Ghost, the Strange Force!

Hermes' Blog: June 18, 2021

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RC Radio: Ghost, the Strange Force!

This RC Radio show also available on YouTube.


This picture is called “Ghost, the Strange Force.” I took this picture because in that exact moment something seemed to be going on between the interaction of the rose quartz obelisk, my MageCube, my tarot deck, the Stargate, and the Stargate Pyramid. I made note that I needed to turn this picture into artwork to help fully understand the moment. This artwork is the result.

What is going on here is some behind the scenes interaction between the various magical objects, which I have printed with my 3D printer. I put the most meaningful things on my desk and often just look at them, rearrange them. The Stargate I am, particularly, drawn too because, like the stargates in the TV show, the real nonphysical stargates that I use with my OBE travel, take me to faraway places in the blink of an eye. Even with my high-speed Mach-03, 7th dimensional body, I could not reach these places quickly. The stargate network is a shortcut through time, space, and dimensions.

By creating these objects in physical form, I have also created the energy interaction from the various exchanges in these devices. While the 3D printed stuff could be considered toys, their shapes and connection to the nonphysical items exists and is creating harmonics that I can feel and sometimes see.

There is a time distortion going on. Something is changing, though what I do not know. I will have to explore these changes with my nonphysical skills over the next few weeks.

When you look at time and space from a nonphysical standpoint and even from 7th dimensional space, it looks like waves of force competing for dominance and presence. There is the space in between dimensions where a kind of dance of energy occurs, where the various probabilities, the past, present, and future meet. If you are still enough, and run your consciousness into the strange force, it will speak to you. Today, at this moment, it is singing a song:

“Open the door…
Open the door…
Open the door, and step through…”

Light, Peace

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