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Hermes' Blog: October 29, 2019

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Let’s continue on with my blog series on light and knowledge. In my last blog I challenged you to learn how to free yourself of the limitations of the mind and body and embrace the innate gift of your consciousness. Your consciousness can do many things and go many places. All you have to do is unlock it. Wisdomsdoor and my Reality Creator books help you to unlock the full potential of your consciousness. Light and knowledge is all around you and all you have to do is learn how to access it.

Travel Meditation is one of the tools I bring to you to help you release the power of your consciousness. Using travel meditation and accessing the Tree of Life (or if you looking for a challenge, the Aether) training system is a way to arm yourself with as much knowledge that you can absorb. And you know what? It does not take that long. Twenty minutes a day can give you weeks of new information to digest. Each of these nonphysical places are full of helpful nonphysical beings and adventures that you just can’t imagine, until, of course, you embark on the journey of the ages for yourself.

About this picture: This picture symbolizes knowledge and energy being transmitted by the Great Central Sun and into a pyramid shaped building (which looks a lot like the Louvre). The pyramid shape is unique in it captures solar current and stores it inside its structure. This energy then radiates outward distributing this energy. The designers of the great pyramids around the planet knew this fact. These structures helped to stabilize the earth’s energy grid. Even today thousands of years later these structures help the earth in ways that few people understand. This picture is one of my “Atlantis” depictions of pictures that I drew for my “Reality Creator Tree of Life Pathworking” book series.

Light, Peace

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