Witchy Carnival!

Hermes' Blog: October 29, 2017

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About image of the Day This is part of our seasonal learning/meditation locations. This event takes place in the Carnival in Malkuth in the Tree of Life. The Carnival is a place that morphs itself into whatever holiday happens to be occurring at the time on the Earth Plane.

In the nonphysical plane, there are no seasons or days of the week. You do not have a specific time and day for certain celebrations. Instead, these celebrations exist within places in the nonphysical plane.

During Halloween / Day of the Dead event, the Carnival transforms to reflect this energy. I like to use these moments to help hone my consciousness to a new level, using the unique energies present at the time. Of course you can visit these places in the off season, so to speak, and still get some kind of experience, but it will never be as intense as when the planet is sharing in these energies a mass.

Things to do here: Talk to the “Witch in the Tree” for some ghoulish advice. Or the “Jack O Lantern” to find out your greatest fear or weakness. The “Black Cat of Unlikely Surprises” may be able to bring you something unexpected, if you ask nicely.

Light, Peace

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