Q&A 24: The masculine and feminine verses male and female of the conscious and subconscious mind; Dragons on the Aethyr levels; Who built the pyramids? Who was Hermes Trismegistus; prophecy 2012 and the plate shift predicted for May, the individual and the collective consciousness, enlightened and not
Some Questions and Answers

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I have a question concerning the subconscious mind. The teachings say that the conscious mind is of the masculine element and the subconscious mind is of the female element. (I don't know if element is the right word here, but I'm hoping you get the meaning.) I'm referring to the chapter in the Kybalion which deals with Mental Gender, and mental influence. So I have no problem picturing the female aspect of someone's subconscious when they are male (here on the physical plane) but I'm having a tough time picturing a woman's subconscious as female which would mean by inference that her consciousness is male?? I have learned that if we are male here on the physical than we are opposite gender on the next plane, etc... Somewhere in this I got confused… Can a woman's conscious mind be of the masculine nature and her subconscious female? Or does it flip because she is female to start with?

You are getting mixed up between the gender of male and female and the energies of masculine and the feminine. They are not really the same; however some of these energies can be seen in the ways of men and woman.

The masculine element is deductive and logical, outgoing, powerful. It uses time and memory to make decisions. It uses force of will to make changes on things. It is responsible for manifestation but not the original blue print of that manifestation.

The feminine is subtle and introspective, secretive. It uses intuition and feelings to make things happen. Reason and logic have no home in the feminine current. Events are pre-born by the feminine current which takes a fragile idea and nurtures it with emotion and feeling and subtle energy. Then once the idea is nurtured and the blue prints are complete, it hands it over to the masculine current to break it into manifestation.

Both currents are needed within the individual to manifest things physically and so that the individual can be properly grounded on the planet. Having more or less of these inner currents does not make you more masculine or feminine outwardly, it just means you will approach how you view and manifest your reality more from that angle and less from the other.

I read somewhere in the net that there are dragons existing in the Aethyr levels. I've even found their names. However in the same place said that they're used mainly for chaos magick. Is this real? I mean... Are there really Aethyr dragons? And is their energy and magick only used for/by left hand magick?

There are various demons in the various levels of the Aethyrs. Their purpose is to test you to see if you have learned that lesson and to keep you from moving into a Aethyr level you are not ready to handle. Once you learn the lesson you gain access to the next Aethyr level and you also have control over that demon.

Some initiates along the way fall to the dark side, for whatever reason. These dark initiates having gained some level of control over these demons, can use these demons for dark purposes. They will tap into a demon and then cause it to wield its power.

Some cultures refer to a dragon or the path of the dragon as a dark path. You will find these souls in the Aethyr level of LOA: They are unable to progress any higher because they will not shed their lower energies. Again these are individuals and not real dragons.

The Magical Grade of the Dragon is a spiritual rank in the Aethyr DEO:

A magical dragon is an archetype that a person embodies once he reaches this level. Originally this is where the dragon archetype came from. It referred to a person or being of high-magical rank that used its position to help protect others from lower energies. This is part of the magical dragon's evolving process. Once they have conquered all the lower demons in the Aethyrs and have conquered all the black magicians, they then help others to do the same. This grade is an important part of the ascension process. It is too bad that along the way the word dragon has come to be known with the dark side.

Who built the pyramids in Egypt? Do you know how old they really are?

From what I have been told by my nonphysical teachers, the pyramids and the ziggurats were built by the decedents of Atlantis that had escaped the island and fled to places like Egypt where civilization was a bit more advanced than the rest of the remaining world. At some point these people wanted to help spiritualize the inhabitants and so they built these large buildings. These buildings were supposed to generate a sense of awe and pull in the needed energy to help spiritualize the consciousness of those they were teaching. Keep in mind that the descents of Atlantis possessed superior knowledge so they quickly rose to power within the ruling structure. This gave them great influence to commission such large projects.

At some point these temples and learning centers were taken by the leadership and used as tombs.

I like to know what's the distinct difference between physical senses and inner senses?

The physical senses are sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste. These are the senses you use to get around in the physical universe. The inner senses are the senses you use to get around on the nonphysical universe. The equivalent physical ones plus some new nonphysical ones, like telepathy, telekinesis, the act of knowing something without knowing how you know it, the sense of Self or you connection to the divine, the ability to manifest your thoughts instantly, and the sense of feel-touch, which is knowing something is there and what it looks like without seeing it. You feel its shape.

Some of these senses, like telekinesis and the sense of self can be developed and used on the physical plane.

I call these inner senses instead of nonphysical senses because the real purpose of these other senses is to explore your own inner being. You are a universe within a universe and you can only understand the external universe after you have fully explored the inner one. Your dreams and many out of body events put you in contact with this inner world in a unique way.

Who was Hermes Trismegistus? Why did he do this work and how and when (and by whom). Was his work supposed to be forgeries of documents created in 3rd century A.D?

I can tell you what I know. The original teachings started in Atlantis from Thoth. Thoth was a high priest in the Atlantian court. When the island blew up Thoth went to Egypt where he continued his teachings there. Many years later the work resurfaced in Greek culture under the name of Hermes Trismegistus. There was a school of Hermes Trismegistus started there and initiates were called Hermes upon graduation. This led to the multiple authorship of the material.

There were three incarnations of three separate beings around that time that were probably responsible for the starting of that school. These beings lived consecutive lifetimes, and like the father taking over the son's business, these consecutive lifetimes were used to cement the Hermetic teachings into the unconscious mind of humanity for good. This is where the 'thrice great' phrase comes from: three people continuing the great work in separate life times.

That is just about what I know. The above information came from one of my nonphysical sessions with HT but there is no proof as to its validity. Take that information for what it is worth to you. Perhaps it will help.

I have recently been reading about the May 19 plate shift (on or around that date). I have heard that this will be exactly on May 26 even. Now I am hearing there are those who want warnings to go out to L.A. and New York. I am interested in the information you have on this (dates, places to watch for).

Also, when December 12, 20012 get here, what exactly is supposed to happen. I realize about the shift in reality, but I get the impression we will be here still, but totally enlightened. My understanding is that it will be a new earth and we will still be here. I am a little confused.

Also, by then, all who are still here, will they all be enlightened?

There are two sides to this prediction and prophecy thing, the 'doom and gloom' side and the "life will be wonderful side." Both are just predictions of how the future may be. In practice I have watched all these scenarios come and go without any trace of anything happening. For example, several years ago the planets aligned up in a row for the first time in centuries. There were all sorts of predictions for that one, good and bad. It came and went without any notice of anything happening. Of course I could go on and on here, this is just one example.

The point is not to get hung up on either side of the prediction game. You can only control one moment and that is the present. The rest is not reachable within time and space. There are many futures. Both sides of these prediction futures exist but they do so in the realm of probabilities. The problem with tuning into probabilities, as these prediction people do, is that the probability they tune into is often very far from the one that humanity is most likely to experience. Why is this? Well because of the individual and the collective reality creating power.

In most cases the people making these predictions or tuning into that probability are themselves looking for some big change to occur. This change should happen within or on an individual level, however instead these people seek these changes in the external world. They want some external event to change the course of their life because they are not comfortable where it is now. And in the process they reason that everyone else's life may be better as well. This kind of thinking is just another form of manipulation and control of the masses, with one or two people deciding what is best for everyone.

Luckily the destiny of the planet is not in the hands of one or two people and least of all in the hands of people that make predictions. That destiny lies in the collective consciousness of everyone on the planet. Everyone's hopes and fears combine to create the next future. From a historical and a human nature point of view, the species has experienced changes but in a slow and gradual manner. This is how the collective consciousness has chosen to evolve in the past. This could change of course but I think it unlikely any time soon.

So I suspect that the upcoming May plate shift they are predicting and the 2012 predictions will come and go without incident. Human life does change but does it slowly. If you look back at the last ten years you certainly can see some changes in consciousness that have occurred and some changes in how we live. Did those changes happen all at once? Not really.

In brief I am not saying that an abrupt change in reality cannot happen, just that given human nature it is highly unlikely. And even if so, the only moment you can control is the present. If you concern yourself with a future that may or may not happen, you just lose all your current reality creating power.

I believe that humanity is striving toward a more kind, caring, loving, and divinely connected state (enlightened state) and over time more people will be this way. Over the next ten years there may be some difficult times and great times (nothing new as far as human nature is concerned); however humanity's capacity to learn and grow from these events has changed and, as a race, humanity is more likely now to learn from these joys and woes than in the past 1000 years.

If you have read between the lines here, you will see that I do not support a split earth theory of 2012, as many have predicted. That is a theory of selfishness and control. If humankind is to grow in peace and love the first thing humanity has to learn is that 'nice rosy futures' are not for a selected few or even half the planet, they are for everyone. You can't cut out half the body because you think it less evolved and move onward, obviously you are cutting out something important. That is just what this split earth theory does. It removes "quote" enlightened! (I use the word enlightened here sarcastically) selves from the body of humanity and the rest to stew in some sewer someplace. Humanity starts with compassion for all people not just a selected one or two.
Please don't get hung up on this "enlightened" word that I hear everyone using. Be clear within yourself what you mean when you use it. Many times words like these seek to divide instead of unite. "He is enlightened, and she is not!" If you are careful with the meaning of the word within yourself, you have now put a division between two parts of the body of humanity, and division creates separation from the divine. I'm not saying you cannot use the word "enlightened." Just be careful you do not use it in a way that implies that this person is better than that person.

I think that by 2012 you will have people that are enlightened (open, honest, caring, loving, united to the divine) and those that still seek humanity's lower natures (suffering, misery, hate, separation from the divine) but at least the scale may be tipping more toward enlightened.