Spiritual Blackout. What is it and how to avoid it?

Hermes' Blog: May 20, 2021

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RC Radio: Spiritual Blackout. What is it and how to avoid it?

This RC Radio show also available on YouTube.

It happens to all of us light workers. We blow out our spiritual energy. Then we spend the next couple days feeling lifeless and dull. Even meditation is difficult. Spiritual energy is a resource to be watched closely. You only have so much of it to spend and it takes awhile to get it back. To learn more, listen to the RC Radio show, which is also available on YouTube.

About Picture of the Day

I made this picture after a two-day stint in the spiritual blackout zone. A lightless bulb sits against the backdrop of spiritual energy. It waits, patiently, for the energy to come back, so it can light up the cosmos once more. It is good thing the Sun does not have such problems! Oh that be a frosty night indeed for the planet.

Light, Peace

Jedi tips on what may help you through a Spiriutal Blackout:

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