Q&A 26: How events are ordered in dreams; Tree of Life tasks and some info on Binah and Daath; Reality Creating, detachment & free will; The effects of alcohol and drugs on reality creating; Where are these other nonphysical realms, and how to increase dream recall; seeing silver sparkles of light; moving objects with your will
Some Questions and Answers

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I've been waking up after every dream. I can only remember bits and pieces and they are so strange they make no sense. And it is hard to go back to sleep. Is this because I've been so intrigued with them?

The glue that holds dream events together is not the Johnnye as the glue that holds physical reality together. On the physical plane events are ordered by time, with one event following another in a moment to moment sequence. On the dream plane no such order is present. Events instead can be ordered by emotional intensity, mental clarity, or spiritual significance. For example if you were having a dream on the emotional plane it would be quite normal for you to be at your fifth birthday party and in another moment sitting at a dinner table with your girl friend. These events are ordered by emotional intensity. Perhaps you fifth birthday party was just as special to you as it is to have dinner with your girl friend.

Now of course it is not always that simple. Dreams are the most complex reality creating environment there is. My suggestion is to write your dreams down and then over time you will learn how to decipher the messages in dreams. And in more time, you will learn how to navigate a dream on your own. All these things are possible and more. You just have to give yourself time to adjust to your new senses and abilities. Also try to read some of the dream material I have on the website as that goes into what I am saying here more deeply.

I am a beginner and would like to learn and travel through the Tree of Life. My question is shouldn't one join a lodge before these secretes could be revealed? Concerning the spiritual journey on the Tree of Life, you didn't mention any dangers or punishments that could be applied by the archangels. Can't one get mentally abnormal when the tasks and orders of the archangels are not positively obeyed?

It is not necessary to join any organization to use the Tree of Life, though you can if you like. If you are sincere and dedicated you can initiate yourself into it, Archangel Sandalphon will gladly visit you in your dreams, meditations, or out of body travel and begin your introduction into this wondrous learning system. It is an age of discovery and of sharing spiritual knowledge and experience that we are in now. The days of needing to keep secret spiritual or esoteric knowledge have passed. Many organizations still hold on to this old way of thinking so they still promote it the old way. This can often confuse the genuine seeker, seeing two different approaches to evolving the soul.

The Tree of Life archangels and inhabitants and the learning system in general is completely light-based. There are no demons or hidden dangers, outside of perhaps the secret Sephira Daath, which should not be entered until you have mastered all the rest (only because of the powerful energies contained there). There are safeguards in place as well that prevent you from entering Daath before you are ready.

So feel free to explore the Tree of Life freely and in complete safety. The lessons can often be humbling in themselves as the areas of your being that need work are revealed to you. Sometimes you may not like what you hear about what to fix within yourself. Outside of that nothing unpleasant or dangerous will you come across in the Tree of Life.

Binah can be a bit hard to understand when you enter it. It can be a very light Sephira but also a very dark one as well. You could translate this darkness into meaning demonic but this is not the case. The archangel Tzaphkiel here holds the energy of beginnings and endings and of manifestation yet to be manifested. For this reason Binah can seem foreboding at times, especially if you enter it during a time of uncertainty. The experiences here however can help you to discover a path or direction.

The archangels will gently guide you in the correct direction. No one will order you around or expect you to complete a task successfully. If you are given a task to perform and you fail, it just means you have to try again. A Tree of Life being will never frown on you or punish you for not completing a task. They are beings of the light and use light to bring a soul into the light.

There is a more advanced training system called the Aethyrs that does contain demons and angels and the lessons and experiences are not always as pleasant. However that system is for those people who have gotten all they can out of the Tree of Life and want something more aggressive. The Aethyrs are not a mandatory system of evolution, nor is the Tree of Life for that matter. They are however training systems in place by the divine that can be used if you wish it.

Just got through your book - I thought it was amazing! I will continue to go over the material because I know it's the sort of stuff that takes both time and effort to digest. Just a couple of quick questions, in the meantime:

Both my own experiences and my reading of various spiritual books have led me to the conclusion that a state of detachment is often conducive to the manifestation process. In other words, as you probably already know, wanting something too much tends to push it away from you. This is also a point highlighted in an insightful set of books known as: "Conversations with God." Yet there seems to be a paradox at work here: Desire is what gets the whole process jumpstarted in the first place. For instance, in your description of the Creation Mechanism, which really blew me away, I clearly understood that every manifestation on this physical plane has its origin in a forceful, directed thought-wave (example, "Gosh it would be nice to have a new car!) That certainly reflects the desires (needs and wants) of the thinker. So, the question is: Ideally, how can both desire and detachment co-exist in the Johnnye space? Doesn't desire imply the absence of detachment, and vice versa? This seems a little tricky. And from a practical
perspective, have you found a happy medium between the two that is most conducive to effective reality creation? Also, from a theoretical perspective, does "detachment" have a proper place in the sequence of events outlined in the Creation Mechanism?

Another question I had had to do with the paradox behind free will. On the one hand, I understand that an important principle is that we must allow others to have free will to choose their actions, and thus, it is suggested that we not attempt to manifest other people following the specific course of action that WE (not they) specifically prefer. For instance, "Johnny" may very much like "Mary" to go to the prom with him, but he should not focus his reality creating powers on getting "Mary" to go to the prom with him, unless that is also her desire. But this is where it seems to get complicated. Under the theory of simultaneous time and probable realities, aren't
there in fact an infinite number of variations on both events and people, so that Johnny might be able to claim he is not trying to take away anyone else's free will so much as trying to give himself EXACTLY the experience he wishes to experience with exactly the person with whom he would like to experience it? In other words, if both a Mary that DOES want to go to the prom with Johnny and one that DOESN'T exist simultaneously, then perhaps Johnny might claim that he's simply trying to manifest an experience with the one that does want to attend the prom with him. Maybe he's just trying to manifest an outcome in which her desire is simply aligned with his. Is this paradoxical, and if so, how is this paradox resolved? Is it a karmic violation for a person to attempt the above, i.e. to try to manifest outcomes where others' choices match the choices you would prefer they make, or more specifically, to try to experience a probable version of another person that does make the choice that YOU prefer? Does it matter if the choice you are trying to manifest appears to you to be the more loving choice?

Detachment is needed to become real good at reality creation. Practicing detachment can be a problem when dealing with stuff you really want or desire. Yes desire sets up the initial attraction from thought to manifestation, but detachment enables the thought to continue on its own without interference from conflicting thoughts. The idea is to put forth the emotion and feeling at the initial energyball or thought manifestation stage, then put those feelings away someplace. The best thing to do is to get involved in something else that takes your thoughts away from the current manifestation for awhile. It is not that the desire pushes away the manifestation; it is rather the fear of not getting it generates a veto that cancels the process. As you get more confident with reality creating you will get better at keeping those feelings focused without injecting any fear. But for now, the best thing to do is use those feelings for the initial spark and then put them away.

For this reason, it may be hard to difficult to manifest things that are of utter importance to you. I suggest you start to use the reality creating lessons on things in your life that are not of the utter importance category, at first, just so you can see that the process works. Then move on to more important things in your life.

Thought ---> vortex ---> detachment ---> accelerator...

Using the creation technique will help to put detachment in there normally. You spend time forming the energyball then send it into a vortex. Now confident that this thought energy has been properly formed, you can forget about it as the accelerator does its job.

Yes indeed there is a probability where Mary will like Johnny and if Johnny is able to manifest that probability then no intrusion has occurred... Or has it?

Anytime you seek to control other people you are intruding on their own right to choose, even if some probability exists that Johnny and Mary can be together. It is always better to leave the exact details out of the picture in such cases. What is it that Johnny really wants, by wanting Mary? He wants to be loved. In its core he wants love not Mary. So to fulfill this desire there can be many candidates that can provide Johnny with love in the kind of package he wants it in.

Let's also talk a bit about probability streams here. Imagine the various probable versions of reality like millions of roads laying side by side to each other. You are on road 485. To the right is road 486 and to the left is road 484. Road 484 and 486 are only slightly different from road 485 that you are on, and as you go further from your current road the probable versions of reality increasingly differ from the one you are on. So if you want to change the probability you are on, you have to do it but jumping from road to road till you reach the one you want. In our example, if Johnny is on road 485 and the probability of having Mary is on road 1050, there is quite a bit of probability hopping that has to happen over a short period of time to get him there.

Now let's add harmonics into the picture here. Like the notes on piano strings, if you strike the wrong two notes the sound produced will be inharmonious. Our roads follow along the same lines. Let's say that Johnny is on road 485 and there is a probability of Johnny being with Mary and that road is road 488. However while road 488 is reachable with reality creating (he would have to force his willpower to jump the harmony string he is on now to get to it, as road 488 is not in harmony with his current reality. On that road Johnny is with Mary but to do that Mary's boy friend had to die in a car crash. As you can see this is not a good way to manifest what Johnny wants, and there is likely to be some karmic reaction coming back on Johnny because of it. Furthermore because in this reality Mary is only settling for Johnny they are not happy anyway.

Your current reality is like this involved road example. If what you want is so specific to involve a specific individual or thing, the probabilities that are in harmony with what you want may be many probability jumps away from you -- unreachable from your current place. And like landmines the inharmonious reality creating roads can be reachable but to do so, you have to take on some karmic reaction to do it or settle for something much less than you wanted -- like Mary and Johnny being together but not being happy.

This is why it is always best to distill what you want down to its core and then let the creation process gently guide you from one probability road to the other in harmony. It will get you what you need and fulfill that want within you.

Is it the case that alcohol and or drugs impair the reality creation process? If so, in what way is it harmful? My sense is that it must somehow interfere with proper focus and thought control, and I was interested to hear what your experiences and/or impressions regarding this issue are. Do you think that abstinence from drugs/alcohol is helpful for those who seek to become reality creation masters?

Once you use drugs to induce some of these altered states of consciousness you become dependent on them to have these experiences. Here you are not developing the inner senses but just suppressing the outer ones. In some rare cases a drug-induced experience may be beneficial to free the student's mind to the possibility of expansion, but I find that even this one episode makes it that much more difficult to develop the inner senses properly. Drugs are just too easy to come by these days.

Some people speak of these mind-blowing experiences with drug use that they say have given them enlightenment. I find this highly unlikely. True enlightenment comes not from any kind of drug induced state but when your spirit and God's merge without anything but sheer will of force; your consciousness reaching upward to connect to this energy stream. Anytime a drug is used all you do is break down the physical senses and distort the signal that comes through from the divine. You may get something, but you will not understand it at all. Basically it is just another excuse used by people to get high.

Alcohol too blocks this connection; however you may think while you are drunk you have this strong connection to the divine, but in fact you do not. I find that out of body experiences are nearly impossible to have while under the influence of alcohol. The alcohol just makes you think you can while at the same time just blocks the natural mystical processes.

Alcohol and drugs also affect your reality creating skills. Becoming a reality creating master involves keeping as little as possible between you and your internal connection to the divine (all-that-is) and the creation mechanism. Drugs and Alcohol just block this process by preventing your brain from making the connections necessary for proper thought control. Again the effect of the drug/alcohol makes you "think" you are better at it, but in fact you are not. Your power is squandered and unfocused and at these times you can set into motion the creation of some unpleasant or undesired reality creations. When you do sober up or come down you may find more than you share to deal with than just a hangover.

I still do not get the concept of the other realms. You state that "consciousness can also leave the physical body and go to one of several other dimensions, like the Etheric Plane, Astral Plane, the Mental Plane, or even the Spirit Plane". Do we enter those other planes also when we are sleeping? And there is another very important question. How can I remember more of my dreams?

It is an amazing world the nonphysical. And yes this is the world you go to when you go to sleep, from where your dreams spring from. This does not mean that the nonphysical world is all dreamlike, but it is the stock from which your dreams are manifested. Your dreams are a combination of your own personal experiences merged with some of the things you do on the nonphysical planes while you are sleeping. As you get better at dream recall and separating dream elements from actual nonphysical elements your dreams and your nonphysical adventures will become clearer.

The etheric, astral, mental, and sprit planes (as well as the physical) exist one on top of the other. In the nonphysical to travel from one plane to another you have to shift your energy pattern or your thought processes (without getting too technical). When you go into a dream you shift your focus or energy pattern to a much finer energy pattern. Physical reality then fades away and the dream universe comes into focus. This all happens without you going anywhere. Your body and your consciousness are still in the same place but have now shifted to a different pattern or channel. It is like a radio dial. When you change the station the radio did not go anywhere, but the station changed you were listening too. Consciousness does the same thing as it makes these shifts from one nonphysical station to another.

Each plane (physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual) is on a higher frequency dial on our metaphysical radio, with the physical plane being all the way on the low side and the spiritual plane on the high side of the dial. Like any radio, the components have to be real good to tune into these higher frequencies, so the better the radio the clearer the stations will come in. As you train your consciousness to get better at tuning itself, it will make these higher stations, like the mental and spiritual channels come in clearer.

Keeping a record of your dreams is the best way to increase dream recall. Keep a note book or pocket recorder by the bed. As soon as you wake up, before doing anything else, record the dream. This action will tell your unconscious mind that dreams are important to you and have some physical purpose. Your unconscious mind will then open up and allow more dream information to flow into your physical self.

I often see these speckles of silver in my sight. Is this some kind of mystical experiences?

These silver speckles of light are actually a physiological condition. There is a rapid shift in blood pressure. It usually occurs when you go from being very still to very active or a sudden jerky movement of the body or turn of the head. I find this common in people who's energies are changing and evolving quickly, especially at the start of the energy going up within you. The sudden burst of physical energy from the higher spiritual energy in the body causes your blood pressure to rise momentarily. This then causes these sparkles in the eyes. What you have to do is take it more carefully when shifting gears from rest to movement. This will prevent the energy spike from affecting the physical body. It is also a good sign that you need to take it easier with what you are doing. Calm the emotions, or even put a cap on the excitement. Energy management becomes very important at these higher levels of spiritual energy flowing through you, as this energy can have a tremendous impact on your physical body.

At some point your energy will get so high you will have to start conditioning your physical body to accommodate the extra charge. But this is probably a few years away.

Of course if this condition gets worse or does not go away you may want to see a doctor about it. At the very least do have your resting blood pressure checked to make sure it is not too high.

Sometimes things fall over or move, like my statue in the garden. I am wondering if I am the cause of these things. Can I move objects with my energy or is something else happening? Moving objects? Wouldn't that take a lot of energy?

Yes to move objects with your will takes a tremendous amount of energy. However the easier way to move objects is to use your will to mobilize forces that can move them more easily. For example, you want see one of your statues move, so you send out the creative energy out to manifest it. Then during the night a squirrel knocks over the statue. Here your will has influenced other forces to make the change. This happens consciously and unconsciously with reality creating. Naturally as you get better at reality creating and thought control the unconscious becomes conscious and these things don't happen without you knowing about it. Till that point realize that some of your unconscious thoughts will interact with physical reality and can indirectly cause these strange happenings.