Quartz Crystals for Meditation, Healing, and Wearing

Hermes' Blog: June 2, 2021

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RC Radio: Quartz Crystals for Meditation, Healing, and Wearing

This RC Radio show also available on YouTube.
Topics Covered: Why use crystals! Care and Feeding of Crystals. How to clear crystals -- using moonlight, sunlight, sea salt, bury in the ground, leaving them in place on the ground, under a pyramid. How often to clear them? Beginner tips using crystals or meditation.

I love my crystal friends. My spiritual journey would not be complete without their help. They clear my energy field of negative energy, give me an energy boost when I need it, and even transmit their imbedded knowledge to me when the time is right. Have a listen to my latest RC Radio show for more and see below for some construction tips for those DIY out there, as well as a link to pictures without the graphic effects added.

About Picture
WD Logo (one of them anyway) sits on top of a quartz crystal bed. Around it are pictures of my meditation box and a meditation crystal I made, which looks awfully similar to the one Luke Skywalker was wearing in the “Last Jedi” movie.

Light, Peace

More Information

  • Crystal Meditation
  • DIY Construction Tips: For the meditation box, I went to a department store and bought two end tables and used the countertop from both to make the top and bottom. I put the legs from the end table inside to add strength and depth (as i would be sitting on it). Hot glue was used to keep the parts together. I used Velcro tape to secure the top to the bottom so I can open it to get to the crystals when I need too. For the pendent, I 3D printed that myself but the blueprint for it can be found on Thingiverse. I set one of my Herkimer Diamonds into the 3D printed pendant with hot glue carefully in places you cannot see.

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  • Herkimer Diamonds are dreaming crystals. They help you remember dreams and travel out of the body.
  • "The Last Jedi" Star Wars Movie (Wikipedia)

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