Q&A 6: Your Destiny; Group Reality Creating, What is really going on?
Some Questions and Answers

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Q&A ch 6: Your Destiny; Group Reality Creating, What is really going on?
Dissertation 6; Some Questions and Answers
Your Destiny; Group Reality Creating, What is really going on?


Can you give me more info on the best use I can be on the planet with the energy packet I carry, especially in relation to the Star energy?

  There is not anything in particular that you need to do regarding the star-energy and spreading that energy to the planet or humanity as a whole. You carry this energy wherever you go and you spread it around as you go about your normal physical existence. Your question of course is "Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?" Well you come to the planet with an outline of what you want to do. This outline is scarcely filled in. You fill it as you live life. You are where you are supposed to be right now doing what it is you need to do, as is the case with every moment of your physical existence. What you do along the road of life is not as important as what you make of the situations you find yourself in. These situations are merely energy structures that you must transform or be transformed from. A business could be just as easily be a Monastery. The form that this energy takes is not as important as you think. It is how you utilize, learn, and transform because of the interaction between your energy and the energy structure that is presented to you.

 I think from a personal point of view, it disappoints me that here I am with a fair amount of power and blessed with excellent insights and teachings and I can't seem to be able to create sufficient momentum in a venture so close to me. My other projects are doing well, for which dear Universe many thanks!; it just seems that there appear to be some blocks...

 When your manifestation involves others, as a business does, your reality creating power can go only so far. It is at this point that you have to ask yourself about the blocks, and realize that you are there to transform some energy or situation. The others involved in this venture in some way need to be transformed. The business blocks are an indication (from a personal perspective) that you are not transforming the energy that the others possess. The energy they represent has to be altered so that the manifesting of abundance can go forward. If all you had to do was exert your own reality creating power to alter the situation, you would not learn how to use that power to help others to transform. They would become dependent on you to do it for them and they themselves would cease to grow. Your personal reality (everyone's personal reality) comes in two flavors, the one that is yours and yours only, and the one that involves others. Your own personal reality is there so that you can hone your own personal reality creating skills. The group reality is there so that you can learn how to teach others the gifts you possess, and they can teach you the gifts they possess.

 We are going through some severe challenges and I could do with some insights and help to get our business moving again. I know it will improve but I could do with some pointers from someone who has some 'distance' from the business. Hermes, any thoughts? Is some boost needed, some precipitation, an energy clearance, your basic Faith!?

 I think we have indicated a course of action already for you here. It is not your manifesting abilities that are blocking the movement forward. You must help those that are part of this endeavor to understand themselves and how they approach their reality. You may have to do this in a very subtle way and cloth the information in a way they can understand. You also transform through your own action. Others learn from watching you, and sometimes it is merely your way of going about things that helps them. In the end, you have to accept that you've done your best, because the transformation of self, as you know, has to come from within. If the others in the situation can not transform today, then you have to say that you've done what you can and wait. Eventually, if no movement further is possible, you will be removed from the situation by the force of repulsion, toward some other energy structure that can be transformed or can transform you.

 Of course you are always supported in your efforts to create in the physical plane, by your higher selves and those divine aspects of yourself that are involved in your evolution. Remember that these other aspects of yourself hold your visions for you in the etheric plane, so that these manifestations can create and be pulled together physically. These forces do not distinguish between what they are holding as being positive or negative. They leave that up to you and assume that if you hold the vision this is what you want to manifest. The real power in manifesting comes when your own vision is in perfect balance with that of the vision of ALL-THAT-IS. These are the visions that get the quickest manifestation response, as they are not only held by you and your divine counterparts, but also by the Creator of ALL things. I'll give you a small hint. Try not to hold a vision of the business being successful, try instead to hold its higher more powerful purpose and vision, that of the transformation of those involved with you to a higher state of consciousness.

 Light and Love and I welcome your questions at any time.