Q&A 19: Undoing a reverse reality creating belief. Hermes Trismegistus and Freemasonry. Following your own path; how do you know when you are on it? Subtracting reality creating momentum from the aspects of your life you dislike. Which came first, God or the Universe?
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When I was a kid, I found out that whenever I imagined a possible outcome of an event, I could rest assured it never manifested. Whatever I imagined or wanted, it never turned out the way I thought. The outcome was more often than not quite the opposite of what I had imagined. Things are still this way, when I really want something, I don't dare to visualize myself in the position where my wish has come true, because then experience has taught me that it won't happen that way. This puts me in a strange situation. I'm aware that things could very well not happen "my" way because I unconsciously cancel them, "knowing" that they won't become true from previous experience. On the other hand, the somewhat awkward benefits of this belief are that I can imagine negative scenarios, and feel comfortable in that they won't occur.

Maybe you can give me some advice on this? I often feel that this particular mindset prevents my progress, and by its unfortunate nature, I don't know how to uncreate it.


Yes, your belief structure has you in a 'corner' with creating your reality.

First, the reason things do not manifest when you imagine them is because you over do it. When you imagine something you want too much it manifests on the astral or mental plane and never makes it to the physical plane. Also when you want something too much you often generate an unconscious belief of not getting it, and this too can veto your manifestation.

Fear contains a chaotic emotional element and when attached to your thoughts can often pull toward you the very thing you fear and physically manifest it.

The idea is to just send out enough but not too much energy regarding what you want to manifest. My energyball routine is a great way to develop a proper feel for the 'when' and 'how' to send out this creative energy ( My advice is to start using this routine with small simple requests and work your way up to the bigger ones as you gain confidence in the system. Don't make more than one or two energyballs a day for something you want. Otherwise you may generate that belief of not manifesting it. Reality creating is supposed to be a simple process. We just make it much more complicated than it has to be.

Ditch using that reverse fear manifestation system right now and you will save yourself lots of hassle latter. I know for awhile you may feel vulnerable because you are not using it to ward away potential bad reality creatings. What you can do instead, when you want to make sure something does not manifest is invoke your "I AM" God energy presence to remove that energy. Say silently something like this: "Mighty inner I AM Presence, shatter and consume all the energy regarding (insert thought)." What you are doing here is taking the areas of your reality creating that you are unsure of and handing it to a higher power. Something I do all the time. We are here to learn and help is always available for those times when we need it. We just have to ask.


Is there any connection between Hermes Trismegistus philosophy and Freemasonry?


This is a bit of a tricky question. By tradition Freemasonry is any organization of people (men by tradition) who come together to promote friendship, charitabiltiy and the sharing of resources and knowledge. The only requirement to join freemasonry was to have a belief in God. No specific religious or occult oriented background or belief was necessary. Primarily freemasonry was a vehicle to assist the guilds of the "Middle Ages." However despite its intent, that does not negate the fact that many times the kind of information that was shared in the freemasons was of an occult nature, as the basis of these groups was the control of secret information. As such many teachings like the Kabbalah and the Hermetic teachings were often disseminated through these organizations.

So while in theory these organizations were not set up for the transfer and guarding of occult information, they often were, just because of the nature of a freemasonry organization.

Here is a link with some additional information:


I read that new chapter you put on your site, and I really liked that Question & answer about helping souls on the nonphysical. So this question came to me: Do you think (or are you sure) you're fulfilling your mission in this life? And if you think you do, what/how/who exactly makes you sure you are doing what you should be doing?


Life's mission...

Well years ago I obsessed on whether or not I was fulfilling my life's mission. I prayed and tried so hard to follow a path that I had no idea where it was going or even if I should be on it. After years of reflection and walking this path, I have come to the conclusion that it does not matter what you do or where you go, or what you choose to be. The path, your life's mission, will meet you no matter what. I'm not talking about destiny or predetermined events. I'm talking about the fact that we all come into this life with some kind of goals or things we need to learn and accomplish. This energy is with us everyday of our lives. The way we choose to live our life is completely up to us. I could just as easily be a farmer as a spiritual teacher and my life's mission would have presented itself to me in such a way that it would be learned or fulfilled. A person's life's mission, goals, or learnings can morph itself into any life or path that that person chooses.

Live each day as unique and an opportunity to learn something new. Make choices when you are presented with them based on the moment and your feelings, thoughts, and needs. Create whatever you want (as long as it is in harmony with ALL-THAT-IS) and walk confidently that your mission, path, and learnings will be there right at your feet at all times.


I was reading your book and I am confused on the subject of momentum. I understand that momentum is like the string on a guitar, but how exactly do you add and subtract momentum to a subject, such as love or sadness in your life? For an example, if someone does not like sadness in their life, how would they subtract momentum? And if there was love, how would someone add momentum?


You subtract momentum from something by creating its opposite. So for stopping sadness you create happiness. Eventually the sadness ends and happiness begins to build, gaining momentum in the new direction. If it was sadness you wanted to decrease the momentum on, then every time you have or feel thoughts of sadness follow them up with thoughts of happiness. Not an easy thing to do for sure at times. However it is the only way you can begin the reversal. You can also invoke your higher self to help overcome the resistance to let go of negative momentum. Your human side can get used to things like sadness and not want to let it go. What I mean is that you may feel sad and want to feel sad, not happy, even though you are trying to focus on happy thoughts. What you do is say something to yourself like this: "My mighty inner presence and higher self. I know that this sadness is no good for me, but yet there is a part of me that clings to it. Please help me to release this part of myself, so that I can begin to build happiness in my life." I find that this simple phrase helps me to better focus on the new thought pattern and let go of the old.

Feelings are also a very powerful way to build momentum. If you feel lonely, than try to invoke what it feels like when you feel loved. This action will flood your energy field with the emotion of love and begin to counter the momentum of loneliness. Strong emotions plus thoughts in the same direction equal tremendous change and power in that direction.

To add more of something good you already have is easy. Just keep visualizing and feeling more of that aspect. Try to do this consciously about two or three times a day. You will find in about two weeks the quantity of that aspect will start to build.

It is always easier to build on an aspect you already possess, because you can see changes very quickly. When you have to tear down momentum in the opposite direction, you see the results less. In this case you have to look, for example, the incidences of feeling sad decreasing. Eventually that sadness will decrease so much that you will start to see more incidences of its opposite, like happiness.

What came first God or the Universe?


This question, of course, is a loaded question, but a very good one to ask and ponder.

The simplest truth is that no one really knows. Many times the answer to the question depends on who you ask, and that person's point of view.

In ancient texts and in the Hermetica it is stated that first there was Atum (Egyptian name for God, the unifying force of everything). Atum then went on to create the Mind of the Cosmos. The Cosmos then came into being as a copy of that Cosmic Mind. In a sense it says that God created powerful beings that then went on to create the universe that we now inhabit. So if you go with this rendition of creation, God existed before the Universe.

It can also be argued that because everything that exists (the Universe) is a part of God, then God could not exist without the Universe, so the Universe must have come first.

I like the first (the Hermetica) theory myself. as it implies some kind of order to the universe. In my own inner and outer travel throughout the universe, I find order. I find people and beings that seem to create order from vast spaces of what I can only call unordered universe. However even in these unorderd sections of the universe I still have a sense of God and a connection to him. So even in the unordered parts of the universe he still exists. So in my opinion, if he exists in the ordered and the unordered parts of the universe then he must be more than the universe, and thus must have existed before the universe came into being.

Now, here comes the loaded gun part. These explanations are all well and good. However in each of them we are trying to explain the presence of God and a working of the universe from the perspective of time and space. Most of the ordered universe exists outside of time and space: nothing comes before anything else. Things just are. When you create something, it is created in its entirety, including its past, present, and future. So if you view God from the perspective of the greater nonphysical universe neither God nor the Universe came first. They just are, or were, and always will be.

But take your pick as to which one you like to use and ponder. I also encourage you to meditate and reflect on it yourself and come up with something that feels right for you.

As for me, I am happy in the feeling that God and the Universe are one and his power and love are filled in every corner of it. Which came first is not as important as that is to me.