The Multidimensional Dream

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From a physical standpoint, a dream can seem like the most nonsane thing that you do.

In the last set of chapters, we covered some fundamental aspects involving dreams. We told you of the lack of time and space within the Dream Universe and within a dream. Time and space do not exist in a dream and, consequently, events and places that would normally be separated by great distances or times can follow one another in secession. We also took you to the next step, in the following chapter, and opened your awareness to probabilities. In the Dream Universe, it is quite normal to experience more than one version of the same event, which is another physical impossibility. Now, here, in this chapter, we're going to show you how these elements can blend themselves into one dream. Many of your dreams possess this multidimensional quality, and, frankly, this quality is what makes you think that dreams are chaotic and difficult to understand. But, as you will soon learn this free-spirited quality of dreams is what makes them so powerful.

It begins! You lay your head upon the pillow and start to drift off, to what you hope will be a restful night's sleep. As you stand on the brink of the dream threshold, with your physical ego on one side of you and your nonphysical dream-self on the other, you wonder what awaits you in that elusive doorway just ahead. Your physical body is at rest now. You open the dream doorway. As you enter this beckoning portal, you leave what sanity you had behind you, and enter into world where reality gets put together by a whole other set of rules.

The dream door melts away just as quickly as you walk through it, and you are standing in your yard talking to a man. A moment or so later, the man turns into a bird and flies away. Then, as you turn around, to follow that bird, your environment shifts and your are 100 years in the past, looking at two horses tied to a saloon hitch. With that, you turn once more and come face to face with the gas man. Now, all these happenings would be bizarre and chaotic enough on its own; however, in your next breath, your reach out and take the gas bill from the gas man, as if there is nothing wrong with the gas man being present in 17th century America. Now, you are truly nonsane!

From a physical perspective, your dream self does do all sorts of things, which would get you committed, in your society, had you been physical when you saw and did these things. Frankly, telling anyone a story like the one above, without adding that this was a dream, is enough to get a second and third look from people. If you don't believe us, just try it! Events in dreams often seem chaotic and to follow no set pattern. However, your dreams are the most creative and deliberate thing that you engage in. The level of sophistication and elegance with which despairingly different elements come together, to form a perfect psychological painting, would even make DaVinci modest.

You see! All the elements in a dream come together to form a message and a story with which you can explore and enjoy. Some of these dreams are fairly simple and seem straightforward, almost as straightforward as physical reality. However the real masterpieces are those dreams that possess several elements, or several layers of elements, all blended in one dream. These dreams are multidimensional in nature, possessing a depth that goes beyond the surface, and, with each deepening level, the meaning deepens and so does the information that it carries to you.

In a typical dream of this order, it would be quite normal to have future, past, present, and even probable elements thrown in together. However, the presence of all these elements is ultimately for your own benefit, because dreams of this type are a wealth of information. You see! The present element tells you what the theme of the dream is and what you are dealing with. The past element tells you how you got to where you are now; the action that was responsible for this theme. The future element tells you where you are headed, if things don't change. And, lastly, the probable element tells you of your options, if you have any.

Now, in this kind of dream people, quite often, recognize just the past, present, and future elements and disregard the probable element. However, the probable element is the one that unlocks the meaning and power in such a dream. For instance, by examining the present, past, and future elements, from a certain dream, you may deduce that you do not like where you are now or where you are headed. In this case, the probable element will tell you what action to execute to change your present course. On the other hand, if you are in a situation, where you like and the outcome, according to the dream, then this probable element will tell you what action you should avoid, else you alter what will be. The probable element is the action that carries with it your ability to change what will be, if you so choose to.

The easy part, of course, is intellectually understanding the function that the past, present, future, and probable elements play in this kind of symphonic dream. The more difficult task is trying to figure out, from the dream, just what those elements are. Now, off the bat, you may think that this identifying of the elements is easy. Anything that you are doing, now, would be a present element. The past element, naturally, would be an action that already occurred, something you should already be aware of. This process of elimination would leave only two other elements to figure out. However, keep in mind that the future element is something unknown to you; and, the probable element, which is also unknown, can hide itself quite easily within the action of the dream. Furthermore, the dream may not be in a past-present-future order. It could be in any order, with, emphasis on, most likely, little or no order.

For example, the past and future elements do not necessarily have to reveal themselves as a shift in environment. You can be in a dream that remains in a present-like environment throughout the course of the dream. In this case the past, or future, element could merely be an object or a thing, or even a room. Here's an example dream that shows these elements very nicely, their interaction with each other, and what this dream winds up to mean.

    You are in what looks like a library. There are books all over the place. You walk down an aisle. There are books on the shelves. As you look at the neatly stacked books, you come to an old man. The old man seems pleasant, friendly, very content, and familiar in some way. He tells you that he is going to die, and you wonder why? The man seems very happy with his life and what he has achieved. Next, the old man disappears, and you turn to walk out of the library. You walk out a service entrance, but decide that that way is not for you. You walk down some stairs instead and come to a plush room that is very comfortable There is a door in the room that leads outside. You open the door and look and think about leaving; it is raining. You decide to stay in the warm, plush room. The dream ends.

Now, let's explore this dream and reveal the various elements of the dream. But, before we do, spend a few moments trying to decide, on your own, which element is which. This dream contains at least one of each element: future, past, present, and probable.

Okay! The present element should be pretty obvious. It is you in the library. Now, we need to begin somewhere with the interpretation and, naturally, that somewhere rests with whomever had the dream. Let's say that the library symbolizes your present career path of being a writer. Maybe you are trying to decide if you want to continue this career course. The books on the shelves, in the aisle, represent both past and future literary works authored by you. They actually stand for a lifetime of achievements, mainly because of the next element in the dream: the old man. The old man is a future element, but you may be surprised as to what future he represents; the old man is you! Quite often you will meet with yourself through either a past, a future, or even a probable self. Often these selves are disguised, and they may not even look like you. A bit of intuition will help you here. Next, the old man tells you that he is going to die, and you wonder why he would want to die when he is so happy and content with his life. Well, your old future-self is telling you that, in the future, if you should continue on your present course, you will die a happy and old man -- not a bad way to go, we might add. Next, the man disappears and you walk to leave the library, via the way of the service entrance. This leaving via the service entrance is a probable element that will lead you away from your current path. At this point, however, you can not tell, for certain, what that probable path will hold for you. However, there are more clues as to what this alternate path holds. Next you walk downstairs, an action that often represents foundations. Here you think again about leaving this plush place, and you look out the door before stepping through it. As you peek out, you see that it is raining. The rain, here, is telling you that the service career is apt to be stormy and not quite as cozy as the writer career that you have chosen and already begun to build on. It further tells you that your taking up of the service field will put you working in the elements, probably outdoors. The plush room in the basement, another element from the past, informs you that your writer path already holds a solid comfortable foundation, toward that future old-age, which awaits just one flight up.

Now the meaning of this multidimensional dream should be clear. Staying on your present focus, the career of the writer, offers you the best possible future into a ripe old age. Detracting from that field, by going the service route, will only lead you to a cold, wet future.

Of course, experience is the key to correctly decipher a multidimensional dream. The more you work with your psyche and decoding your dreams, the easier it will be for you to identify the various parts. Dreams are meant to be creative, not undecipherable. Your consciousness wants you to know what these things mean, otherwise there would be no point in having them. The idea is for you to benefit consciously, as well as unconsciously, from their wisdoms. To make this deciphering easier, your psyche will always use symbols and images that are familiar to you. And, as that symbol-base gets larger, so will your dreams become more complex.

What we're saying here is that, in the beginning, your dreams will be easy to decipher and decode, and, as you get better at understanding your own dream symbols, your consciousness will step up the complexity of the process, bringing you increasingly more challenging dreams to decode. In this way, you not only get to obtain specific dream information, to use in your daily lives, but you also become more educated into the ways of the Dream Universe and its symbolic language. This knowing of a larger dream-language translates to more power, to control and shape your life.

It's like the child who is given a basic set of building blocks. He has a square, a triangle, and a circle. There are only so many things that this child can do with these shapes. However, in the beginning, it's all the child can understand and handle. Eventually, that child gets board with that square, triangle, and circle. He has explored all the possibilities that exist for them. Now the parent comes over and gives the child a hexagon and a rectangle. The child can create, once again, all new things with the added shapes, and, as a consequence, the child learns to build increasingly bigger and more complex projects. Continuing on this course, by the time the child is 10, he could be using an erector set and, now, what once was primitive shapes on top of each other, has become a model of a Skyscraper. The child is growing and so is his tools and so is his abilities.

Your dreams and lives follow this progression, too. In a relatively short time, you will be constructing dreams that you would not have believed possible when you were just beginning to recall your dreams. These new powerful dream symbols will spill over to your daily lives and, in a short time, you will be weaving a physical reality that a master painter would be in awe of. As your dreams become more complex and smooth running, so will your everyday lives. A learning in one dimension will always carry over to the other. This carrying over of knowledge and experience is what makes dreams, and their use, a powerful ally in your life, to create the world that you want, need, and desire.

Now, here are the important points of this chapter.

  • A multidimensional dream is any dream that possesses more than one dream element (past, present, future, probable).
  • A dream element can be anything: a room, an object, a person, a place, a thing, an animal.
  • These elements often have a common basis. That is, the elements will revolve around the central motif of the dream.
  • The present element indicates the central theme of the dream.
  • The past element will indicate how you got to the present, or what was the cause of that present.
  • The future element will show you where you are headed, if you do nothing to change that course.
  • The probable element will indicate the action that can lead you away from that future: the action necessary to change the dream.

In the next chapter we're going to formally cover the various types of dreams that you can have. We have already, in some way, discussed these different types of dreams. However, in the next chapter, it's time to lay them out in black and white, so that you can be aware of them and aware of their purpose in the Dreamscape.