Hermes' Blog: October 26, 2019

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I Challenge you! Knowledge is the most precious gift in the Universe.

Last week I got a two word comment from someone, who said “you’re high!” To be honest the comment hurt a little. However, I have to concede that any newcomer to the website, after reading some of the material covered on and in my Reality Creator Books, could look at the work as being far fetched and possibly pure imagination. To those people that believe the realities here are contrived, I lay down a challenge! Follow the path, learn the techniques and go see for yourself.

My main purpose with sharing my nonphysical experiences with all of you is to help you release your consciousness from the confines of physical space and time. The Universe is very big. There are realities within molecules and stars that make our small planet look like a drop in a very large ocean of experiences.

However, you can’t ever get to experience any of these things until you expand your consciousness, wake it up from its long slumber, and do the work necessary to free yourself from physical reality. I am not talking about dying or giving up your physical body or your physical existence. On the contrary, I want you to become a multidimensional being, not only aware of the reality in front of you, but also the ones you can’t see while focused within the physical body.

These other realities can help you to grow and evolve in ways not normally available to you. If you got some problem that you cannot find help with, perhaps there is someone on another reality that can help? I have solved many physical problems by getting help from these entities, people, and friends in these alternate realities. If I can do it, you can too.

So take up the challenge and go see for yourself! My artwork and descriptions of these places is to help you tune into these realities more easily. They contain energy keys to speed you on your journey and give you focus and direction. Once you get to some of these places, your experiences will be different, of course. My job is to lead you there. Once you are there… well anything becomes possible!

About this picture: A water of stars flows outward from around a central part of a city. This water carries knowledge and wisdom and seeds reality with endless possibilities. This picture shows the Atlantis Library (pyramid shaped building with logo) as I see it in the City of Atlantis. Atlantis, this Atlantis, is a Cloud City located in the Orion Tree of Life. It is not the original Atlantis from myth, but, instead, a nonphysical city you can visit to gain additional knowledge and connections. The Orion-TOL is introduced at the end of part three of my “Reality Creator Tree of Life Pathworking” book series to be released on Amazon. It is expanded on in part four of that series and opens up all new and exciting possibilities in the Tree of Life learning system. Currently the “Reality Creator Tree of Life Pathworking” book series will be six parts with the first of the three parts released together and the fourth following a few months later.

Light, Peace

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