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The Column:
August 1999

Hello and Welcome!

Solar eclipses are the focus of this month's column. Why? Well if you have not heard, on August 11, 1999, a solar eclipse will occur with parts of the globe experiencing a totality (complete darkness). It's the totality kind that integrates most prominently in the human journey -- as it was during these events that many cultures and societies literally took a deep breath and a pause when they occurred.

Some cultures regarded solar eclipses as apocalyptic: the end of their civilization or the end of their way of life. The more primitive cultures thought their god was punishing them. The cultures that were in the height of their golden ages felt it marked the beginning of a new era or even better times approaching. Either way, a solar eclipse has always held some kind of inner power over peoples and cultures. Perhaps because for a short time nature seems to defy logic and breaks its usual pattern. As it breaks that pattern, it perhaps signals a breaking of the patterns within ourselves. The key here is to make this change positive. A solar eclipse can not bring down a civilization or cause mass destruction, but your thoughts can and will. If you believe that this cosmic event will bring chaos and destruction that is what you will get in your personal reality.

So, try to use these unique energies that are present during the August 11 eclipse to create some real positive, pleasant, and harmonious changes for yourself, your loved ones, and the world. Keep your thoughts as positive as they can be and try to only focus on the good things in life. Then, as the sky darkens with the moon and the sun coming together, so will your inner and outer self come together and emerge as an exciting new self. A self that, perhaps, can throw off all those patterns that cause you discomfort, and have you basking in a new person containing only the most positive and pleasant of energies.

Have fun, till next month..


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Solar Eclipse
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A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun from reaching the earth. A partial solar eclipse is much more common than a total solar eclipse. In a total solar eclipse the distance and trajectory of the moon to the earth must be precise for the moon to completely block the sun's light. A total solar eclipse is a spectacular event, but one you should never look at with the naked eye. Special glasses and filters must be used to safely view and film this event.

A total eclipse is usually lasts about three minutes from the center of the path of totality. The maximum duration of the August 11 eclipse (2 minutes 27 seconds) occurs in Romania at 11.03 GMT, where the Sun's altitude is greatest. During the 20th century 228 solar eclipses did or will take place. Solar eclipses in the 21st Century are already being calculated. Press the map below for a full size pop up graphic of the path of all total eclipses from 1997 to 2020 (including August 11).