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The Column:
December 1999 / The Year 2000

Hello and Welcome!

The year 2000 AD, what exactly does this number mean? Well, on a planetary level and from a numeric point it means very little! Think about it? The planet has been around a long time -- way before humanity began putting labels on years, months, and days. Who is to say that humanity's current label of 2000 corresponds to anything cosmic at all? Furthermore, if you go back to the creation of the current calendar system, it is flawed. How? Well, when the birth of Christ was originally calculated, a mistake was made. Christ's birth was fixed 3 to 6 years before it actually occurred. When the mistake was finally discovered, over 200 years had gone by and the new counting system had taken hold. It was decided to just leave well enough alone and the flawed calendar remained in place. So, technically speaking, using the actual birth of Christ as a reference point, the millennium already occurred between 1991 to 1997.

Of course you may say this does not change the fact that seemingly unpleasant things seem to be happening and have happened when the clock moves from a 99 to a 00. Well the reason for these unpleasant physical manifestations is not that the Earth or the heavens say, "Well let me just adjust things to go along with the humans and shake things up a bit!" No! Rather humanity's powerful collective consciousness creates these unpleasant happenings and uses the "00" phobia as a vehicle to do that reality creating.

It is no secret that humanity has been a slave to fear and the lower passions. What makes those fears and passions even harder to overcome is the fact that, over the centuries, humanity has been brainwashed by various doom and gloom predictions, made by people that just wanted to make a name for themselves at any cost. These very smart predictors went about and played upon humanity's innate flaw for creating havoc and distress and feeding the frenzy year by year, in the hopes of gaining some kind of recognition, power, or control.

With the collective consciousness properly programmed and already slated toward creating unpleasantness, when the clock sounded "00," many of these predictions were created. Then the reality of the ominous power of the year "00" began to grow. And grow it did and has been growing for 2000 years or 200 cycles of its reoccurrence.

Now to break out of this cycle of creating doom and gloom and to make the year 2000 a very pleasant passing is not so difficulty. You have to realize that you are the first link in a big chain that adds to this reality. And you are the first link in that chain that can change and break this reality. Stop thinking about the terrible things that may happen and start thinking about the good things that can happen. Thoughts go out in waves. As such they can spread from one to another very quickly in an unconscious way. If enough people around the globe start thinking positive about the year 2000 then that positive quality will spread, and it can and will be a year that humanity can remember in a pleasant, fond, and loving way; it can be the year that everything started going right!

I look forward to a great year 2000 and I hope that you can join me in this vision as well.

Till next time...

Light, Love, & Peace

Column TimeLine

  • 0 AD: (actually 3 BC) The Birth of Christ and the beginnings of the Christ energy on the planet.
  • 500 AD: Arthur semilegendary king of the Britons is proposed to have lived at this time. He creates the Knights of the round table and the idea that all men are equal under God.
  • 600 AD: Chess invented
  • 1000 AD: Middle Ages, the Roman Empire collapses and man begins to wake up from his barbaric nature.
  • 1500 AD: Great artists like Michelango and Leonardo Da Vinci incarnate on the planet and impart their gift of beauty and harmony in the form of artwork.
  • 2000 AD: Man learns and actively practices brotherly love. All hostilities cease. (Well... at least let's try to create it!)