Q&A 25: Working magick and raising your energy and its shortcoming; the 8th chakra and beyond opening up; more on the Merkabah; removing judgment of others; reality creating on the fly, breaking up the energy from a bad thought; instantaneous reality creating; drumming as an alternative to inducing altered states of consciousness and healing
Some Questions and Answers

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I have been having a problem with magick. When I work magick on a regular basis it works fine in the beginning then things always tend to get crazy especially when I am really into keeping up with the daily rituals. The only thing I can guess that may be a problem is when I add other things to my daily routine like the middle pillar, meditation, more metaphysical readings not to mention personal life things, then wham the negative things start to happen. I just need your feelings on this. In the past I didn't know why more advanced magicians have said things like always do the rosy cross - now I understand the rosy cross sort of hides us from astral entities.

The problem you are experiencing is common. As you do these rituals they raise your energy vibrations up. As your light brightens you become more visible to the astral nasties that are out there. Like a moth to a flame they attach themselves to your aura. When that happens they go to work to find some dark place within you and work on aggravating it. In effect they take something buried in your psyche and bring it to the surface. In some respects they are doing you a favor by showing you an area of your psyche that needs tending too.

There is no real way around this. Like you said the Rosy Cross can help shield you as you do magick. The real fix is to weed out these areas of your psyche that these demons can lock on to. Then when you do magick there is nothing for them to find to provoke within you and they move on. You become invisible again at a new level. You may find this kind of thing happening in spurts. You clear out some dark areas within yourself then things are fine for awhile. Then as you pull in more light or go onto more powerful magick your light expands and the process starts again at a new level.

The good news is that once all the work is done, you can coast and take it more or less easy. There is always work to do to clear out the dark parts of yourself, but this diminishes over time and will never be as intense as it is at the beginning of doing magick or raising your energy.

I would suggest you always take your evolution at a pace you can handle. When you feel things backing up on you, take a break from it. Dreamwork can also help in eliminating these astral nasties; you can go on the nonphysical plane and slay these demons with your sword. It is another more adventuresome way of learning these lessons and working out these fears or thoughts.

Thanks so much about your article on the 8th Chakra. I have many past life flash backs that have helped me to understand my life better. I now stand at the threshold of this Chakra waiting to pass on to the next. How will I know when I am ready for the next chakra opening?

The spiritual chakras open up without too much intervention on your part. When you reach the point where the 8th chakra is opening you are on the ascension slope and it kind of carries you along by gravity. When the eighth chakra opens you start to see people from a loving and compassionate point of view. Before this point you may tend to see people's faults more than their positive natures. After this point however you come to realize that everyone's good natures is what the universe is all about. It is those qualities that help the universe to grow. You see, you are tuning into the consciousness of God. God only knows perfection, goodness, and harmony. The eighth chakra begins the merging process between you and the divine.

You may be sensing this happening to you already and you will know then you are well on the way. This time may not however be without a bump or two, as it is also at this time that you release the last of your karma that holds you back. How bumpy that is depends on you and how easily you accept any changes in your physical life that may occur. These changes, though they may not be welcomed are designed to release the last of this karma. After this time and as the ninth chakra begins to open, the remaining karma you may experience will most likely be due to things that you created recently that were not in perfect harmony with the divine.

And of course the psychic skills tend to show themselves while this chakra is blossoming, so be on the look out for some exciting and unexpected experiences.

All said, the eighth chakra opening is lots of fun. It is a feeling of expansion that you have not felt before this. You are becoming more than you were before and shedding your human self for the divine.

Can you tell me more about the Merkabah? What is it and how it originated?

The Merkabah was originally used by adepts in ancient magick schools as a vehicle for nonphysical travel. The adept would construct the Merkabah around or just above his physical body and then attach his consciousness to this energy structure. Then when they traveled the cosmos in search of learning and discovery, they were protected by the energy figure as they passed from realm to realm. Without this device the adepts could experience energy bleeding and lose energy as well as take on energy from various levels of the nonphysical that they were not yet geared to handle.

Later on it was realized that the Merkabah was a great device for protection on the physical place from dark energies or black magick and spells. It then became the protection of choice among those enrolled in the magical arts.

The Merkabah when used around an individual works best if you use your heart chakra as the center and central anchoring point for the energy device. If you really wanted to be fancy you could see energy lines going from your heart chakra to every point on the figure. Naturally not an easy figure to keep in your head, but with practice you can.

The Merkabah is a reflection of massive energy stores on higher dimensions (dimensions made up of more than three). The Merkabah then becomes a magical key that unlocks this energy and pulls it downward into three dimensions. Planets are Merkabahs as well, and this is where the energy comes from to keep a planet active. We perceive this energy flow as a tetrahedron because it is the only way we can translate a multidimensional object in three dimensional form.

Science currently postulates 27 dimensions. My guess is whatever the highest dimension is, that is where the real appearance of the Merkabah lies. What this would look like is anyone's guess, as you first would have to figure out what a 27 dimensional universe would be like.

Why is removing judgment so important for ascension?

Removing judgment of others is so important to everyone's spiritual progress. People are often judgmental to varying levels. The real subtle levels are where most of this action takes place. Once you can eliminate all the obvious outbreaks or thoughts of judgment on others, it is then time to look at these more subtle areas.

What are some of these more subtle areas? Well let me give you an example: thinking that this person should be more kind, thinking that this person should be a better father, thinking that this person is wrong or unjust. These are all examples of being judgmental on a subtle level. The more you can eliminate this kind of thing from your life the closer you will merge with your divine self.

Sometimes when I think of things they happen right away or very soon afterward. Why does this happen?

These precognitive instances are quite normal. You are awakening to the power of your thoughts and how they create your world.

Some of these events are directly created by you. Some are created indirectly. You pick up on someone else's thoughts and then make them your own. Then it gets created. The latter case is usually dismissed as a precognitive thought (you sensed the future). Actually however in reality creating terms the future never creates the present, as would be the case in sensing the future. The actual RC explanation is that you picked up on someone else's thought waves as they passed through your area and made them your own. Then your powerful reality creative mind went out and created the event.

If you are worried that a particular bad thought may manifest than you can break up the creation energy before it manifests. Just say silently, "Mighty I AM Presence, shatter and consume these thoughts. I do not desire this creation at this time."

I lost a ring and I want to manifest it back into my life. I am using reality creating but nothing is happening. I am trying to bring this object from the nonphysical into the physical plane. What is wrong?

That time of magic, when things just popped into physical reality, is no longer with is. It may return in the future, but for now the only way to manifest something is through physical means.

This does not negate reality creating at all. You focus and send out energy waves to manifest something (let's say that lost ring). Then you look for physical ways for it to come to you. A friend could give it to you; you could find it under the bed or someplace else in the house. Or you could just create a new one. If you were looking for a job, you would send out energy to manifest a job, and then start to do something to ground this energy, make calls for a job, look in the paper, and go on an interview. The visualization energy coupled with the act of using some physical action will create what you want. It may seem like no reality creating magic was involved this way but it was. Events have to be pulled toward you like a magnet pulls metal to it. The thought energy sets up the magnetic field, now you have to bring that metal close enough to you to be pulled in. In my job example, you sent the energy out and then went out looking for a job. A few days later you get a call from a friend who says that he has heard of a company looking for someone. You go down and get the job. The thought followed by the physical action set up a magnetic like wave that put your friend in contact with this person looking for help.

I don't know if this is something that might be of help to someone - I referenced your archives and found a bit about drumming. I've always been a person with poor visualization skills. I have to use words to get anything done - even after close to a year of trying to get somewhere with lucid dreaming exercises, thinking about and concentrating on chakras, colors, shapes, etc., nothing. I found however that drumming works very will for me.

In one drumming session I decided to work on visualizing the chakras. I'd never seen so much color doing this. It was almost playful - I imagined colored light bulbs sticking out of my body. I thought red to violet, back to red to violet, back - but then, the oddest thing happened. As I imagined the chakras the third time, everything orange to the blue of the throat - each of them gave me a visual picture that popped into my mind so violently and purposefully! The four "visions" I had were unique, unlike anything I have had in all this time of trying to tap into this skill, and they had meaning. Highly symbolic! My throat expanded and opened up like a window, showed me a landscape too real to ignore.

Perhaps there is a slightly different path for me to access things....I don't know.

I was introduced to drumming in the UK on a trip there, first by a healer who used drumming to heal people. Then I attended an American Indian drumming session where experienced and inexperienced drummers sat in a large circle on the floor and drummed. The energy was so powerful I had to use all my will power to stay inside my body. Afterward I felt very refreshed but a bit disoriented.

I think drumming can be a great alternative to healing the self and, as you have seen, propelling the soul on to some journeys.