Q&A 13: The Root Races and their part in human history; Hitler and the Aryan Race
Some Questions and Answers

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Have you ever heard in one of your travels or from you guides about a future social and economic doctrine? (example of old doctrines: socialism/communism, anarchism,..., and the actual one capitalism...)

Well I have not heard about any specific doctrines as far as humanity goes. These kinds of socioeconomic things are not big nonphysical concerns, as far as evolving the species. There are however various Root Races and Ages of mankind laid out:

Each age of mankind learned a different thing. The Polarian Race learned what physical reality was like, they tasted it you would say. The Hyperborean Race explored the limits of physical reality, the small and the large, the slow and the fast. The Lemurian Race explored what I call Lunar consciousness, philosophical issues, magic, and was the first race to begin to integrate the spiritual into everyday life. The Atlantean Race explored emotions and feelings and the power behind desire and lust. The Aryan Race (our current race) is exploring Solar or Mental knowledge and its application in the physical plane. The Meruvian Race (of which is beginning now) is exploring personality integration, taking all that we learned so far and using it in balance and harmony. The final race is the Paradisian Race and they will anchor the God-Soul into the physical plane.

What does the Aryan race have to do with Hitler? Is it really the Germans that are more "pure"?

The Aryan race applies to all of us. Hitler used the term to build his master race, hoping nobody would notice. The bottom line is the Aryan race (not the Germans) represents the things we are learning in this era of mankind (the use of our mental powers in the creation of our reality). This era began in the year 1 BC and goes to 2012 AD -- way before and after Hitler. This is not well known, but Hitler was a mystic -- a black one. He used secret mystical keys to raise himself to power. Some of this mystical bent comes across in his dictatorship. For example the Nazi symbol is a mystical cross turned on its side, which from an energetic sense is kind of like using a pentagram upside down. It shows the force being applied for lower ends, rather than higher more pure ends.