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Hermes' Blog: June 12, 2021

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Step into the unknown! Take a trip into the wild! Go where few have gone! Travel meditation is a very handy skill for the person looking to evolve spiritually. It is easy in a sense that it doesn't require you to go anywhere or do anything. Use it in meditation and you focus your thoughts on a particular location and then step through a portal into someplace new.

With reality creating and spirituality, I find that travel meditation is the core skill for facilitating your spiritual journey. No other skill gives you the chance to connect with spiritual energies that are beyond the earth. This tool is unique. Anyone that takes the time to indulge and go through the learning process realizes that they have grabbed on to something quite unique.

Magic is all around us all the time. We just don't recognize it or we don't use it. If you don't use something or recognize something, then it will go unnoticed in your life. Magic is like that and I'm not just talking about magic as you see on TV. I'm talking about the magic of reality creating. Taking your thoughts and changing your reality. Travel meditation is a way of taking your thoughts and changing your reality. It is magic and it was also science.

I could tell you that travel meditation is based on quantum mechanics, and that your consciousness is a quantum device. Science will find out about this in the future, and it will open the doors to your consciousness doing things that you could not do before.

Belief is a limiting factor. In today's physical world we have this tremendous structure of beliefs, some free us and some constrain us. Until something happens and someone makes a breakthrough and publishes something or and people say, “Hey maybe this is true.” Then the belief shifts, and a new frontier opens.

Why wait! You can have it right now! You do not need to wait until science decides that consciousness is a quantum device that can access quantum realities. You don't even need to know anything about quantum mechanics to use it. Travel meditation is a quantum-mechanic but all the hard stuff works in the background. You take your thoughts, you focus them in a direction. Those thoughts go someplace and will interact to where you sent them. Part of you will be there, and with some practice you will remember more and more of your quantum adventures. I dare you to try!

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A portal is open and inside you can see a new reality. Around the outside of the portal, time and space has been distorted by the Quantum Magic. You can see into the portal and what is there, but to experience it you must have the courage to walk through.

Light, Peace

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