Q&A 4: Astral Projection: A way to evolve or a way to devolve, the nonphysical bodies, the tugging, hearing other people
Some Questions and Answers

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>I have a big problem. I do not know that the OBE and lucid dreams inducing is right or not. I am interested in OBE and lucid dreams, but I have doubt. I think these abilities are a sidetrack, and these are obstacles on the way. This is the teaching of the Joga. I had some lucid dreams, and I am interested in OBE, but I do not know that this is right or not. 

Hermes Trismegistus:
 There are many paths back to God. No one can tell you which one is the right one for you. Out of body projection and lucid dreams are two more ways that you can evolve yourself and learn about God's wonderful Universe. You may find that when you use lucid dreams and out of body projection for such purposes you are putting yourself in touch with divine forces that can help you in a more direct way (being able to actually see, hear, and touch these beings). This touching of the divine forces does not mean that there are not other ways you can do this. Prayer is a very powerful way to touch divinity as is meditation. In fact, you should avail yourself with as many ways to touch divinity as you can and want. Variety often gives you a more rounded perspective. For example, the Christian can be a better Christian if he learns about Buddhism; and the Buddhist can be a better Buddhist if he learns about Christianity. So, the best thing to do is to check out whatever path you are considering and then trust your own feelings on the matter. As long as you have your sights set on God, any path or skill you decide to take and develop will lead you to him. God will make sure of it.

> Hermes I would like to ask you the following. During some OBE's I do experience the fact that I am sitting in  another body... The people I'm meeting are looking at me, talking to me, watching me etc. But somehow I cannot hear their voices and in all the cases I suddenly do have a tugging notion and within some seconds I do loose consciousness and awake in my bed. Realizing that it was myself in another body... I am wondering "Are these my other selves?" How can I get to know this for sure? How can I get back and prolong the experience? The more one experiences the more questions arise. 

Hermes Trismegistus:
 On the web sight there are 5 chapters on out of body travel that explain this happening and more. However to head you in the right direction, when you are out of your body you can be in one of three different nonphysical bodies. Two of these bodies feel just like your physical body, so when you are in it, you will appear to be in some kind of body. However, even though this nonphysical body feels like your physical body it is vastly different. It has many more capabilities than your physical image. As you get better at out of body travel you will learn more about what this nonphysical body can and can not do.
Some of the people you meet in an out of body condition are people on the physical plane. If this is the case, you can see them, but they can not see you. You are invisible to them because your nonphysical body is invisible to their physical senses. This condition is how your Guardian Angel walks with you while you are physical. You can't see him/her but he/she can see you and help you.

 There are times when you can meet other selves in the nonphysical, but this is not the case here. You are just meeting other people either physical or nonphysical. The physical ones can't see you, and the nonphysical ones can.
 As far as the tugging, that is your physical body pulling your nonphysical body back into it. Your physical body can only go so long without your consciousness. When it tires, it pulls your consciousness and its nonphysical body back into it. Again, in time your physical body will learn how to go for longer periods of time without your consciousness and your projections will get longer.

 Sometimes you can not hear on the nonphysical. This is because you are pulling so much of your power into seeing, you are forgetting to send some energy to your ears. There is a simple way to turn your astral ears. Just start talking and listen for your voice as you speak. This will divert some of the power from your sight to your ears and turn them on.