Q&A 27: The masculine and feminine energies within; breaking out of old patterns; the size of crystals and crystal recharging; Protecting the self and ridding the self of the holes that make a psychic attack possible; crystal meditation and the feelings of disconnectedness it can sometimes generate; confronting fears and using dreams to face and dispel them; reverse reality creating systems, having things go well than the bottom falls out of it; how certain is the reality mirror?; how a healer heals; negative energy that is thrust upon you and the reality mirror
Some Questions and Answers

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Hi, I would like to know why are some people more emotionally sensitive and physically sensitive than others?

Basically we all use our energies differently and in different amounts. This makes up for individuality. Emotionally sensitive people have lots of water energy floating around within them. They like to create their world using their emotions and feelings and so in this particular lifetime they have shifted their energy spectrum to this range to experience more intensity and less in the other aspects of life.

Physically sensitive people like to create their world on a very physical level, they like to touch and manipulate physical objects. They like to create their world by setting other physical things into motion that will eventually create what they desire.
Again these two aspects of the physical self are two ways that a person can create. Of course you can have all shades in between these as well, or go for a more balanced approach.

In general, feminine energy is more emotionally charged and masculine energy is more intellectually or physically charged. Everyone possesses all these energies and more. It is more a fact of what that person wants to accomplish or learn in this particular life that determines the exact mix of these energies within the individual.

Sometimes I have the problem of slipping back into old patterns. What do you do when you find yourself slipping. Do you just take note and cancel out the pattern or are there other things that I can do.

For patterns that are almost unconscious in nature I will use mantras to de-program myself of the pattern. I'll say over and over silently for example: "I will be more caring!" "I love myself and will treat myself with kindness!" Just construct your mantra in a positive nature and it will work fine. Stay away from things like "I will not be poor!" Use instead "I will be wealthy!" or "I am wealthy."

You can also make a list of the things you want to deprogram yourself of. Then at the end of the day look at the list and see where during the day you did not follow the list. Then just make a note to try harder tomorrow. By making the unconscious conscious you can then correct and change that behavior.

I would like to know if the size of the crystal matter if you're using it to regularly utilize its energy. I also would like to know how often I should recharge the energies of the crystal? Say if I'm using wearing a little quartz daily to improve my self being.

If you are using crystals for meditation a larger crystal will give you a bigger charge. However, when using crystals for meditation it is important not to take in more energy than you can handle. For this purpose you should work your way up with small finger size crystals to the larger ones you can hold in your hand.

In wearing or carrying a crystal size is not that important. The clarity of the crystal is what will make it absorb more negative energy. The more clear the crystal the better it will absorb your negative energy and return positive energy to you. The crystal acts like a filter and energy transformer in conjunction with your body here, so the size is not as important.

With wearing crystals you should clear it out by putting it in a small glass of sea-salt over night. Do this at least once a month and during very stressful times once a week. If you do not clear the crystal and it reaches its maximum absorption level the crystal will either break or will mysteriously fall off you without out your knowledge in an attempt to clear itself by connecting with the ground.

How would one protect one self from negative energy?

You can do protection exercises, surround yourself with salt circles, clear the house. All these things are good and will help, but the only way to prevent these things is to heed the warning or work on the aspect of your body, mind, or spirit that is under attack.

Dark energy exists as another way to show us where we are weak and need to strengthen ourselves. Did you know that the spiritual realms are protected by a dimension that houses the most formidable dark being there is? Khronozon presides over a region called ZAX ( It sits just under the spiritual realm. Khronozon's job is to scrutinize everyone traveling through his region and expose any weakness or flaw that exists. Only the pure of heart and the pure of mind and spirit can pass through this region to the spiritual realm. Khronozon makes sure that nothing dark can pass. As such anything dark or weak within you will also prevent you from reaching the spiritual realms.

Thus, dark or evil energy by its nature will go to work on wherever darkness or weakness within yourself you possess (your fears, desires, body weaknesses, spiritual impoverish regions).

The point I am making is that evil can do you a favor at times at pointing out what you need to work on.

Of course I don't condone the use of black magick; however I try to always look at the positive side of everything and use it to my advantage to grow spiritually. You have to do the same. Don't ever seek out such individuals and situations, but if it comes into your life, than you must make the best of it. Heed the warning or the message the dark energy tells you, then remove that weakness or aspect of yourself. If you can do that, than these kinds of things will become far less frequent.

I've tried enhancing my daily meditation practice with crystals as you suggest in your crystal meditation document. I've noticed lately that after meditating I have the strangest feeling that everything around me, I'm not sure how to word this, is not completely "real". This feeling lasts for a while but diminishes over the period of a couple of hours (depends on what I'm doing) and then returns, to various degrees, the next time I meditate.

As you meditate with crystals your energy field clears out a bit at a time of lower and chaotic energies. At some point you reach a place where your energy can take a jump up a notch. The crystals automatically increase their energy output at these times and your body absorbs more energy. Because you are not used to this increase in energy you become a bit unconnected from the earth. This causes the feeling you are getting after your meditations. The effect will diminish but then will start up again when you reach a new place where your energy can be increased again.

Carrying or wearing some grounding stones on you can help. Amber, hematite, black onyx all would do fine to keep the lightheadedness down to a minimum after a meditation.

As this process goes on over time (a few years) the need to carry these grounding stones reduces as your spirit learns how to ground itself very quickly after each energy increase. However for now you may want to try carrying some of these. Only carry what you need, no more. But you may have to increase the amount a bit after each energy level you go up.

Can you please elaborate on the topic of thought forms and fear? I know thought always comes before form. How does the element of fear fit into the equation? I guess my basic guess would be that fear can inflate a thought form if you are afraid or deflate as soon as you acknowledge the thought form and have no fear towards it.


There are two kinds of fear: real fear and nonexistent fear. Real fear is meant to mobilize the body, mind, and spirit into quick decisive action, to avoid some danger and to keep the physical organism alive. It is a device meant to protect you. Real fear is nothing to worry about. It rises when needed and then falls away quickly once the danger has passed. It is the other kind of fear that causes the problems.

A nonexistent fear is one that does not exist but you imagine, or dream it up, or just let your thoughts run away in that direction when no such event exists. What if this...! Or, what if that happens? These thoughts of some danger that does not exist will piggy back on to the powerful emotions that are flying about at this time and be sent into the creation mechanism for a very fast reality creation.

For this reason it is important to eliminate all forms of nonexistent fear, otherwise you will have to confront it in your creations. Of course this is not so easy. But you can do it! Taking your magical sword along with you in your dreams or out of body states can be a great way to slay your physical fears. Request some dreams to confront your fear and if need be slay a fear or just work through it in the dream adventure. In the dream universe you are indestructible. You can work out all your fears in complete safety and avoid having to deal with them in the physical plane.

Why is it when I'm feeling most doubtful, things seem to work in positive favor, and when I'm feeling hopeful, the events appear to be unfavorable in my terms?

You are experiencing a common problem with reality creating. What has happened is your belief system has been programmed that when life gets good the bottom has to fall out of it. And when life gets real bad, you can only go up from where you are. This is so common because of television and movies portraying this kind of thing often.

The cure is to realize that reality has no such constraints or rhythms to it. You can have a great day, and then have another great day tomorrow. Every time you are having a good day and it seems your thoughts are traveling toward what dire thing can happen next to ruined this day, say this phrase or something like it to yourself:

"Mighty I Am Presence shatter and consume the energy generated from this thought form! I wish to continue my current reality creation of happiness and pleasure."

You can reword it anyway you like but the important part of the phrase is the "I Am" and the "shatter and consume." This breaks up potential bad reality creating energy that you can generate at times.

In time you will find yourself bouncing from good to bad much less and experiencing longer periods of good as this faulty belief system gets eliminated.

I have a question about reality mirror. I look at everything as my mirror. Is it that at all times that the outside reflects what is inside you?

Yes your exterior reality is always a mirror to your internal reality. Of course you can take this idea to a very deep level, but it is best used as a guide to how you can improve your life. If you do not like what you see around you, then change what is on the inside and the outside will change.

Keep in mind that your reality moves outward from your center. As this reality moves outward you have a decreasing ability to affect these areas. And also these more distant areas of your reality will reflect more distant areas of your own being. So start at the center and clean that up, then move to what seems like the next level (or ring) of your reality and look inside to what you can change to fix that part of your reality. As you keep doing this you will find your reality getting better and better further and further from your center.

In your reality you may also find rouge elements: elements that don't seem to fit or are not at all like you. These elements reflect small pockets of your inner being where things hide or pack themselves away. For example, let's say you are never angry but every now and then you see someone getting angry in your reality mirror. It does not mean you have to go on a crusade to find this pocket and remove it. I would concentrate more on the larger more gross areas of your reality mirror and do not worry too much about these small rouge elements. On the other hand if you see angry people wherever you go, and people in turn get angry at you often, than that indicates that you have too much inner anger within you that you need to release so that your reality mirror can change and be more peaceful.

I am trying to understand and comprehend how a "healer" creates instant manifestations / transformations. Is the energy focus different or is the emotional high that goes along with the focus so intense? I have experienced many small almost instant manifestations, happening in a hour or so with respect to my work, and want to increase or expand my ability to larger aspects.

A healer uses his or her consciousness and energy to alter the etheric template around the patient. Since manifestation occurs first on the etheric plane and second on the physical plane, if you change a condition on the etheric plane than those changes will transpose to the physical system a short time later.

Of course sometimes patients will then over time change that etheric template back to a sick condition and then a relapse can occur. Often a healer has to be part teacher to help the patient see where he or she is creating this condition so that they can stop creating this pattern.

The energy intensity a healer experiences makes changing this etheric template much easier. It is this high charge that helps to erase the old etheric pattern and then write a new one in its place. The heart charka plays an important part in this process, as it is the heart charka that transforms spiritual energy into etheric energy that can be used by the patient. Most healers have a very sensitive heart charka to make this easier, and as such are much more sensitive to emotional energy.

Just one point that came to mind. In your discussion of resisting negative emotional energy that is thrust onto you, you mention that often this negative energy impinges upon us from others in the world around us. This might seem distinct from our own emotional energy. Now here's an interesting thought: if you bring in the mirror principle that is such an important part of the reality creating paradigm, ultimately, isn't it true that even the negative energy that seems to emanate from "others" ultimately can be traced back to us, i.e. OUR OWN SELVES?

I see you have your thinking cap on. You are correct in that the reality mirror plays an important part in emotional energy that is thrust upon you. And here is why it makes this kind of energy hard to distinguish from your own emotional state.

No energy can have an effect on you if you do not yourself possess a weakness to that kind of energy. So what actually happens is someone sends out the energy of anger, for example. This energy passes through you because you are somehow in its path. As it does this it looks inside your energy field for like-energy or thoughts it can attach itself too. When it finds it, it adds to that energy that is already there and makes you think it came from inside you. In one sense it did as you already possessed that flaw. Once this flaw or energy is removed from your psyche completely than that kind of energy will not affect you anymore (well at least to a much diminished degree).

I say this often to people as a good example: "It is impossible for a person to get angry at you, if you do not yourself possess anger within you or are generating that anger at that moment." If a person was to get angry at you, and you did not return that anger, you would find very quickly that that person's anger going away. His anger finds no place to stake claim within yourself, so you do not thrust anger back at him and fuel his own anger. Instead the anger he possess burns out because it has no way to sustain itself. As the level of anger within yourself drops even more you will find that angry people coming up to you will be unable to express any such emotion at all in your direction. They will either be pleasant or just walk away and find someone else to thrust this anger on.

It is an on going process. You will never be rid of all these things entirely. The psyche has all these hidden pockets where small energy clumps can hide and wait to be inflamed by an incoming wave. And of course you are always putting these things back in from time to time. But keeping up with it on a daily basis will have you lowering this level more and more.