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Hermes' Blog: November 16, 2017

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About Picture of the Day Crystals are reality creator gold! These gems have enough information and energy in them to help propel your reality into form, and do it at unbelievable speeds. They are the magic wands of the modern day magician.

I love crystals. One of the first things that Sandaphon said to me, in the beginning days of my formal training, was to go out and get some quartz crystals. Back then these things were not common and I think I was about the only one that was using them to enhance my meditations. Today of course we have come out of the dark ages with crystals. Now they are an important and accepted part of the spiritualization process.

If you are new to using crystals, start with one or two crystals and see how you take to them. Their in built programming is the spiritualization of your consciousness. They will of course do their best to make this happen, with or without your permission. So, often, when people start using crystals, they are taken back at the rate at which their reality starts to shift and change. If the changes are too much too fast, then just stop carrying the crystals and or meditating with them.

I myself could not get enough of crystals. I started slowly and over time built quite a nice large collection of quartz crystal friends. I do not think I could live without my crystals that are now part of my decor.

Light, Peace

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