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Hermes' Blog: October 16, 2017

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About image of the Day Energy Vortexes capture thoughts and transform them into reality. These vortexes are all over the place. Some are larger than others. You can tell when a vortex is near you, if you think of some thought and then watch in your mind’s eye what direction it goes in. This thought will be gravitated to the nearest vortex, then absorbed.

Of course much more goes into reality creating than just sending thoughts into a vortex. The thought once it gets into the vortex has to be strong enough to make it through the inner creation mechanism process. If it is too weak it will just dissipate and nothing will happen.

In previous blogs I mentioned e-space as part of the transformation process. These vortexes are full of e-space particles, which are waiting to be transformed into direction and purpose. When the thought enters the vortex, e-space particles attach themselves to the thought. These particles then wait around until enough of these common particles collect to create change in reality. If not enough like-thoughts enter then not enough e-space particles will collect and the e-space particles will eventually dissipate. You do not get your creation. On the other hand, when enough e-space particles do collect, the new powerful energy wave leaves the vortex and goes into physical reality, where it begins a magnetic like process to pull your creation into reality. It attracts like minded creations that fit together from others and then your reality manifests.

Of course that is the simple version of the process. But really, all you need to know is how to keep track of your thoughts and the thought process and the vortexes will just do what they are designed to do: make your reality!

Light, Peace

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