Q&A 5: Simultaneous Time; Should you change the past?
Some Questions and Answers

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 I read and printed out your article of Simultaneous Time, it was really very interesting.  And in pondering this article, I have one question for you.  How would you successfully decide what to warn your past self about?  The reason I am asking this, is from my experiences in my life. I was, for awhile, caught up with not releasing the pain of some of my past decisions. They were constantly influencing my life and healing was not possible until I truly learned the lesson of those experiences. 
  If were to warn or interfere with my past self, even by 10 years, lets say,  I would be interfering with my own learning experiences.  So I am a little confused on what guidelines you would use in determining when I should help my past self out, except just for support and strength.  Everything that happens in my life, happens for a reason especially now.

Hermes Trismegistus:

 You have valid points. To answer them, let's go into the next level of Simultaneous time; this may be a bit complex, so we'll take it slow.

       The Universe forever changes and evolves, that much is certain. Now in a simultaneous universe, how do you suppose that evolving occurs? If no being would intercede in another persons' behalf, how would anything change? You would be doomed to go the same path as all the other selves and persons that came before you.

 To answer the core of your letter, when you go back in time and touch one of your past selves, an energetic link is set up and the wisdom that you learned transfers over. You help that past self in understanding the lesson that is before them, without that self having to walk the path. However, even with your aid, it is still up to your past self as to whether or not they take your advice. Which leads us to the next point.

 The next level of simultaneous time denotes that probabilities exist for not only the present but the past as well. By you going back in time, you will not change all the probable past selves from a certain action, just some of them. However, by aiding some of these past selves, you act as their teacher and guide helping them through the road ahead. You will not dictate any of their actions, but help them to learn the lessons more quickly. In this way, the Universe forever passes its wisdom on and eternal growth becomes possible.

 The idea with helping your past self is to better help your present situation. For example, by going back in time and suggesting that a past self learn a certain skill because they will need it in the future, will help you to learn that skill more quickly. The past probable self that you touched will hopefully learn that skill. That same knowledge and wisdom that you transposed on a past self, about your future, will now transpose on to you in the present, in the form of learning this skill at a very fast rate.

 So, you can use this technique to free yourself from the limitations of your past, without too much worry that you will hinder the growth of that past self. With this sort of thing, you are touching probabilities of past selves, energetically binding with them, and helping each other to share wisdom across time and space. You are not altering all of your past probable selves, but you are effecting a local portion of them, the portion of them that would like to explore other options for the future, the portion of them that are connected to you and your evolution.

 Now, something else to consider is that at some point in the individual's evolution a point is reached where the lessons stop being learned through pain and suffering. The soul transforms and now learning can occur through the experience of joy and harmony. There is no specific point at which this can occur. It can happen in your present or in your past or in your future. Once this point is reached, the lessons do not stop; however how you learn those lessons do change. By helping a past probable self, you are helping that self to transform the way it learns its lessons and the way it becomes who it is to become. In every situation that comes to anyone in physical existence there is always the choice to have reality shape who you are through pain or through harmony. That choice is always up to you, of course. The idea is to be open enough so that you can see both roads clearly, and then choose the one for you.

 Well I think I rambled long enough. I hope I helped you, though I may have stirred up more questions then I answered... but that too is one of those strange things about the Universe..