Q&A 20: Cloning; when does the soul enter the fetus; God and gender; free will and the choice to die, look back on the Word Trade Center incident; miraculous recoveries and the protective shell that keeps you physical
Some Questions and Answers

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What do you think about cloning of people? I think that it's good thing to learn and improve, but as many other human inventions, it can be used for bad purposes.


Cloning is a very controversial topic. There is much reality creating energy behind the cloning idea, which means it will become a reality in some form. However that final form will not be what you see today. Quite often just before humanity acquires a new and perhaps dangerous skill the black and the white of the topic is played out in front of the world so all can see. This is a good thing. Right now you are seeing all the terrible things that can be done with cloning as well as all the great things that can be done with it. Like any black and white situation, there is inflation on both ends so that each party can get their point across. Then the group consciousness must decide what to do about it. And in most of these cases the road that the group consciousness has chosen has been down the middle of the two extremes.

So I speculate that cloning of animals and even humans will be part of the future in some way, but I hold judgment as to what exactly that will be. I do send positive energy to this area of reality creating so that humanity can manifest what is best for everyone in this matter.


If we one day have enough knowledge of cloning to clone exact copy of a person with complete memories (like in 6th day movie) what about soul? What soul would come to body of clone? Would it be some part of that original- man-soul (past-self, future-self) or would it be some soul chosen by accident?

I'd have to say that probably only a small part of the original soul would be transferred into the clone. There is only one unique soul that is you. If you clone a soul (if you could) you would have another unique soul. Not any copy. The moment something is cloned it no longer is the same as the original, as its experiences will be different from the original. You will agree that it is impossible for two people to take the same exact physical steps. Only one person can occupy the same space at the same time. Each path a person takes shapes that person uniquely. So if these two souls were exact clones, the next moment both would be unique and walking their own path.

Now if cloning of a human was completely possible, I would speculate that the new soul would be some soulmate of the original cloned person. Because some kind of energy compatibility would have to be set up so that the new cloned body will accept the host consciousness.

As far as the memories go, this is something that has already been done. You have no idea how many reincarnated souls of famous dead people are walking around on the planet today. You may say "how can this be." Well physical reality is like a play. Quite often you can have a couple different actors playing the same part in different versions of the play. Lives of dead famous people are no different. Once you are free of the physical plane you can go anywhere you want in time and space. Even reincarnate in George Washington's life. For this reason, if you regress some people in hypnosis you will find that many people have had past lives in famous people of history. Now each of these lives was different and unique yet they all followed along the same script.

I'm not saying that this happens to everyone, just with some souls that want to experience that kind of life in that specific sort of way. So if they did clone a person fully, as in the 6th day movie, the incoming soul would be a person wanting to experience that life from that point on in his or her own unique way.

What is the time the soul enters the body of child? When the mother is pregnant already or earlier, or at childbirth?

The soul enters the fetus several moments after conception. However it only stays there for several seconds, just enough to bond with it so that no other entity can. Then over the course of development of the fetus, the soul visits the fetus at increasing amounts and lengths of time. This reduces the shock of the soul coming into physical reality. However even after physical birth the soul is not fully bonded to the infant. This is a safety measure as well as a factor that it takes time for a nonphysical being to become completely connected in physical reality. By the age of 2 the soul is fully connected to the infant and the memory of its nonphysical existence is fading away. By the time the child speaks all memory of the soul's previous existence is gone and a new life awaits it.

In some of your answers, you mention God as a 'him'. How do you know it's a 'him'?


I use the pronoun 'him' with God only for literary purposes, as the pronoun 'it' which does not have any gender attached, is just a bit too impersonal.

God of course is genderless. Gender is a product of spirit as it is filtered through the various planes of existence (spirit, mental, astral, etheric), so all of us are genderless as well once we ascend into the plane of spirit and above.

When I use 'him' with God I mean no disrespect to the female gender. As there is as much of God in the female gender as there is in the male, and both genders are part of God's creation.

I have been reading your September workshop log files... there was one where you talked about how everybody who died in the blast made a choice to exit reality? I am just having a hard time understanding it in your point of view because there were kids who were around 11-8 years old who died in the plane which crashed into the plane. I mean there was virtually no way of escaping away from that because everybody was going to die in the plane explosion. The only chance I see the people surviving were the ones who weren't inside the plane. So are you saying the kids also made their choice to exit reality too?


I would never wish this kind of death on anyone and my heart goes out to everyone that died that day as well as to the people that are left behind that have to go on without loved ones.

It is not easy to say that each man, woman, and child that died in that tragedy choose to leave this reality. However, from a free-will point of view, you have to come to the conclusion that on some level of the personality a decision was made to leave this reality.

Often the time and the exact way of death is not known to the individual. However when a large number of people decide to leave this reality together like this, it is more often because those people wanted to make some kind of statement, to bring about some kind of change to the world they leave behind. This makes everyone that decided to leave the planet in this manner a martyr. They put their own lives before the worlds in the hope that positive change would come about.

It is certainly easier to understand how an adult could on some level make this kind of decision. But when you think of children, who seem so unknowing and innocent, how can such a conclusion be made? The only way to look at this kind of thing is from the aspect of the Soul. Each child is a whole Soul. Each adult is a whole Soul. On the Soul level there is no difference between a child and an adult. A decision of this magnetite is made on the Soul level of the individual. Consciously many of these people were probably not aware of such a decision. Some of these people could have been aware of it. It mainly depends on the level of evolvement the individual is at. More evolved individuals are more aware of their soul-level of being. These more evolved individuals would know in advance that their time on the planet is short and would agree that the time was right.

As far as why each child and adult chose to leave the planet at this time, there are as many reasons as there are people. But here are a few.

Some souls that die in childhood are souls that want to complete some task that was started in another life and not finished. When that task is done they leave. Some souls will come into this reality to help others (usually their parents) and when that is done they leave. Some souls are terrified of growing into adulthood because of past trauma in other lives. Often they will incarnate in progressive lives, where they live a few more years in each life, till they can face the fear that prevents them from living a long life.

Again to understand these actions you cannot look to the incarnate child or adult. You have to look beyond to the Soul that sits behind those eyes. That Soul is fully aware of the evolvement that is needed and the 'when' and 'how' of a person's death. You are only on this planet till your lessons are learned or your goals are achieved and then you go. To delay departure after there is nothing further to learn can set the individual back many lifetimes.

There is only a division between Soul and individual when the door of knowing more has not been opened. For those individuals that are more evolved no such division of Soul and incarnate person exists. You could say that those people are more in conscious control of their lives than those people who still possess a division between Soul and the individual.


Are you saying they could have done something about it but somehow they realize it was too late but all they could see was to accept the consequences of the event that was to occur?

Generally speaking it takes months to years to let go of the protective energy shell that keeps a person safe and on the planet. Once this shell is gone then in some way death occurs. At some point in this process it is irreversible. In the case of these people on those flights that point was when they stepped on the planes. Before this they could have chosen to not go on the plane and then choose life. Some people did this, as was reported in the news. These people either were not supposed to die (did not make a soul decision to leave the planet) or they did but changed their mind. In the latter case that protective layer would begin to build back up, as long as the individual clings to life.

It seems like you are implying that that there is a marked expiratory date for each life. How do you explain when a person who contracts of cancer and the doctor tells them they have not got much to live but they end up proving the doctor wrong?

A person that contracts cancer and then recovers miraculously has reversed their decision to leave the planet and that protective layer begins to build itself back up. At some point of course the body cannot regenerate itself any more and then that person would not be able to reverse the process. The body can be very near death and still recover. It is a powerful system. But it can't do any kind of healing if the life force of the person is not flowing inward.