The Magical Dragon

Hermes' Blog: October 12, 2019

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The Magical Dragon is a self made spiritual being that has been through all the spirit trials. He demonstrates exceptional spiritual compassion, and possesses extraordinary abilities to move through time and space.

Sounds like some kind of super hero doesn’t it? Well yes a Magical Dragon would be considered the super hero of the spiritual world. But guess what? While they are often ranked with ascended masters and angels, you can become a Magical Dragon as well.

Magical Dragons are forged with the spiritual process. The work here at and in my Reality Creator books is designed to turn you into a Magical Dragon, if you so desire this change. The Reality Creator Books including the new “Reality Creator Tree of Life Pathworking” book series (coming out on Amazon soon) is designed to bring you to this state of being.

You meet with Magical Dragons in the Tree of Life in Justice Glade, Hero Academy, Valhalla, Cloud Cities, and the Aethyr DEO. They will often be in training or going about their deeds to help the Earth and its people when called upon. You can meet and talk with these Spiritual Knights and gain insight into them and even their help.

Of course, Dragon training is optional and you can complete your spiritual evolution without Dragon Training. However, Dragons are great protectors and, if you are needing a bit of protection, magical wisdom and ability, seek out a Dragon in one of these places and get their help.

P.S: You will also find Magical Dragons in disguise as everyday people in the Pub at HAS. But shhhh! You did not hear that from me.

About this picture: This picture embodies the formula for a Magical Dragon. Magical Dragons are made up of the VOVIN, VRELP, and IAO energies. VOVIN energies embody protection and service to others (think Superman). VRELP energies bestow knowledge and wisdom with great magical power (think Dr Strange). The formula of IAO is the ability to transmute karma and be free of it yourself and the ability to help others be free of their own karma (think Thor).

Light, Peace

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