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Hermes' Blog: October 31, 2017

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About image of the Day This picture of the day is some Halloween fun. I choose each superhero based on my own years of personal experience with each of the Masters. Now some of the masters I have had more expereince with over others, so my superhero matches may be better with them. Sandalphon is the master of disguise (appearing in different forms for different ocassions) and who better for that then Dr. Strange. Gabriel can often be male or female, and the closest I could come to a netural energy superhero was Green Hornet. Michael I always percive as the most hardy of all the masters, with is omnipotent presence. I figured Ironman suits him just well. Haniel is often fiery but also kind and caring. Zena fits that. Raphael I see as the most young and impetus of the masters. He gets Spidey! Khamael always has his armor on when I see him with his shield in hand, so he gets Captain America. I love Thor and well I needed to have some Thor in my superhero fun today. Tzadakiel gets the honor. I always see Tzaphkiel in Binah as a large black helmet or sometimes just his hand. Batman goes for him. Ratziel is the master of Chokmah, which is full of energy. I always see energy flowing off Ratziel and so he gets the Silver Surfer. High Priestess is the head of the Sephira Daath. She is always mysterious and seductive and often her intentions can be hidden, so she gets to darn the Black Widow super suit. Metatron he is the super of the masters, so he gets to wear the Superman costume.

Now superheros and masters share an important trait. They are both archetypes for larger energies that make up the human spirit. Our superhero culture is built up on these archetypes. Yesterdays archangels are todays supermen of lore. It is all a matter of how society wants to “dress” them up!

Happy Halloween to everyone that visits here at Wisdomsdoor. I do hope your day is wonderful and full of surprises and fun!

Light, Peace

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