Column / March 2000 / Healing

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The Column:
March 2000, Healing

Hello and Welcome!

Healing is such an important part of life. Every moment of existence is really, in one way or another, a method to heal. However, the healing I'm talking about here is not just of the body, but that of the soul and your reconnection of your soul to the Soul of the Universe.

Physical ailments, mental, and emotional instability are just exterior signs that your connection to that Universal Soul is wavering a bit more than it should. The discomfort is a way to bring that focus back inward on the self and then on the larger Self that is always in contact with that Universal Soul.

You see! The Universe exists because harmony between each of the parts exist. When harmony does not exist, within a particular part, then that system breaks down. Put simply, the Universe cannot support any aspect of itself that is not vibrating in harmony. To do so, the Universe would be supporting disharmony and its own disintegration, which of course it does not.

When some aspect of yourself begins to break down, it is because in some way you have lost the harmony becon of the Universe and are going astray. Putting yourself back on that becon will again restore the body and the self to harmony and a state of bliss. This restoration is where healing comes into the picture.

Now throughout time, humankind has contrived all sorts of ways to bring the self back into alignment with the Soul of the Universe, from today's medical science to the ancient witch-doctor. The witch-doctor had a rather unique way to heal. His dance and jesters often invoked the surrounding energy and then sent that energy into the patient to restore balance. With herbs and medicines, the substances themselves are an energetic infusion into the person to bring the body and self back into harmony with the Universal Soul.

Healing really breaks down to a form of energy transfer. A more perfect and connected energy is placed into a part of the self that lacks that connection and energy. Ritual, herbs, medication, and even magic are ways to infuse a more perfect energy source into the body and self.

The bottom line, however, is that you are the person that directs the energy that comes and goes in your body, mind, and spirit. Keeping that energy pure and connected to the Universe should be your first priority to maintaining good, perfect health. And of course for those times when you are less than perfect, there are plenty of ways you can reconnect to that source, which of those methods you use are up to you. If the intentions are correct, the results will be the same: restoration to perfection.

So, till next time...


Column TimeLine:

  • 2000 BC: Yellow Emperor's Nei Ching (Classic of Internal Medicine) is written. Acupuncture practiced.
  • 1200 BC: Medicine based mainly on religion and magic but also included a growing use of herbs and mineral products.
  • 4 BC: The earlest beginnings of scientific medicine, as it is known today, practiced by the Greek physician Hippocrates.
  • 1100 AD: First medical schools in Europe founded in Salerno, Italy, and Montpellier, France.
  • 1700 AD: Homeopathy medicine begins to spread.
  • 1900 AD: Chiropratic medicine begins

Fast Facts:

  • Many of the herbs used by the American Indians--such as datura, coca, cinchona, curare, cascara sagrada, and the like--are now used as drugs in modern scientific medicine.
  • Holistic Medicine is the philosophy and practice in which disease and its cure are related to many things, including the spiritual condition of the patient.