Column / February 2000 / Human Evolution

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The Column:
February 2000, Human Evolution

Hello and Welcome!

Forging the human soul is not something that the Universe takes likely. It is also not something you should take likely - especially since you are a part of that forging. The human soul is probably the Universe's greatest achievement, but it also may be the Universes greatest challenge.

I believe that humankind has the potential to be great servants, protectors, and guardians of the physical universe. This job is obviously no small task and, consequently, the evolutionary process of the human soul is not apt to be an easy one. You see! To reach great heights the blade must be that much more pure. So, the human soul must be forged and tempered to great precision, if the guardianship of the physical universe will be placed in its care.

A great deal goes into this forging of the human soul, more than you would think. Lifetimes of growing are involved and, in each lifetime, something new is added to the evolving soul. Relationships form an important basis upon which much growth occurs. The physical world, if nothing else, is a cooperative world and the many people as well as animals, plants, and things all effect that tuning to a degree.

Looking at human growth over the span of time can reveal a great deal about the human journey. It can also lend some clues as to where he is going. I always try to look at humanity from this long-term perspective, instead of the short-term perspective that is so common in today's thinking. How far as humankind come? Well just look at what was happening 2000, 4000, or 10,000 years ago and compare those events with what is going on today. And, don't just look at man's technological accomplishments, that is only one aspect of his development; you must consider it all.

What are those various aspects? Well, there is humanity's moral and ethic code, which has taken some unusual forms and changes over the years. There are humanity's spiritual and religious foundations, which have been at extremes at various times. There is the human heart, which has perhaps been the recipient of much pleasure as well as pain, as humanity toyed with the various chemistries that surface when various people mixed and matched. There is humanity's intellectual capacity, which also has had some interesting peaks and valleys in its evolutionary course. And, finally, there are humanity's creations.

Humanity's creations are an echo of his inner self and what aspect of his soul he is currently learning to develop. By looking at humanity's creations at various points in time, you can get a glimpse of what he was learning. For example, technology today demonstrates that humanity is learning how to create symmetry and harmony of the conscious mind and things that are apparent. This is quite different from Egyptian times when humanity was learning symmetry of the unconscious mind and hidden things.

When you look at humanity in these blocks over time you can see that the direction he is headed is a great one. Why else would every aspect of the human soul be exposed and tempered to such a degree. Being a master at something and just learning something are two things entirely. Mastership requires an intense focus and precision that just learning does not entail.

So, from time to time, have a look at the human journey, not from today or tomorrow's perspective, but from eternity's perspective. If you do that, you will feel as good and positive toward humankind as I do, and will know that greatness is not that far way…

Till next time...

Light, Love, & Peace


Column TimeLine:

  • 15,000,000 BC:The beginnings of gender on the planet.
  • 10,000,000 BC: Primitive apelike man believed to inhabit the planet.
  • 5,000,000 BC: Oldest fossils found that relate to modern human man. Before this much of his development is a mystery.
  • 500,000 BC: Believed first use of fire by prehistoric man.
  • 30,000 BC: Venus of Willendorf, a figurine believed to denote fertility and perhaps the first evidence of some kind of deity worship.
  • 3500 BC: The Wheel Invented.
  • 2000 BC: First use of metallic money.
  • 776 BC: First Olympic Games
  • 563 BC Buddhism begins
  • 204 BC: The Great Wall of China completed.
  • 312 AD: The rise of Christianity
  • 600 AD: The rise of the Islamic faith
  • 886 AD: The oldest surviving printed book. A collection of Buddhist Monk prayers.
  • 1100 AD: The Crusades begin.
  • 1431 AD: Joan of Arc burned at the stake.
  • 1543 AD Copernicus postulates that the world is round.
  • 1692 BC: The Salem witchcraft trials.
  • 1839 AD: Charles Darwin publishes his book on the origin of man.
  • 1893 AD: New Zealand gives woman the right to vote.
  • 1930 AD: Gandhi's nonviolent protest against a British tax on salt, sets the stage for modern peaceful protests.
  • 1969 AD: Man sets foot on the moon.
  • 1997 AD: First mammal cloned.
  • 2000 AD: billions of people around the globe focus on peace as the clock ticks from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000