Q&A 2: Astral Projection's Vibration State, Past and Future Selves, Soul Records, Chakra verses Power Centers
Some Questions and Answers

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> I've been attempting astral projection for quite some time now, and attempted dutifully every night. I can achieve a very highly vibration state, but then become excited, and it tapers off. And when occasionally it does linger, I can't make the separation. Do you have an idea of what would remedy this? This is something I would really like to achieve, improve on, and better myself with (spiritually). Please help.... I appreciate it<

Hermes Trismegistus:
When you reach the vibration state it is easy to become excited. Unfortunately this excitement tends to break you out of the trance. However, after a few more times reaching the vibration state you will relax about it and be able to move on to the next phase: which is moving your astral body instead of your physical body. When you get at the vibration state you have to learn how to distinguish between the two. You may think that stepping out of the body feels mental in nature (as in thinking yourself out; however that is not the case. The act of leaving the body actually feels physical. It requires 1/3 the force to move that astral image, as compared to the physical one, but it does feel very physical like. I often relate this catching of the astral image to pulling the brass ring off a moving merry-go-round. This analogy is kind of correct. You see! If you miss the ring on the first pass, you have to prepare yourself for the next pass and try to catch it again. When you go to move the astral body if you miss the brass ring, you will start to move your physical image and break the trance, thus having to start over on the next pass -- be it the next trance or whatever. There is skill involved in this and practice always brings you one step closer. So keep trying and practicing and you will soon pull that brass ring and be out of your body.

I could not help but to ask follow-up questions regarding karma with past and future lives. You said that you could live in the future and do something that brings upon you negative Karma. Then in the next lifetime, in the past, you would have to pay back that Karma. The questions is, how can I start my journey to "ascend" (say this lifetime) if my past life's karma (since you said that it is not the same individual as I am) is pulling me back... say my past life does not want to "ascend" yet... will it affect my current "effort" on the "journey" during this lifetime? If yes... is there a way to counteract this effect? What happens to my other manifestations ("incarnations") if say, I ascended during this lifetime? (is this a far-fetched assumption? :) ) Do I even need to be concerned with my other "individual" manifestations?

Hermes Trismegistus:
The thing to keep in mind with past and future lives is that each of you are individuals separate from each other. You can live each of your lives free of what the other person does in the past or future. The connection comes in what you did in that past life or future life when you were there, not what they are doing now.

You see! And this may be a bit confusing, but with each life time and each moment come a new set of past and future selves. Let's say that you have three incarnations, one in the 1800�s, 1900�s, and the 2100�s. Now for argument sake, lets say that at the present moment you are in your 1900�s life. From this perspective you have a future life and a past life. From this moment point, the past life that you can look to is not the same as the past life that you lived when you were there. That 1800 person is their own individual person. When you leave your 1900 life to go to your 2100 life, your past 1800 self will move into the 1900 life. Now when that 1800 self gets to your 1900 self's life, he may or may not live that life the way you did. He has free will just as you do. The same goes for your future lives. If a future self does something in the future, you may or may not do that same thing when you get to that life. Each incarnation is lived separately, but is connected. It is a glimpse ahead or back into where you were or where you are going, but it is not a carbon copy of what you did when you were there.

The proper way to look at past or future lives is using them like a looking glass into who you were or who you will be. Then take this knowledge and put it to good use in your present life. If you discover something from a past self that seems to be thrusting negative karma on your present life, then take that knowledge and free yourself from that karma, by understanding the lesson it presents to you and working on counteracting that karma. Now, at the same token, you may look back into a past self and see that self doing something that you did not do, when you were there. You may at this point want to examine why there is some difference and think about whether or not that self is acting in wisdom. You can then offer advice to that past self, if you wish, on that action or commend that self for being a bit wiser than you were.

Your individual soul record is what keeps track of what you did in what life time and when that life time occurred. When you see yourself in a dream or in a Astral Projection in a past life, you are looking to another self living a similar path but not the same one. To know exactly what you did when you were in that moment you would have to access your sour record. Soul records are not accessible by normal astral or dream projection.

So in answer to your question, you are free from the actions that a past or future self does, but you are not free from those actions that you yourself did when you were there. What you see astrally or in a dream may not be the actual soul record for yourself.

As far as your own ascension in this life time (which is possible), no action taken by a future or past self can effect your present progress. If you understood our previous explanation, this fact should be obvious. However, whenever an individual does achieve ascension, in whatever life, it will effect all the selves, past and future, like a wave that ripples to every shore. Ascension is a powerful moment in the life of the self and that intense power can not help but radiate outward and touch all the lives and all the incarnations and effect them positively in some way.

Allow me to ask another "out-of-the-topic" question: I noticed that you use the term "power centers" instead of "chakra"? Is there a difference between them (I mean do you have a different concept from the traditional eastern idea)? Another thing that I noticed (in the out-of-body guideline) is that instead of the "base chakra", you teach us to use the power center "at the foot"... does it have a difference between the "base chakra"?

Hermes Trismegistus:
We use the term Power Centers and Chakra interchangeably. However the term Power Center tends to define the purpose of the Chakra in a more clear way. The Chakra are each very unique power centers that radiate out specific energy patterns for the individual to draw upon. The more developed the individual, the more developed the Chakra will be and the greater energy that will come forth from each.

The Foot Chakra is an extension of the Base Chakra, but with some differences. The Foot Chakra is the part of the Base Chakra that is responsible for keeping the energy field of the individual grounded in the Earth Plane. The Base Chakra is used to convert the energy from the upper Chakra to a form that the Foot Chakra can send out to the Earth. This subtle point has little been understood in Eastern and Western philosophies, because of the invisible nature of the Foot Chakra. You see! Once energy passes out of the Base Chakra it is indistinguishable from the Earth's energy, because it has been converted. To a person with normal aura sight, they would not see any energy field between the foot because that energy is indistinguishable from the Earth; nonetheless the Foot Chakra is there. Without it, you would not be able to stay on the Earth Plane.