The Seer

Hermes' Blog: November 18, 2017

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About Picture of the Day The Seer is a being that would show himself every now and then in my meditation workshops. He was not by far a regular nonphysical visitor but he does show himself enough to be noteworthy. From his standpoint, your life is an open book from beginning to end. He can easily see what you are trying to achieve over, not only this current life, but all of your simultaneous lifetimes. He can be helpful if you want a third-party opinion on your long-term goals.

He often shows himself as a giant eye, or he has been seen as a man with one eye. He is not in any way intimidating and his presence is often friendly, warm, and comforting. If you do see him in your meditations, he most certainly has an important message for you, so be open to hear what he has to say.

I think everyone has a Seer built into them. If we would take the time to examine our lives from a different perspective and slow down enough so that we can examine the pattern in it, we too can see from the Seer’s point of view.

Light, Peace

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