Q&A 11: Walking nonphysically through walls and objects; Tree of Life Archangel positions & bringing back negative entities; Hermeticism and monotheism; how does Hermeticism relate to Judaism and the Ancient Egyptian religion and how does Judaism and Egypt relate? Djinn compared to daimon in Hermeticism.
Some Questions and Answers

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If I enter a poster with a scenario (nonphysically) my mind will create that place? If yes: why does that not happen when I enter a white wall?

Well if you enter a poster or a painting, there is a good chance you will wind up in the mental universe of the person that created it. If you go through a blank wall or any wall, one of two things may happen. You may wind up on the logical other side of that wall. Or you may be transported to another place and even time.

In theory as you walk through a wall your focus shifts momentarily. This shift is often enough for your mind to grab a hold of another reality, place, or plane. It is not that you deliberately think of someplace and are there. Rather the lack of thought and focus sends you into a cyber-pool of experiences where you pick one out at random and are transported there. This action is just a natural part of the nonphysical environment, which is why it takes great concentration and focus to stay on task during a nonphysical adventure. So walking through a white wall may get you to the other side of the wall. However it may not. Sometimes it is all a matter of luck... nonphysical luck.

I just wanted to know are all the same archangels in the ‘Tree of Life’ still there? I haven't ventured up to that realm as I've heard stories about people bringing back negative entities with them.

The Tree of Life has not changed in centuries. The archangels that man each sphere are of the same aspects from the time of the beginning. However there is a subtle point with them. Some of the archangels are positions. In other words the archangel Arial will always embody the qualities of Arial but the being that inhabits that position may be different than the one that held it 2000 years ago. Now I'm not saying that Archangel Michael is not the same Michael as from 2000, years ago. He may
be. What I am saying is that these archangels are positions and eventually another being will take his place. The duration for some of these offices can be 10,000 years or more, some as short as 2000.

As far as bringing back negative entities from the Tree of Life, I have not found this to be so, with myself or my students. With the Aethyr system (a more advanced system of development) this can happen as you do deal with light and dark forces in that system. However the Tree of Life is meant to be a very personal, powerful, and enlightening place -- a place for the new student and the old to touch divinity in its most pure form. You can however touch these entities and then come back with an aspect of yourself that you do not like being brought to the forefront. You could then perceive that your brought back a demon with you. However what has happened is that the entity you touched brought up a quality in you that you need to work on. This latter does happen often, and while students may have quite pleasant experiences in the Tree of Life, after they return they must work to rid themselves of the quality that keeps them from achieving those heights that they just saw.

I am curious about something, Did Hermeticism believe in monotheism, and how’s does Hermeticism relate to Judaism and the Ancient Egyptian religion. And How does Judaism and Egypt relate? Also in Islam there are beings called the Djinn, would they compared to the daimon in Hermeticism.

Hermeticism at the core is a monotheistic belief system. The ancient Hermetics believed in one God (creator of all life) but around that God served many lesser deities or servants. The term god was used loosely in the organization to mean any being with advanced supernatural powers (or beings not of the earth). So consequently Hermeticism is often branded as a belief system having many gods. The Elohim for example, which is referred to in Judaism as god, in a Hermetic belief system are subservient to the God that created all Universes, all life, the first and last cause. The Elohim are actually considered creator gods that carried out many of the instructions from the one God. So you can see how confusing it got for the many scribes and lay folk that passed down the Hermetic philosophy.

During most of Judaism's reign, if you will, Hermetic philosophy was the underground belief system. Many Jews were secretly Hermetics. The concentration of Jews that were secretly Hermetic followers increased during that time when the Jews were in Egypt under the Pharaoh's power. This merging caused a synthesis of Judaism, Hermetic, and Egyptian belief systems to slowly occur, which is why today you see Hermetic philosophy in each of these cultures in some way. Even modern Christian belief systems have Hermetic cores. John the Baptist and Jesus were both secret Hermetics that later broke away and formed their own belief system, one based on both Hermetic and Jewish origins.

A daimon in Hermetic terms is a being that serves the dark side of the Universe. In true Hermetic philosophy there is only duality below the planes of spirit so things are either good or evil, light or dark, male or female. Above and in the plane of spirit no such divisions exist -- everything is of the Creator of All things and serves only that creator of all things. I say this because in a Hermetic universe even a daimon serves to elevate you up to purity and above duality. However the methods a daimon would use to do this are quite different from the method a being of light would use. One seeks to destroy all that is imperfect within you and the other seeks to remove all that is imperfect within you. Now if the term Djinn refers to a being that is on the dark side of duality than a daimon and a Djinn would be the same. If however a Djinn can be a being of the light or dark side of the universe (and so far in my research this seems to be the case) then only those Djinn that serve the dark side can be considered a daimon.

I am also curious what is the difference between Jewish and Hermetic Kabbalah.

The Jewish and Hermetic Kabbalah are one in the same. By Hermetic tradition the Kabbalah has been called the "Tree of Life." In the earliest of texts and in the bible there are references to the Tree of Life (I'll give you a bit of information here to ponder: the tree that Adam ate the fruit from was called the "Tree of Life"). Later the Jewish faith adopted this idea and the name Kabbalah was put on it. Hermetic tradition tends to lean towards calling it the "Tree of Life" but many people today and in many books call it the Kabbalah.

Who adopted the idea first is a good question. Some people put the beginning of Hermetic thought back to 1000 BC or about the time of Hermes Trismegistus. However I believe and have seen some evidence that Hermes just forwarded the Hermetic idea and the most early Hermitics were present in the Garden of Eden or the time of Adam.