<Hermes`> well I've been at it for almost 20 years
<psyke^> hi
<biggk> have only really achieved success once I think.. for about 30 seconds.. when I was lucid.. then walked out a window
<Hermes`> in the beginning I was lucky to have one every few months
<Attuned2> hi! welcome :)
<biggk> hi psyke
<biggk> yeh.. I remember reading a book on OBE when I was 8
<biggk> im now 22
<biggk> a slow learner.. :)
<biggk> although I haven't been practicing all that time
<Hermes`> well you do have to keep it up
<biggk> I remember when I was 8 thinking it sounded like the coolest thing... I used to try every night for ages to do it
<biggk> yeh its very hard with me tho... cause I have weird sleep paterns.. cause I work in a nightClub
<Hermes`> even I do. If I slack off and not keep it up, I will just start reverting back to mindless sleep
<Attuned2> hey that sounds familiar.....
<Hermes`> When you visited TEX did you get any feeling of what direction those visions came from.
<Hermes`> TEX is broken up into four regions
<Hermes`> Karma and strong karmic forces in the North.
<Hermes`> Desire and strong emotional forces in the East.
<Hermes`> Silence and strong forces of inertia in the South.
<Hermes`> Limiting and restrictive forces in the West.
<Hermes`> what you meet in TEX tells you much about yourself, fears, desires,
<Jarrod> grrr disconnected again
<Jarrod> so yeh as I was saying... do u look at OBE as a fun thing hermes? or more of just a learning tool?
<Hermes`> both
<Jarrod> like do u have fun and enjoy it?
<Jarrod> grrrr cant believe I got dissed again.. not having much luck
<Hermes`> hold
<Jarrod> hey where bouts u from hermes
<Hermes`> back
<Hermes`> OBE can be very enjoyable and a good learning experience
<Jarrod> yeh.. once u can do it :)
<Jarrod> spose all the effort put in would be worth it..
<Hermes`> yea well you do have ot get there first
<Jarrod> kinda sux how some people can do it a lot easier than others
<Hermes`> the people that can OBE real easy are people that have done it in a previous lifetime
<Hermes`> they are just relearning a skill they already know
<Jarrod> mmmm..lots of people say they think I am a new soul... not from my actions.. jsut a vibe they get of me.
<psyke^> really Hermes`?
<Jarrod> that kinda sux... so much to learn :)
<Hermes`> try to take it slowly with OBE. There are various stages that you go through
<Hermes`> try not to rush through each of these stages to get to the end
<Hermes`> spend time in each stage and develop it
<Hermes`> there is the relaxing stage
<psyke^> Hermes`: each stage trying to project, or when you succeed?
<Hermes`> spend several weeks just learning how to relax
<Hermes`> then spend the next few weeks learning how to induce the vibrations
<Jarrod> u .. im not the best at the relaxation... I get restless to easy..
<Hermes`> then spend time learning how to move your nonphysical body without moving the physical body
<Jarrod> and move a little bit.. or get an itch on my face or something
<Hermes`> well then you need to start there first
<Hermes`> relaxing is a big step in the process
<Hermes`> you must learn how to put the body to sleep while keeping the mind awake
<Jarrod> yeh ALOT harder than it sounds..
<Jarrod> I've been able to make by body feel like a puddle of water.. etc.. but not so much as tho I'm totally not aware of it.
<Jarrod> like I get to the stage when it feels all different.. but I don't think I've ever actually had vibrations
<Jarrod> how do u actually get them to come? by asking?
<Hermes`> okay I the things I need to create the sigils page. this will be the URL, but it won't be up there till after the log file is posted:
<psyke^> Hermes`: do you involve chakras at all when projecting?
<Hermes`> you get the vibrations when you learn how to relax the body
<Hermes`> then you command the vibrations by increasing the amount you relax the body
<Jarrod> ah ok... yeh I think I've been very close to this stage..
<Hermes`> Psyke, it can help to do a MPE or a WLE before and after the out of body attempt. This will charge up the chakra and help get you going.
<Jarrod> but ... Usually something stuffs up and I lose the relaxation
<Hermes`> MPE =
<Hermes`> WLE =
<psyke^> Hermes`: you know about the LBRP?
<Hermes`> sure, use it often
<Jarrod> oh yeh.. that's another thing.. with the MPE... I'm not that good at visualization... so with energy.. when u bring it into u... do u just think in ur mind it is coming in??? does it matter if u don't feel anything?
<Hermes`> you don't have to feel anything it will still work.
<Hermes`> the WLE is good for people that are not good with visualizations
<Jarrod> ok.. so really all I have to do.. is think that there is energy coming in?
<Hermes`> yea, your imagination will do the rest
<Hermes`> in time you will start to feel it
<Jarrod> ah ok.. I usually do the MPE
<Jarrod> oh the WLE looks hard to remember :)
<Jarrod> haah not much luck with me.. bad memory and bad visualization :)
<Hermes`> okay then stick with the MPE
<Jarrod> hey pronunciation is a big thing with rituals???
<Hermes`> I'll post the LBRP tonight too, the page will be
<Hermes`> It is important but it does not have to be exact
<Jarrod> what's the LBRP?
<Hermes`> in fact you can be as much as 70% off with the pronunciation and the exercise will still work.
<Attuned2> Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
<Hermes`> Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram... it is for banishing lower energies from your area.
<Hermes`> thanks Attuned
<Jarrod> ahh yeh.. heard of that.. another hard to remember one
<Jarrod> well all.. Im going to go.. and go back to bed.. kinda tired.. might give the ol OBE a go...
<Hermes`> well these tools are not for everyone, which is why I try to make several different kinds available
<Jarrod> thankx hermes and everyone for ur help
<Hermes`> see ya jarrod
<Jarrod> glad I made it today.. and will definitely be back
<psyke^> Hermes`: are you a part of a fraternity?
* Jarrod wavez
<Hermes`> no psyke I do not belong to any organization
<Attuned2> see you Jarrod, and good luck
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> cya Jarrod
<psyke^> so Hermes`, how many years have you been projecting?
<Jarrod> _Away!_ _[_ sleeping _]_ _[_Time_/_0h 0m_]_ _[_Log_/_On_]_ _[_Page_/_Off_]_
<Hermes`> psyke, it just was not my path to belong to any group, I've been projecting for over 20 years now
<psyke^> as yes I just thought from the nick you may have been part of a Hermetic society :)
<psyke^> how long did you take to achieve conscious exits?
<psyke^> do you base your techniques on magick a lot?
<Hermes`> well there is a nonphysical Hermetic society of which I am a part of
<Hermes`> but it is only loosely connected to the physical one.
<psyke^> ah ok
<psyke^> does it have a name?
<Hermes`> I use magick when it is needed for something, but I do not go out of my way to use it for everything. I try to strike a balance with magick and these other skills.
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> I don't do any magick :)
<psyke^> but I keep myself informed when possible
<Hermes`> I guess you could call it the order of hermes beings. it is a continium of beings that hold the hermetic knowledge together for humanity to use.
<Hermes`> it is not an order in a physical sense.
<psyke^> have you heard of Fraternities Hermetica?
<psyke^> yes I understand
<psyke^> who were you initiated by?
<Hermes`> think of it as beings connected together by energy and the combined energy is like a big mind.
<Hermes`> well my first contact was the Archangel Sandalphon
<Hermes`> so I guess it would be that being
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> how did you find them?
<psyke^> did they offer to you?
<Hermes`> he came to me on one of my out of body adventures and said "so would you like to do something useful and fun, and learn some neat stuff" So I said "yes" and then it started.
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> Sandalphon=messiah?
<Hermes`> yea that is the translation
<Hermes`> he has been such a good friend over the years too.
<psyke^> something to do with Malkuth?
<psyke^> I would say so :)
<Hermes`> He presides over Malkuth. He is the archangel that helps you to out of body travel
<psyke^> ok I'm not very well versed but I hope one day to join a hermetic order
<psyke^> I need to refine my OBE skills for one thing
<Hermes`> Sandalphon by tradition was viewed as a female, but in my case he has appeared to me mostly as a male figure.
<psyke^> ok
<Hermes`> children often see him/her as a princess
<psyke^> how do you navigate to there?
<Jarrod> _Away!_ _[_ sleeping _]_ _[_Time_/_0h 10m_]_ _[_Log_/_On_]_ _[_Page_/_Off_]_
<psyke^> do you have "co-ordinates", or will yourself there?
<Hermes`> I concentrate on where I want to go, then let the nonphysical road take me there.
<psyke^> ok
<Attuned2> there's also a sigil Psyke
<Hermes`> yes you can use the sigil too
<psyke^> sigil?
<Hermes`> good point Attuned
<psyke^> oh yes
<psyke^> you visualize it and it takes you there?
<psyke^> (while OOB)
<Hermes`> yea
<Hermes`> it is another way to get from one place to another or to tune into some energy pattern.
<Hermes`> I'm going to post the sigil construction page later, for those people that want to make their own.
<psyke^> how many different hermetic societies/orders (what's the word) are there?
<psyke^> is it true that there is a black lodge that are enemies, for want of a better word, of you?
<Hermes`> physically there could be many. On the nonphysical I am just aware of the one
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> a friend of mine is being initiated to a society
<Hermes`> yes the black brotherhood, who oppose the white brotherhood
<psyke^> what kind of people would you think should join, or should it only be people offered?
<psyke^> ie, can you request to be initiated?
<Hermes`> into the nonphysical hermetic continuum
<Hermes`> I suppose you would have to ask Sandalphon
<Hermes`> as he is the most easy being to reach that belongs to it.
<psyke^> so, I go OOB, and call out his/her name?
<Hermes`> yes
<psyke^> or do they reply when they think I am spiritually advanced enough, or potentially could be?
<Hermes`> call for Sandalphon. He also will assist you in reaching the rest of the Tree of Life
<psyke^> attuned told me the Akashic Records are related to that? is it the general term you use for the Source?
<Hermes`> Once Sandalphon helps you access the Tree of Life you are on your way
<Hermes`> your learning begins
<Jarrod> _Away!_ _[_ sleeping _]_ _[_Time_/_0h 20m_]_ _[_Log_/_On_]_ _[_Page_/_Off_]_
<Hermes`> the Akashic records are where all the human knowledge are stored
<psyke^> yes I know of it
<psyke^> I have been projecting only since May
<psyke^> that's was my next task however
<Hermes`> great, then you are on your way with it
<psyke^> I have not asked for a spirit guide while OOB yet
<Hermes`> most likely you already have one
<psyke^> I was told it's a hawk
<psyke^> can they take animal forms?
<psyke^> I was told that by a medium
<Hermes`> yes many of them have an animal form
<psyke^> now I confused... should I ask my hawk to speak to Sandalphon? :)
<psyke^> or does the hawk represent her?
<psyke^> or another hermetic being?
<Hermes`> you should talk to Sandalphon, you can ask hawk to bring you there
<psyke^> ok
<Hermes`> your spirit guide is great for taking you places you need to be. He or she knows the way. So you ask him or her to take you someplace, and off you go
<psyke^> I've been kind of putting aside the notion of sp guides
<psyke^> I mean, I haven't actively sought one
<Hermes`> well, you can do it all without ever seeing one
<psyke^> I guess I should ask tho?
<Hermes`> they prefer to remain in the back ground
<psyke^> will it show itself if I ask AND want to see it?
<Hermes`> yea, if you ask he or she will show themselves
<psyke^> ok, I'll try so :)
<Hermes`> great
<psyke^> Hermes`: how many years into your astral journeys were you asked to join?
<Hermes`> I traveled the nonphysical about 3 years on my own
<Hermes`> in that time I'm sure they watched me and waited
<Hermes`> but it is much easier for all of you to start
<Hermes`> because of the network set up already
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> I do find myself a little hesitant to communicate with unknown beings however
<psyke^> I'd have to know it better
<Hermes`> well when you are ready then.
<psyke^> a precaution
<psyke^> why?
<Hermes`> when you are ready, you will go on your own or be approached by someone nonphysical that will help you get started.
<Hermes`> desire is all you need to start the process
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> Hermes`: were you required to learn magick?
<Hermes`> well everyone training is unique, but in my case I needed to learn magick.
<Hermes`> I would spend 6 months or so on various things
<psyke^> ok
<Hermes`> then get a new teacher
<psyke^> do you project daily?
<Hermes`> it was lots of fun
<Hermes`> yes I do now, but only after years of practice. In the beginning it was only one or two a month
<psyke^> ok
<Hermes`> however, I would often catch myself learning in dreams too, so I was aware that something was going on as I slept
<psyke^> I have a head-start so :)
<psyke^> lucid dreaming?
<Hermes`> yea
<psyke^> I've had two precognitive dreams in the last week
<psyke^> very scary
<psyke^> one of them was actually shared precognitive
<psyke^> by the way, is it just as easy to talk to your guide from a lucid dream?
<Hermes`> sure
<psyke^> ok
<Hermes`> it is a good alternative when you are waiting for your OBE energy to come back
<psyke^> oh, and when you project, what plane do you start on?
<psyke^> do you start on the physical mirror?
<Hermes`> well, that can change depending on where you are going and what you are doing
<psyke^> well do you agree its harder to stay in that plane compared to higher ones?
<Hermes`> what do you mean?
<psyke^> the plane I call the real-time zone, the plane that looks very similar to physical reality, ie when you project and are hovering above your physical body in your bedroom, that's the real-time zone
<Hermes`> well it is easier to fall into a dream from that plane (etheric)
<psyke^> etheric plane you call it? do you generally avoid that plane? ie, shift higher?
<psyke^> I can only stay a few minutes on that plane
<Hermes`> well there is work that I must do now on the etheric plane at times. However at the start of my OBE's I did not spend too much time on the etheric plane
<psyke^> ok
<psyke^> is it harder for you to stay in control there?
<Hermes`> I suppose the further from the body you are the easier it is to stay out of the body
<psyke^> yeah possibly
<Hermes`> not any more
<psyke^> ok, anyway I better get to bed
<Hermes`> I find that etheric journeys can take more energy than journies to higher dimensions
<psyke^> it's been nice chatting to ya Hermes` :)
<psyke^> ok, thx
<Hermes`> okay talk to you soon
<psyke^> u2, bye
<psyke^> cya all
<Hermes`> if there are no more questions then I'll call it a night.
<Attuned2> I think there aren't
<Hermes`> okay then, catch everyone on Tuesday
<Attuned2> bye
<gnosis> bye
<Hermes`> bye
*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Oct 11 18:35:41 2001

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