The Various Types of Dreams

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Now, in Chapter 3, we gave you an overview of the whole dream process. There we mentioned that all your dreams can be broken down to any one of five types:

  • Dreams dealing with yourself
  • Dreams dealing with loved ones
  • Dreams dealing with others (not loved ones or friends)
  • Dreams dealing with skills (learnings)
  • Dreams that revitalize your consciousness

As small as this list may seem, any dream that you have will fall into one or more of these categories, regardless of whether it is a probable dream, future dream, past dream, reincarnatal dream, Etheric Plane dream, Astral Plane dream, Mental Plane dream, or Spirit Plane dream, or even a multidimensional dream. These latter qualities are the various guises that your dreams take on. For example, a probable dream can involve any one of the above listed categories. It can involve you and your spouse, or it could, just as easily, involve a life- lesson that you failed to learn. Now, because any one of these dream guises can fall into one of the above categories, each of those categories helps you to understand yourself and your world a bit more and from a slightly different perspective. Let's examine these five types of dreams one by one and in more detail.

The most intimate of dreams, naturally, involves yourself. These dreams are usually the most personal and deal with issues that are close to your heart, so to speak. They are made of the stuff of what propels you, of what makes you the person that you are, of what you like and dislike, of the things that make you glad and sad, of the things that make you strong and weak, and of those things that you fear.

These very personal dreams will usually, but not always, take place in dream rooms that are very familiar to you, places that you cherish or greatly fear. They play out in these kind of places because those places are your places of power. Power places are dream locations, or even physical locations, where your life-force is the most strong. These places are the areas that nurture, protect, and transform you. Quite often they are of childhood rooms or homes and of people that may be long gone and a part of your early years.

When you have such a dream, it is a message to your present self that an issue of great importance to you and your growth is underway. It is important to heed the message in this kind of dream, as this will enable you to meet your destiny, instead of shying away from it, as many of you do when confronted with deep personal issues. Remember! The key to knowing when you are having such a dream is that the dream place, or room, will be of very familiar and deeply personal environments; that is the signal to watch for.

Once you identify this kind of dream, you will have to pull the various aspects of that dream apart to figure out what the message is. Your personal dreams dealing with yourself are usually filled with objects and images, and are not so much filled with other people, though they can. The objects themselves often represent the very issue that you are dealing with. For example, let's say that you are having a dream, in a dream room, in the house where you were born. In this room, you see a baseball. The baseball, here, could symbolize your need to play or have fun. The ball could be a reminder to have fun, perhaps, treating whatever it is that you are going through like a game, instead of as a chore.

Naturally, much of how you decode the dream will hinge on what dream plane that dream takes place on, for you can have several similar dream rooms existing on each of the dream planes. For example, a dream room of your first apartment can both exist on the Etheric and the Astral Plane. Here these rooms may appear similar but, in fact, they are two separate dream locations, and the way that you will interpret information from each room will alter the meaning of the dream. We're going to be going into dream interpretation in great detail in several chapters dedicated to just that topic, later on in our book. Here we just want you to understand that each kind of dream that you have will have different ways of being decoded, depending on where that dream takes place, even if the dream locations seem similar.

The next type of dream to examine is, also, highly personal. These dreams are the dreams involving loved ones and close friends. Often the motifs of these dreams are of personalities, getting along with them and not. Naturally, the thrust of what you do with other people is of working together or learning how to work together, in peace and harmony. Loved ones serve this function very nicely, in physical reality and on the dream plane.

However, personal conflicts or harmony on the dream plane, when it involves others, is more than just getting along with each other; it's also of getting along with yourself. Many times people in these kinds of dreams symbolize aspects of your own self that you are trying to understand. For instance, meeting with a friend of yours that is angry at you for something that you did, not only stands for the obvious (that your friend is mad at you) but, on a more deep meaning, it stands for your own anger at yourself for the way you acted or the way things went. Here's another example. Having a dream involving your mom may not merely stand for you missing your mother (though, of course, it can). A mother figure, in this kind of dream, often stands for your own need to feel loved, nurtured, and cared for. You may be feeling neglected, in your physical life, and your spirit is sending you a message that it's time to pay more attention to that self.

Naturally, the ultimate meaning here rests with what dream plane this dream occurred on, but you do get the idea that people often stand for your own inner conflicts, feelings, and desires. Ultimately, nobody will be present in your life, or dreams, unless that aspect of your own self needs tweaking.

The next kind of dream is dreams that deal with others. In others we mean coworkers, associates, casual acquaintances, and of people that you know of but have never met physically. Naturally, geological distance here has nothing to do with whether or not a person can be in this kind of dream. For example, you can have a dream involving the President and live nowhere near where he may be.

You see! When you dream of other people, people not part of your intimate circle, you are dreaming of aspects of your life that are more distant but yet hold for you the keys to unlocking the things you need or want. These more distant aspects are often power-gaps in yourself, areas where you lack or need these resources and must reach externally to draw them to you. The idea, long-term anyway, is to pull these more distant aspects of yourself closer, where you can more directly control them. The more far removed a person or thing is from your actual life, the further that aspect is from becoming a part of you. For example, having a dream involving a superior at your job often stands for your need to possess his/her power, at least inwardly. You lack what they may have, which could be self esteem, self worth, the ability to take charge, and because of this lack you do not have the resources to break out of your present loop. That superior, here, in this example, stands for a low self image that you are tying to build up, so that you too can command a similar level in abilities.

You dream of these people, so that you can, in essence, capture their qualities, or at least the qualities that they stand for. For example, many times you will have dreams involving well known people. Celebrities commonly stand as an icon for an idea or way of life that you desire or admire. By sharing in these people's energy, as you do in a group dream of this sort, some of that energy remains with you, helping you to acquire that quality or aspect. Dreams of people that you admire are very conductive to your self-image and the growth thereof.

Now the fourth kind of dream deals with skills or learnings. In these dreams you will engage in some kind of activity to acquire some skill or to retrieve needed information. These dreams are not unlike going to school or being on some kind of investigation. Obtaining knowledge is one of the most fundamental skills that consciousness possesses, and some of your dreams will reflect this fact or skill-gathering capability. That sought-after skill could be a physical skill or a nonphysical skill. It does not matter. The Dream Universe is the ultimate teacher, and ALL of you have learned all of what you know, there first, and materialized it , physically, second. For example, there is not a person on the planet who has not, first, learned how to walk in the Dream Universe and, then, followed suit with the necessary physical steps. In a way, with acquisition of skills, you are dealing with probabilities, searching for that probability stream where that skill or knowledge resides already, so to speak.

Of course, remembering a learning or skill dream will help you to understand just what you are trying to accomplish at present. Many times, you do not or are unaware of where you are going. These skill dreams are often future probable dreams of where you may be soon. These dreams can possess great inspirational qualities that can help to keep you on that road, especially if that road is a rough one. When you have such a dream, glorify it, and savor it. Keeping that dream in mind can help to lead you toward the very probability that you are grasping at and the very skill or information that you need.

The last kind of dreams to examine are dreams that revitalize your consciousness and life-force. Without these kinds of dreams your existence would end in a second. These dreams also occur in that highly protected part of your sleep cycle. It is here, in these dreams, that you become renewed. The energy that you expended, the previous waking period, is replaced, and your consciousness's energy centers are realigned. It is also here that you obtain that love, warmth, and support that you need to go on another day. These dreams are your meetings with God.

There is no individuality in such dreams. You lose yourself in the vast sea of what is God and become him for a time, returning to that nurturing father of ALL THAT IS and basking in total love and warmth. During this time, your you no longer exists and you are completely part of the Universe. Your body, if you had one, would stretch across the planet and into the far reaches of space, as you know it. It is here that you feel your unique part of the Universe that is you.

You may find this strange! How dissolving your individuality would ultimately teach you about that individuality? Well, it's that return to your self that enables this wisdom to take hold. As you are being returned to your own self, in light and love, the whispers of what you just left remind you of the part of yourself that is most precious because no one else intersects with the Universe as you do. Each speck of consciousness is a piece in a vast puzzle to understand the whole. And, without each individual speck, the whole will not be able to understand itself. That quality is what makes you important beyond any thing else. The Universe is one big chain with many links and none of those links can break, else the whole falls apart. You touch this knowledge in the moments just prior to returning to what you know of as you, and are once again reminded of what it is like to be you and only you.

Now, how do you use such a dream? Well, frankly, there is not much that you can physically use this kind of dream for, which would benefit you any more than the actual experience did. However, these dreams often come back into your physical consciousness as images or whispers of feelings, of love, of joy, and of greatness. You can, and should, use these dream-fragments as an impetus to go farther than you ever had or try harder than you ever could, in those times when your life becomes demanding. You can recapture that energy, if you try real hard, and feel, for a brief second, that all-encompassing love and compassion that God has for you.

This dream is the God dream, and if you have looked at the chapter contents, you will see that we're devoting a whole chapter to this kind of dream. There we'll teach you to recall and even program such a dream, so that you can take just a bit more of yourself to this very protected and deep part of your sleep.

In the next chapter, we're going to look at each of your dream bodies in much greater detail. Remember! You have three of them. Naturally, for you to operate your dream vehicle, you need to understand how it gets you from point "A" to point "B." What device would be complete without that owners manual? Get ready! Your about to become familiar with all those bells and whistles that your dream-consciousness possesses.