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Hermes' Blog: July 10, 2017

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RC Radio: The Creation Technique, additional comments

About Picture of the Day, Creation Technique: It all started with my famous energyball routine. It was my first reality creation technique that I brought back from my out of body adventures. And it really was amazing. It still is today even for me. However the real strength in this technique is not that it helps you create your reality with some neat trick, but rather this neat trick trains your consciousness in just the right amount of energy to put into a thought. Too much energy or too little energy and your thought’s chance of manifesting will diminish. It also shows you how to respect the reality creation process, so that only the things you truly want to manifest get manifested.

This handy mental trick from my books helps you to program your reality. You imagine an energyball, then put what you want to create into that energyball. Then send it into a thought-collecting vortex. After a delay, your thought can manifest in physical reality. It is a simple way to get you used to the idea of how thoughts create your reality.

The "Creation Technique" is in the on line library for you to try out. If you do like it, please think about picking up the “Reality Creator Primer” or “Reality Creator I” book to help speed you on your journey of being a reality creator! And tell your friends about it as well!

See the full size image when it comes around for the image of the day! Yep, you will have to check for it every day!

Light, Peace

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